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How to write sales prospecting emails that works

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.” – David Newman

Well, isn’t that the truth! We firmly believe that email, as a communication channel, can turn out highly beneficial if approached in the right way. If you’re tired of constantly putting effort into prospecting without getting any desired results, you might want to stick around till the end of this blog for helpful sales prospecting email tips and tricks.

According to a survey conducted by McKinsey Global Institute, an employee spends one-fourth of his/her day reading and reverting to emails. Now, that’s considerably high when you want to work efficiently and make every second count. Therefore, as a sales rep, you must effectively manage your time and send sales prospecting emails to ensure you don’t drown in piles of emails and work. 

Let’s say, for instance; you’re on the receiving end of prospecting emails. Would you like someone pestering you at odd times with emails that don’t make sense?

No, right?

Then even you must consider this when sending an email. If you want to close more sales, the key is to draft a prospecting email that can never go unnoticed. Hence, below we have provided some best solutions and tips to stay on top of your game and send effective sales prospecting emails.

What makes a sales prospecting email effective?

Your client must be getting a copious amount of emails daily, so here’s where your email needs to stand out. You don’t want it to appear as another spam or promotional email. So, check out the below points and see for yourself how meticulously drafting an email can make all the difference.

1. Have a meaningful reason for reaching out

How would you feel if someone sent you an email for a business that is nowhere near your point of interest? 

Well, that’s what we thought! 

So, before you try to reach out to a prospect, ask yourself this – what is the motive of this email? Is it regarding a sales proposal or an offer?

Once you’re set on the topic, then only take a step further. Every sales rep must have a clear vision of how they want to break the ice with their new prospect. Therefore, ensure you have a meaningful reason for reaching out.

2. Know the interests of your prospect for personalized outreach

A sales email, especially the opening paragraph, should be all about the prospect. Avoid information about your company initially, talk about the prospect, and let them know that you’ve researched their company and are aware of their interests. 

Talk about the problems they are facing, and then pitch your sales proposal. Your prospect will relate to the email and be inclined to connect with you for more information.

3. Call-to-action to engage with your prospect 

A good email has a call-to-action in it. You’re not only providing a solution but also urging them to take action. If it’s a sales proposal, ask their opinion, but make it specific. You can schedule a call with them or a meeting, so they would be inclined to revert to either confirm or decline. 

CTAs are essential, especially in emails, as this is when the prospect is considering your proposal, so if you have any special offer, let it be known.

4. Send sales email at the right time

“58% adults check email first thing in the morning” – (Source Ezanga)

Now, sending an email at the right time is of utmost importance. Imagine you get an email notification when you’re working during office hours; what will be your reaction?

That’s right; you’re more likely to ignore it. Now, you’d have an entirely different reaction when you receive the email first thing in the morning. You’re excited for the day, checking your phone for any important messages, and that’s when you spot an email with an intriguing subject line. Now, the same thing will happen with your client, so ensure you send the email at the right time. Get more insight on the best time to send out sales emails to stay on top of your game.

Sales prospecting email tips for increasing response rate

It’s imperative to draft an email that gets a reply. Just getting attention from prospects is not sufficient; you have to make them reply as well. So, below are some helpful tips for drafting a good sales prospecting email. 

1. Write a subject line that your prospect can’t ignore

Subject line for emails matter

Before making a deal, they can’t refuse, create a subject line that they definitely can’t ignore. Sales reps often give the least importance to subject lines, which is concerning as it can either make or break a proposal.

When writing a subject line, focus on the keywords. Grab prospects’ attention with words and phrases they want to read. If they’re looking for some new project, mention it; if you think the prospect may be interested in the offers you’ve got, proceed with that. Your subject line will determine whether you will close the sales or not.

2. Use greetings to connect with the prospect

Gone are the days where people used formal style in emails. Now, the sales reps and clients have informal conversations, which has proven to be more effective in overall growth. 

Personally greeting a prospect will leave a lasting impression on them, so use it wisely. Try to connect and converse, as if you’re not waiting for their reply but instead talking directly with them. An interactive email is more likely to get a response. 

3. Be succinct and to-the-point

We know you’ve got a lot to offer, and you will at the right time. However, your prospecting email must only cover the crucial points. Your prospect should not spend their valuable time trying to decipher the email. 

Let’s be honest; no one likes reading long, detailed emails. They’re time-consuming, and working employees don’t have such a high attention span. Therefore, ensure you keep the email to-the-point, clear, and personalized.

4. Write an email that is relevant and beneficial to your prospect

You must have a long list of prospects you need to connect with. Though, that doesn’t mean that you can send the same email to everyone. Know the niche of your client, personalize the email as per the relevance and then reach out. Personalized emails are 26% more likely to be opened. 

“Personalisation – it is not about first/last name. It’s about relevant content.” – Dan Jak

Make sure that the email you are sending adds value because then only your prospect will revert to your email. Discuss the current problems you’ve noticed the client is facing, and then provide useful solutions. When the prospect connects with the problem, they’re sure to get interested in your proposal. 

5. Ask questions and engage

Prospecting emails don’t always have to be one-way communication. An interactive email will intrigue the client, which will take your proposal to its next step, that is direct communication.

Ask your client how they want to take the deal forward, whether they have any more requirements, so they will be motivated to talk further.

6. Steer clear of words that could be flagged as spam

spam emails

In order to close a deal, you need to reach the prospect. And getting your email landed in spam is definitely a bumpy start towards your goals. There are a myriad of words that could be red-flagged and considered to be spam. So, before you hit that “send” button, see that there are no spam words included.

7. Try, try until you get a reply

We know that waiting for a revert can be exhausting, but don’t give up now! Try new ways of approaching, experiment with your email structure because what works for one client won’t necessarily work for the other. 

When you are determined and ready to take different approaches, you will certainly get a reply! 

Prospect effectively now with a sales email to win more clients 

Now that you know all the ins and outs of writing a perfect sales prospecting email, we hope you land more clients and build lasting connections. Moreover, with advanced technology and CRMs, now you can also track emails. Salesmate’s email tracking enables you to get insights on the percentage of emails opened, follow-ups, and what not. Now you can personalize and automate your emails for better outreach. 

Effective prospecting will go a long way when you’re trying to attract prospects and build lasting relationships. Hence, ensure you use these helpful sales email tips in your next prospecting email and see how it turns out!

Dhara Thakkar

Dhara Thakkar is a seasoned marketer at Salesmate. She thrives on trying new organic strategies to improve traffic & conversions, and has in-depth knowledge on how search works. When she's not working, you will find her travelling or binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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