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Sales cadence best practices you need to implement

10 Sales cadence best practices you need to implement

When you’re creating a sales cadence, you need to ensure that it’s executed properly and reaches the right audience at the right time.

Sales cadence is a series of follow-ups aiming to drive the prospect to the next stage. Sales cadence, when practiced wisely, helps you efficiently attain your goals. So, below are the best practices that you and your sales teams can implement when creating a sales cadence.

10 sales cadence best practices to improve your outreach

When you want to execute a successful sales cadence, you need to look after many different factors. And below, we have listed 10 sales cadence best practices that every sales rep needs to implement when creating an outreach sequence.

1. Sales cadence based on buyer persona

When your buyers are different, why have one single cadence for all?

Your buyer may belong to different age groups, sex, location, and background. So should your sales cadences. It is suggested to have different cadence patterns for different personas.

Sales cadence based on buyer persona

For instance, when you’re targeting a marketing manager, you’ll have different sales cadences compared to when you’re reaching out to a CEO.

To find the perfect sales cadence for your buyer persona, you need to experiment first. This way, you’ll experience which sales cadence process works best for which buyer and eventually see an increase in numbers.

2. Sales cadence based on lead type

Salespeople are actively engaged with outreach.

Since you spend the maximum time of your day sending mailers and making strategies to meet your goals, you must be using multiple cadences.

However, you’ll need a different cadence based on lead type. Just like having an outbound prospecting cadence and an inside sales cadence.

You should consider experimenting with sales cadence email templates and telephone scripts for leads coming through various channels, various demographic profiles, and with different goals.

For outbound sales cadence, build yourself as a source of valuable information and not just another seller with a spray and pray pitch. Remember to offer before you ask for something in return.

Moving ahead, you’ll know what works best for which form of lead, and you’ll be more effective at driving them down through the funnel.

3. Define the number of touchpoints

When you build a sales cadence, you should know the number of customer touchpoints you need to add.

Sales cadence based on customer touchpoints

Simply sending too many emails or texts and spamming your prospect will prove to be a failure, making you lose your prospect.

Instead, you need to make sure that your follow-ups are such that they act as reminders for your business and make your prospect feel that they are missing something if they don’t get in touch with you in meantime.

Therefore, you need to define the number of touchpoints you make to yield better results. 

4. Choose the right day and time to connect

Practicing sales cadence is all about timing your communication with your prospect.

It is often said that finding a proper time while pitching is very important. You just cannot reach out to your leads at any random time.

Imagine a clothing brand sending you a flash sale offer at 3:00 AM, and you check it in the morning. You would rather blame the company for sending such information at the wrong time.

Moreover, sending the same message at 12:00 PM on Saturday will result in profitable stuff. In the same way, making a follow-up call at 6:00 PM on Friday will hardly get a response as that’s when people are usually out of their work mode.

the right day and time to execute sales cadence

The above study shows that when you’re looking for the best time to make sales call, Wednesday and Thursday are the days you are more likely to get a positive response. And when it comes to the best time to send emails, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are very beneficial.

Hence, it is important that you choose the right day and time while connecting with your prospect. This can help you and your sales team to connect with more prospects and improve engagement.

5. The right mixture of automation and personalization

When you’re creating a specific sales cadence, having a perfect blend of automation and personalization is very important.

However, it is important to focus on connecting with your prospect by having a personal touch. It is always suggested to send a personalized email or message to your prospects to make them feel good and valued. So, when you have a touch of personalization on your outreach, your leads will easily move through the sales funnel and convert into paying customers.

Certain steps in the sales cadence are okay to be automated, but make sure to include personalization in some of the emails as well.

Moreover, sending a personalized and targeted email offers a better user experience. Most sales reps automate their sales cadence, but very few personalize it. And this is where it makes a difference.

6. Combination of email, texts, phone calls, and voicemails

A good sales cadence is a mixture of multiple communication channels.

Multiple communication channels sales cadence

You need to make sure that you are on your prospect’s mind most of the time. Contacting in one mode of communication may appear dull, and there’s a high probability that the prospect may stop responding after a few attempts. 

Whereas following up with your lead through emails, texts, calls, and voice calls has its own benefits. As it keeps your conversation engaging, every platform has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Hence, when all the channels are used correctly, the drawback of one channel is set off by another one, resulting in higher sales figures.

If you want to know how you can create a sales cadence with multiple channels, here’s our blog that provides the 9 best sales cadence examples.

7. Highly personalized text and email templates 

Sending emails has proven to be fruitful for ages. What’s more interesting is – sending a personalized mail has a great number of responses

 In fact, emails sent with personalized subject lines experience up to 50% higher open rates.

Personalized subject line statistics

Sending highly personalized email has its own benefits as follows:

  • Lower unsubscribe rates.
  • Personalized emails are pocket friendly.
  • Helps you reach a relevant audience.

Hence, it’s always a go while implementing this strategy.

8. Consider the social relationship approach

Social media has become an inseparable part of our lives. And so, it has become a great way to connect with your prospects.

One of the best hacks for using social media is to engage with your prospects and establish a relationship before asking for a meeting. It will help you build a relationship with your prospects so that your cadence doesn’t go in vain.

You can start by working on your LinkedIn profile – by adding the solutions you offer.  Share valuable content on your profile describing the pain point of your target audience. 

Connect with your prospects but do not pitch them immediately. Once you practice this, your emails or messages will no longer be cold emails or cold calls. 

Hence, this is one of the best ways to turn your cold approach into a warm lead. So, make it a part of your cadence and create a successful sales strategy.

9. Pick the right sales cadence software

An effective sales cadence is one that includes multiple communication channels. To practice the smooth functioning of these communication processes, you are recommended to implement a sales cadence software. 

Sales cadence software is a tool that eases your task by providing various efficient and time-saving features

However, there are many sales cadence software available in the market. But you need to figure out what problems you want to solve and what features you are looking forward to in the software.

Confused about where to start from? No worries! Here’s a complete guide on sales cadence software that will help you with almost everything about choosing and implementing the best cadence software for your business.

Efficiently Execute Your Sales Cadence

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10. Measure metrics

Anything that can be measured can be improved. Hence, your analytics are an inseparable part of the sales cadence.

Platforms like Salesmate offer great features when it comes to sales cadence reports. It helps you know the performance of your sales cadence. Making it clear where to focus more on and where improvisation is needed.


These were the most implemented and effective sales cadence best practices for you! Below is the summary of this blog, so you can go through it and implement the important points when creating your own sales cadence.

  • Sales cadence is one of the unavoidable parts of the sales process.
  • You need to create the perfect blend of automation and personalization in your sales cadences.
  • A social relationship approach is essential for any sales outreach.
  • You need to have the right sales cadence software.
  • Sales cadence, when practiced thoroughly, drives profitable results. 

Following the above best practices will help you implement an efficient sales cadence in place. 

Remember, someone from your competitors has started implementing the best sales cadence software.

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