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List of 10 best sales cadence tools & software for 2023

Salespeople know that planning is the core of every sales process. However, we often plan the sales strategy but forget to plan the follow-up process.

Sales cadence is a series of touchpoints that help build sales engagement with your prospects and existing customers. You can win back your lost prospects and close more deals with the right sales cadence.

In fact, 70% of salespeople usually end the conversion after the first email. However, if you send more emails, you’ve got a 25% higher chance to hear back.

Therefore, to communicate with potential leads through multiple channels, you need sales cadence software. Sales cadence software creates a standardized framework for client communication.

However, not all sales cadence software will be equally beneficial for your business. You need to figure out which one to implement.

Let’s move ahead to learn more about selecting the best sales cadence software.

How to choose the best sales cadence software?

The sales process of every business is different, hence their requirements are also varied. So, here are some of the important features you can consider while looking for a sales cadence tool for yourself.

Use these features while selecting the sales cadence software. 

1. Pick a sales cadence tool that aligns with your goals

When selecting a sales cadence tool, you need to ensure that the features provided by that software align with your company goals. So, to find this out, you need to ask yourself these two questions –

  • What mode of communication does my target audience prefer? 
  • Where do I get maximum leads from – inbound or outbound?

These two factors will be a great start for selecting the right sales cadence software for sales teams. If your team receives more inbound leads, then you should prefer a tool that integrates with your site and is also feasible to use.

If your sales team gets more outbound leads, then pick the right sales pipeline software that can help you track the leads efficiently without missing any of them.

2. Provides easy segmentation

Cadences are crucial, but a proper segmentation will help you form a better sales cadence, hence yielding higher results. 

Just like different sales processes in different systems, you need to select a sales cadence tool that allows you to build a separate cadence concerning each industry, role, and buyer data. 

A feasible segmentation is one of the best practices that will help you focus more on the segmented group leading conversions. 

To know more effective sales cadence practices, check out this blog.

3. Helps personalize the automated sales cadences

Automation is a boon for every sales team. It lets you save a lot of time without hampering efficiency. However, when you have the power to personalize this automation, you tend to reap sweeter fruits.

This personalization should have the ability to include dynamic text in email sequences, such as the person’s name, the company, or the sender’s name and contact info.

You can explore some sales cadence examples that can help you get some ideas on how to create a sales cadence that actually works.

There are many sales cadence tools that provide the feature of personalizing your cadences, so you need to check that before making the final decision.

Create Custom Candence

Check how Salemate's Sequence can help you.

Start My Trial Now

4. Provides insightful reports

You cannot go ahead with a tool unless and until you know whether it’s working or not.  

And hence, your sales cadence tool should give you the right analysis to see how your campaigns are working.

Also, when you’re managing a sales team, you need to know about your team’s performance. You need to select a tool that offers a great sales report to measure the performance of both your sales rep and the sales cadence

5. Offers easy setup and delay for the process 

Your customers are humans. You don’t need to sell them your products only, but at the same time, build a relationship.

Hence, you need to use software that gives you a quick and easy way to stop or pause your sales cadences based on the prospect’s activity.

Now that you know what features to look out for, here comes the main part – selecting the right sales cadence tool. For your convenience, we have listed the top 10 best sales cadences for 2023.

10 best sales cadence tools for 2023 

To help you make an informed decision when selecting a sales cadence software, we have compiled a list of the 10 best sales cadence tools that you can look out for.

We have also prepared a comparison table for all the mentioned tools, so stay tuned!

1. Salesmate


Salesmate CRM is a unified customer platform and a one-stop solution for all your marketing, sales, and customer support needs.

With Salesmate’s sales sequences, you can automate all your follow-up activities through emails or text messages.

It offers a series of timed emails and texts for your prospects so that you never miss any client interaction. Moreover, Salesmate also offers drag-and-drop pre-built email templates along with personalized features that let you tailor each and every email/text you send to your prospects.

It integrates smoothly with your site, allowing you to enroll contacts and access reports on how the sales cadences perform.

Salesmate lets your sales reps automate your cadence so that you spend more time pitching new leads and closing more deals.

Key features

  • Email personalization to connect better
  • Pre-defined email templates that improve efficiency
  • Automated email and text cadence for better outreach
  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Automation journeys to stay connected at every stage of the customer journey
  • A/B testing email subject lines to compare two different campaign variations

Other than these features, Salesmate also offers sales & marketing automation, contact management, deal management, built-in calling & texting, web forms, live chat, meeting scheduler, and much more!


Salesmate has a starter plan which costs $12/month, a growth plan which costs $24/month, the most popular boost plan, which costs $40/month, and an enterprise plan that is customizable.

2. Outreach


Outreach sales cadence helps you be in touch with prospective customers at each pipeline stage.

It allows you to choose to start a new cadence from scratch and clone a cadence you’ve already built. It helps your sales development reps by reminding them that a certain outreach step is due for them to complete.

Outreach makes it easy to create custom cadences. 

Outreach is known to improve customer retention rates. It helps you receive real-time updates on revenue growth, identify the correct leads and increase customer engagements. 

It is easy to set up and has a seamless integration for expanding functions. Its automation lets your deal move ahead by having a multi-touch sequence. 

Key features

  • Manage leads efficiently with a sales cadence and improve the sales cycle
  • Streamline your workflows using automation
  • Calling feature to connect easily with prospects
  • Actionable insights using email analytics
  • Email templates and segmentation for better management


You can get their prices on request.

3. QuickMail

QuickMail is a cold email and sales cadence platform that helps sales teams automate their outreach.

After importing your prospect list, you can create personalized cold email campaigns on a sending schedule of your choice, and QuickMail automatically sends follow-up emails if a prospect doesn’t respond.

QuickMail is made to help teams spend their time more productively. You can add as many team members as you need to the platform and send campaigns from multiple inboxes at once to spread your sending volume.

When a prospect replies, anyone on your team can see it thanks to a shared Opportunities inbox

On top of that, QuickMail also includes features to help you improve your sales outreach performance such as A/B testing, email analytics and email deliverability monitoring.

Key features –

  • Create personalized cold email templates and send them at scale
  • Automatically follow-up after no response to boost your reply rate
  • Always stay on top of responses with a shared inbox
  • Add multi-channel outreach steps such as cold calls
  • Easily scale sending volume by adding new inboxes to your campaigns

Pricing –

Starter plan from $49 per month. Pro plan from $69 per month.

14-day free trial available.

4. Koncert


Koncert is an automation tool for the sales process. It also has a workflow automation tool for sales cadence.

With Koncert, you can build a customized cadence with various communication modes like phone, email, text, and social touchpoints. 

In each cadence you build, it lets you check detailed metrics on which touchpoints the prospects are responding positively.

Koncert also has AI-based lead scoring, A/B testing, email, and voicemail templates.

Key features

  • Email and text cadence to improve your engagement
  • Email automation that helps in enhancing productivity
  • Record phone calls to gather customer feedback
  • Performance analytics to measure your campaigns


You can get their prices on request.

5. Freshsales 


Freshsales offers an overall view of your customers. It offers seamless engagement across multiple channels. It is a perfect sales platform that eliminates communication gaps and enhances customer satisfaction. 

Moreover, it allows you to send automated email follow-ups to stay in touch with your customers.

This tool lets you identify priority leads, create nurture campaigns and predict real-time revenues. Its cadence lets you communicate with your customer through various modes such as email, live chat, and call.

Key features

  • Email automation to put your sales cadence on autopilot
  • Customized email templates you can choose from
  • Seamlessly manage your contacts
  • Personalized and automated sales email and text cadences
  • Automated workflows for a streamlined process


The Freshsales growth plan starts at $15/month, the pro plan starts at $39/month, and the enterprise plan starts at $69/month.

6. Keap


Keap is an ideal software to ease your sales process. This tool helps you automate customer interaction and enhances your sales cadence.

Keap will help you capture leads through various channels and manage them on a single platform.

Just like other sales cadence software, you can customize your emails and create your sales cadence with ease. It lets you set up automated follow-ups through emails and texts to prospective clients.

Key features

  • Automated emails to save time
  • Create trigger-based automation to connect at the right time
  • Use beautiful email templates to increase brand presence
  • Provides A/B testing to execute different campaigns
  • Reports and analytics to measure the progress


Keap has a pro plan that costs $129/month and a max plan that costs $199/month.

7. SalesLoft


SalesLoft is a robust functionality sales software. It is an all-in-one automated sales cadence.

This CRM lets you sync all your contact and record them for your reference. It also helps you communicate with your buyers via call or text with a few clicks. 

SalesLoft has a range of templates to help you send customized emails. It also has a notification feature that lets you know when your prospect clicks on the emails.

This will help you determine what type of product your target audience likes the most. 

Just like other software, this tool helps you track metrics for each cadence and is easy to set up.

Key features

  • Calling feature and Dialer to connect with more prospects
  • Cadences to automate your outreach process
  • Create multi-channel campaigns using sales playbooks
  • Insightful reports


You can get their prices on request.

8. EngageBay 


EngageBay is one of the best CRMs that serve both sales and marketing tasks. It even has the sales cadence tool.

With EngageBay, you can reach your prospects through multiple channels such as SMS, mail, text, social media, and call. At the same time, it helps you to organize campaigns through these channels.

It also integrates with your website to enhance the customer experience. It is efficient and easy to use. Also, it has responsive customer service.

Key features

  • Effective email sequences to stay in touch with your prospects
  • Provides personalization for email marketing sequences
  • Email segmentation to target the right audience
  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Insights to improve your email sequences


EngageBay has its growth plan priced at $39.99/month and a pro plan priced at $79.99/month. 

9. Reply


Reply is lead generation software and, at the same time, a good sales cadence tool.

It lets you search contacts through LinkedIn or sales navigators which are verified and then add them automatically to your sales outreach list.

Reply also allows you to contact your customers through various channels, including emails, texts, and so on.

It helps you send personalized and targeted emails to your leads. Also, you can improve your content with AI-powered quality text scoring.

Key features –

  • Automated multi-channel sequences to engage with your leads
  • A/B test your messages to reach the right audience
  • Execute sequences by finding emails on LinkedIn
  • Send tailored messages to improve engagement
  • Improve your strategies by measuring performance

Pricing –

Reply has a starting plan that costs $50/month, then an upgraded plan at $60/month, and the upgraded one at $70/month.

10. Vanillasoft


Vanillasoft is a sales software that focuses on prioritizing the right leads apart from being a great sales cadence software. 

It has automated features for lead routing. In addition to this, it has customized based on the key metrics you find most important. 

It lets you assign the lead, and once the lead is assigned to the correct rep, it allows you to create customized workflows to ensure leads are attended efficiently. 

Key features

  • Easily manage your email marketing campaigns
  • Real-time email tracking and reporting
  • Use email sequence templates to perform better
  • Auto-dialing so that you can reach more leads in less time

VanillaSoft pricing starts at $80/month, and further pricing plans can be enquired through websites.

11. Mailshake


Mailshake is an automated platform that aims to convert leads into paying customers.

It deals greatly with emails by allowing automation. As its AI feature assists in determining the ideal subject line and the content that reaches the audience. 

Its A/B testing emails help know what works best for the audience.  It also lets you organize whole email campaigns.

It provides a variety of email customization options. However, it limits the number of emails you can send daily.

Key features

  • Automate your entire email outreach
  • Monitor your subscriber’s email activities
  • Improve your campaigns by using call recordings
  • Incorporate social media platforms such as LinkedIn in your outreach sequences


Mailshake email outreach plan costs $44/month, and the sales engagement plan costs $75/month.

Comparison table

Here’s the table to simply for your pick for sales cadence software. 

 Easy start and stop Email Automation Task Reminder  Customized Templates Contact Management Sales Report Integration Price 
Salesmate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes $12/ month 
EngageBay No Yes Yes No Yes No Yes $11.99/ month 
Outreach No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes On request 
Koncert No Yes No No Yes No Yes On request 
Freshsales No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes $13/ month 
Mailshake No Yes No Yes No No Yes $44/ month 
Vanillasoft No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes $59.99/ month 
Reply No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes $70/ month 
Keap Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No $129/ month 
Salesloft No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes On request 


A good sales cadence enables you to interact with prospective clients and convert them into loyal customers. Good sales cadence software not only automates the sales cadence process but also helps to build a relationship with your customers.

Salesmate offers premium features and serves as the most efficient software with affordable prices to get started. Experience yourself by signing up for a FREE 15-day trial to witness the increased efficiency in your sales cadence process.

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