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Sales cadence software

13 Best sales cadence software in 2024 [Ratings and reviews]

Key Takeaways
  • Building a sales cadence can help you increase conversion rates through structured and timely outreach.
  • The best sales cadence software lets you streamline follow-up efforts, enhances sales efficiency, and improves conversions.
  • Salesmate CRM is a leading sales cadence platform with a channel for communication, automation suite, and sales reporting.

Many a time, sales opportunities are missed due to inconsistent connections with prospects. 

That’s where the right sales cadence tool is needed to automate your outreach, streamline your sales pipeline, and improve conversions.

But, with so many sales cadence tools claiming to be ideal, discovering the right fit for your business is challenging.

So, we’ve handpicked 13 best sales cadence software, designed to refine your follow-up strategy.

Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, improve lead engagement, or organize your sales tasks, our selection aims to set you on the path to sales success.

What is sales cadence software? 

Sales cadence software automates and manages communication sequences between sales teams and potential customers.

It helps schedule and track various forms of outreach, such as emails, calls, and SMS, at regular intervals to ensure consistent engagement and improve the efficiency of sales processes.‚Äč

Here are the benefits of using a robust sales cadence software:

Through, a smart email cadence tool, you can easily create a sales cadence that can be automated, replicated, and measured across the sales funnels.     

13 Best sales cadence tools to boost sales communication

The table below will give you an overview of the best sales follow up tool, from its pricing, G2 review, and top features for building sales cadence.

Best Sales cadence tools  G2 rating Pricing (Bill annually) Automation Personalization 
Salesmate 4.6  $23 per month/user Yes  Yes 
Outreach  4.3  Not available Yes Yes 
Quickmail 4.6  $49 per month Yes Yes 
Koncert 4.6  Not available Yes  Yes 
Freshsales 4.5  $59 per month/user Yes  Yes 
Keap 4.2  $199 per month/1500 contacts Yes  Yes 
Salesloft 4.5  Not available Yes  Yes 
Engagebay 4.6  $29.99 per month/user Yes  No 
Reply 4.6  $49 per month/user Yes  No 
Vanillasloft 4.6  $110 per month Yes  Yes 
Mailshake 4.7  $83 per month/user Yes  No 
Hubspot Sales Hub 4.4  $20 per month/user Yes  Yes 
Smartlead 4.8  $59 per month/user Yes  Yes 

Now, let’s take a look into each sales cadence software:  

1) Salesmate  

Salesmate sales cadence tool

Salesmate CRM is a one-stop solution to streamline sales workflow, automate mundane tasks, and boost sales productivity. 

The platform lets you send timed emails and text messages to your prospects. Also, you can automate all your follow-up activities with Sequences. 

Salesmate enhances sales efficiency with cadence automation (email and text), enabling reps to focus on generating new sales leads and sealing more deals.

Key features 

  • Contact Management: A centralized system for all your lead and customer information. It makes managing data details easy.  
  • Lead scoring system: To identify qualified potential customers and prioritize them for sales conversion.
  • Built-in communication tools: You can call, email, or text your prospects with Salesmate and get most of the engagement. 
  • Pre-defined email templates: Customizable templates for personalized cold email campaigns, saving your time. 
  • Personalization at Scale: Use CRM data insights to craft personalized email cadences to boost engagement, get relevant responses, and drive conversions. 
  • Sales Automation: To set your mundane and repetitive day-to-day tasks to autopilot.  
  • Campaign Optimization: You can conduct multivariant testing to build a powerful campaign that drives maximum responses.  
  • Sales pipeline management: Get a bird’s eye view of the sales pipeline stages and identify the roadblocks and opportunities for sales. 
  • Sales Reporting: Get customizable sales reports to improve decision-making for future sales strategies. 
  • Seamless Integration: It provides 700+ business apps to integrate, ensuring your business growth. 


Salesmate has a Basic plan costing $23/month, a Pro plan costing $39/month, a Business plan costing $63/month, and a Custom plan for enterprises.

Why did we select this tool?  

Salesmate offers a robust sales cadence tool with Built-in calling, Smart Emails, and Text Messaging.  

With Salesmate, you can visualize your entire sales cycle and track your team’s performance to identify and seize opportunities at the right time.  

Salesmate perfect sales cadence software and can be combined with other sales tools, from CRM to automation and analytics.

Here’s what the Salesmate user says, ‘Salesmate is the one-stop solution for managing your sales process.’ (Read full review

2) Outreach 

Outreach sales cadence tool

Outreach sales cadence helps you contact prospective customers at each pipeline stage. This email cadence software allows you to choose and start a new cadence from scratch.     

The platform makes it easy to create a customized email follow-up cadence. It helps improve customer retention rates by using persona sequences. 

Outreach is easy to set up and seamlessly integrates with expanding functions. Its sales cadence automation includes a multi-touch sequence to help your deal advance. 

Key features 

  • Manage leads efficiently with a sales cadence and improve the sales cycle.
  • Streamline your workflows using automation.  
  • It also offers a calling feature to connect prospects easily.  
  • Get regular actionable analytics like open rates, link activities updates, etc. 
  • Email templates and segmentation enhance cold emailing and follow-up processes.


Get prices on request. 

Why did we select this tool? 

Outreach will help create the sales cadence from scratch and easily manage follow-up strategies.

The new AI assistant makes this sales cadence software easy to use. 

Here’s what a user says, ‘Outreach is a great sales prospecting tool with many robust features.’ (Read full review) 

3) QuickMail 

QuickMail sales cadence tool

QuickMail is a cold email and sales cadence platform that helps sales teams automate their outreach.

You can create an outbound sales cadence workflow using a sending schedule.

The platform lets you add as many team members as you need and send personalized cold emails from multiple inboxes simultaneously.  

When a prospect replies, anyone on your team can see it thanks to a Shared Opportunities Inbox. 

QuickMail also includes features to improve your email outreach cadence performance, like A/B testing, email analytics, and email deliverability monitoring. 

Key features 

  • Create personalized cold email templates for every prospect.  
  • Automate responses to maintain your interaction with the customers.  
  • Get the analysis and better insights with A/B testing and reports.  
  • Manage the lists of emails and their deliverability with ease.  
  • Quickly scale sending volume by adding new inboxes to your campaigns. 


The Basic plan costs $49/month, and the Pro plan is worth $69/month.

Why did we select this tool? 

Quickmail boosts team productivity by enabling seamless collaboration and effortless management of prospect lists.

Tools like A/B testing, email analytics, and deliverability features offer continuous insight to improve outreach strategies and increase sales opportunities. 

Here’s what the user says, ‘Quickmail is a convenient and intuitively understandable tool. Pretty much joyful to use.’ (Read full review)  

4) Koncert 

Koncert sales cadence tool

Koncert is a B2B sales engagement platform that helps businesses scale with AI and allows workflow automation.   

This sales cadence software can help you build sales follow-up strategies through various communication modes like phone, email, text, and social media.   

Koncert comes with an AI dialer to streamline and optimize outbound calling, enhancing productivity and engagement efficiency with leads.

It provides you detailed metrics on which touchpoints the prospects are responding positively.

Key features 

  • Email and text cadence to improve your engagement.  
  • Email automation helps enhance productivity.  
  • Record phone calls to gather customer feedback.  
  • Performance analytics to measure your campaigns. 


Get prices on request.

Why did we select this tool? 

Koncert helps build a customized sales cadence that keeps modifying the touchpoints and thus boosting opportunities and conversions. 

Also, this B2B sales cadence software enables you to check the detailed metrics to evaluate and change them according to the needs of your customer base. 

Here’s what the user says, ‘Koncert is a game-changing tool.’ (Read full review)  

5) Freshsales 

Freshsales sales cadence tool

Freshworks/Freshsales is a sales automation tool that lets sales teams achieve their revenue targets. The tool provides everything to the reps, from attracting quality leads to leveraging AI-powered features for automation. 

This email cadence software allows multi-channel outreach campaigns. Moreover, it lets you identify priority inbound leads, create nurture campaigns, and predict real-time revenues.

It perfects your follow-up strategy to communicate with your prospects through various modes, such as email, live chat, and calls. 

Key features 

  • Email automation to put your sales email cadence on autopilot along with personalization.  
  • Get customized email templates you can choose from.  
  • Seamlessly manage your contacts through contact & account management.    
  • Automated workflows for a streamlined process. 


Freshsales Growth plan starts at $15/month, Pro program at $39/month, and Enterprise plan at $69/month. 

Why did we select this tool? 

Freshsales helps get engagement across multi-channels and enhances the opportunities for better sales. 

The cadence allows you to send automated email follow-ups to stay in touch with your customers.  

Here’s what the user says, ‘Freshsales is quite easy to learn, highly customizable, and affordable. Game changer for our Tech sales team.’ (Read full review

6) Keap 

Keap sales cadence tool

Keap is a popular CRM that has enabled sales and marketing features. From automating email sequences to managing follow-ups, Keap ensures no leads leave the business. 

The platform helps in automating repetitive tasks, enabling the reps to focus on more strategic goals and perform high-value tasks for the business. 

Besides, this Keap cadence tool provides in-depth analytics and reporting features that help track and measure sales performance.

Key features 

  • Automated emails to save time. 
  • Create trigger-based automation to connect at the right time. 
  • Automate email responses and deliverability through features like email marketing.    
  • Provides A/B testing to execute different cold outreach campaigns.  


Keap has a Pro plan that costs $159/month(for 1500 contacts), Max & Ultimate plan that costs $229/month(for 2500 contacts) 

Why did we select this tool? 

Keap lets you communicate through various channels and helps attract more potential customers. 

It can customize the sales cadence so you can touch more customer points without any hassles. 

Here’s what the user says, ‘Keap is vital to my business.’¬†(Read full review)

Want to boost your outreach game?

Want to boost your outreach game?

Salesmate CRM lets you build automated text and email outreach cadences, driving more sales opportunities.

Start your free trial

7) SalesLoft

Salesloft sales cadence tool

SalesLoft is an AI-powered sales revenue workflow platform to improve your sales and customer interaction. 

The tool lets you sync all contacts and record them for reference. It also helps you communicate with your potential buyers via calling or text messaging.   

SalesLoft offers a range of templates that enable you to send customized emails faster. The notification feature lets you know when your prospect clicks on the emails and other insights.  

Unlike any other sales cadence tool, the platform helps to track relevant email metrics for each cadence. 

Key features 

  • Calling feature and Dialer to connect with prospects faster.  
  • Cadences to automate your outreach process.  
  • Create multi-channel campaigns using sales playbooks.  
  • Insightful reports for making better sales growth strategy decisions. 


Get prices on request. 

Why did we select this tool? 

Salesloft provides features like email notification, email scheduling, templates, and more. You can seamlessly customize templates and emails.  

Also, sync all your contact records in a few minutes, with no separate files needed. 

Here’s what the user says, ‘Salesloft makes organizing sales teams easy.’ (Read full review)  

8) EngageBay 

EngageBay sales cadence tool

EngageBay is one of the best CRMs for sales and marketing teams. It allows you to create personalized sales email cadences for your business.  

With EngageBay reach your prospects through multiple channels like SMS, mail, text, social media, and calls. It also helps you organize campaigns through these channels.  

You can create and automate custom email campaigns for specific audiences and nurture them with a robust help desk and features. 

Key features 

  • Email segmentation to target the right audience.  
  • Effective email sequences to stay in touch with your prospects.  
  • Provides personalization for email marketing cadence.  
  • Drag and drop email builder for better outreach.  
  • Insights to improve your email sequences. 


EngageBay offers a Basic $11.04 per user/month, a Growth plan of $42.49 per user/month & Pro plan of $67.99 per user/month. 

Why did we select this tool? 

EngageBay integration capabilities with websites enhance the customer experience, making campaign management seamless across different channels. 

This sales cadence platform gives ease of use, with responsive customer service, and ensures efficient operations and support when needed. 

Here’s what the user says, ‘EngageBay is the best marketing automation platform with affordable pricing.’ (Read full review)  

9) Reply 

Reply sales cadence tool

Reply is lead generation software and, at the same time, a good sales cadence tool.

It lets you search for verified contacts through the LinkedIn sales navigator and then add them automatically to your sales outreach list.  

Further, Reply lets you contact your customers through various channels, including emails, texts, etc.  

Sending personalized and targeted emails has become easy with Reply. You can also improve your content with AI-powered quality text scoring.  

Key features 

  • Automated multi-channel sequences to engage with your leads.  
  • A/B tests your messages to reach the right audience.  
  • Execute sequences by finding prospects through various social media sites.  
  • Email cadence tracking helps the sales reps generate customized responses to the customers. 
  • Improve your strategies by helping you measure the team’s performance through reports. 


Reply has a Starter plan that costs $49/per user/month, a Professional plan at $89/per user/ month, and a Custom agency plan at $166/per account/month. 

Why did we select this tool?  

Reply has a multi-channel emailing capability including emails and texts, to facilitate personalized and targeted cadences with leads. 

This tool helps integrate email platform templates for your business. 

Here’s what the user says, ‘Reply has a great UI and friendly support, raw contact data, and overloaded tagging.’ (Read full review)   

10) VanillaSoft 

VanillaSoft sales cadence tool

VanillaSoft is a leading sales engagement software for businesses. It helps in effective lead engagement and helps businesses close more deals. 

This cadence platform is automated for lead routing. VanillaSoft has customized features based on the company’s sales strategies.  

Key features 

  • Use email sequence templates to perform better.  
  • Leverage auto dialing so that you can reach more leads in less time. 
  • Easily manage your email marketing campaigns.  
  • Real-time email tracking and reporting. 


VanillaSoft pricing starts from $110/month, and you can get pricing on request.

Why did we select this tool?  

With Sales Intelligence, the platform helps you pinpoint qualified leads to turn them into paying customers.

VanillaSoft lets you create customized workflows, ensuring that each piece of information is delivered effectively to prospects.  

Here’s what the user says, ‘VanillaSoft is a user-friendly platform.’ (Read full review)    

11) Mailshake 

Mailshake sales cadence tool

Mailshake is the best email marketing tool, helping small to medium businesses engage with prospects and get responses more efficiently.

It is an automated cadence platform that sends computerized emails to convert prospects into customers. 

The platform offers practical tools like email follow-ups, email deliverability, AI writing, etc. 

Its AI feature assists in determining the best subject line and content through add-ons like text variations to help reach a broader audience.   

Key features 

  • Create personalized email cadences and automate your entire outreach.  
  • Monitor your subscriber’s email activities.  
  • Improve your campaigns by using call recordings to know the prospect’s concerns.  
  • Integrate social media platforms like LinkedIn for better engagement in your outreach sequences.  


The mailshake email outreach Starter plan costs $25/user/month, the Email outreach plan costs $45/user/month, and the Sales engagement plan costs $75/user/month.

Why did we select this tool?  

The A/B testing functionality allows sales representatives to optimize emails based on what works best for the audience, enhancing the effectiveness of email campaigns.  

It lets you organize whole email campaigns and provides email customization options but has limited email sending per day.  

Here’s what the user says, ‘Mailshake is on the top of its game.’ (Read full review)   

12) HubSpot Sales Hub  

HusbSpot Sales Hub sales cadence tool

HubSpot provides features and tools to streamline the workflow, empower data-driven decisions, and drive sales success.  

Once the leads enter the sales pipeline, you can create email cadences that drive more engagement and conversions for the business.

It is a sales cadence software that allows building a high-performing sequence within just a few clicks. 

The platform offers a comprehensive analytics dashboard and extensive integration capabilities, which can significantly augment a sales team’s workflow.

Key features  

  • It enables multi-step cadence creation to adjust as per prospect actions dynamically.  
  • The platform allows the customization of templates and helps create personalized emails.  
  • HubSpot integrates with extensive outreach sales cadence tools to enhance your sales efforts.  


It starts at $18 monthly (for 1000 contacts), the Professional tier at $800(for 2000 contacts), and the Enterprise tier at $3600 for the (first 10,000 contacts). 

Why did we select this tool?  

Hubspot sales hub can be considered an all-in-one platform for all types of businesses. It provides robust tools, functionalities, and solutions to craft an end-to-end user experience for your business. 

Here’s what the user says, ‘Hubspot platform is so smooth and easy.’ (Read full review).

13) Smartlead 

Smartlead sales cadence tool

Smartlead is a cold email platform with hyper-personalization that helps you scale your outreach through unlimited mailboxes, warmups, etc.

The unique feature of this sales cadence software is its AI warmup capability, ensuring low spamming rates and high deliverability.

Generating thoughtful and timely replies boosts response rate and enhances customer retention.  

Smartlead enhances email campaign success with its AI writing tool for engaging communications and receiving high responses from recipients.  

Key features    

  • Auto-rotate your mailboxes across the leads and save time for reps to focus on sales. 
  • Centralize all your emails in one place, eliminating the need for complex email routing.  
  • A 360-degree view of all your customer messages, enabling you to maintain the context of effective lead management.  


It starts with the Basic plan worth $24/month, the Popular plan of $57/month, and the Pro plan of $78/month.

Why did we select this tool?  

Unlike other sales cadence software, Smartlead distinguishes itself with AI-driven features that enhance email deliverability and engagement.

Here’s what the user says, ‘Smartlead is integral to my business.’¬†(Read full review)

Power-up outreach with Sales Sequences!

Power-up outreach with Sales Sequences!

Set up automated email and text sequences to never miss any sales opportunities with Salesmate.

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How to choose the best sales cadence tool? 

Here are some essential points you can consider while looking for a cadence sales tool: 

choose the best sales cadence tool? 

1) Identify your needs

While choosing a sales cadence tool, it is essential to understand the company’s objectives and the nature of your customer interactions to evaluate the tool on the right grounds.

Also, consider how the tool fits your company’s existing sales process.  

Further, look if the sales cadence software is user-friendly to ensure quick adoption by your team. It must have features that provide personalized communication with prospects.   

2) Evaluate the key sales cadence feature 

Aligning the key features with your company is considered one of the best sales cadence practices for picking the right platform.

Look for essential features that support your sales process, including: 

  • Email automation and personalization: To streamline your outreach with scheduled emails that you can customize for a personal touch.
  • Easy segmentation: To simplify targeted communication by organizing prospects into groups based on their industry and role.
  • Performance tracking and insightful reports: To offer insights into your campaign’s success, helping you tweak your strategy for better results.

Insightful read:  9 Best sales cadence examples   

3) Access integration capabilities and user experience  

Before selecting any sales cadence platform, look at its integration capabilities with other business growth and management-oriented tools.

The cadence tool should allow smooth data transfer and trigger actions without requiring manual input.   

To ensure the user experience, consider interface elements like simplicity in feature navigation and the training required for the team to use this sales cadence software effectively.  

4) Evaluate support, scalability, and compliance 

While knowing the support, look for the cadence tool with responsive customer services and resource availability like tutorials, forums, documentation, etc. 

Besides, go for cadence software that handles a volume of leads and communication as the business grows. It includes checking the ability to add users, performance stability on load, etc. 

Ensure the sales cadence software complies with GDPR and industry standards to mitigate any legal risks.

5) Request demos and consider pricing   

A demo lets you see the sales cadence software in real-time and understand how it will fit your company’s sales process. 

The pricing plans better clarify whether the sales cadence platforms offer benefits based on the value of the cost. Further, compare plans for more in-depth knowledge to finalize the ideal pricing plan that suits your business.  

6) Ease of setup  

Choose a tool that advertises user-friendly features and offers comprehensive setup guides and tutorials that ensure an easy setup. 

For this, you can check customer testimonials or reviews regarding the ease of implementation and opt for sales cadence tools offering direct customer support services.

How is Salesmate the best sales cadence solution? 

Salesmate helps simplify the sales process with its best sales cadence solutions. It helps you automate the follow-ups for a successful sales outreach strategy.  

Salesmate sales cadence solution

The tool is your solution to boost the lead generation process and drive revenue growth.

  1. Streamlined sales processes: You can schedule and automate routine tasks like email follow-ups, calling, and lead nurturing that allow sales teams to focus more on closing deals.
  2. Enhanced personalization: Salesmate enables reps to tailor their communication based on the lead’s behavior, preferences, and previous interactions, significantly improving engagement rates.
  3. Actionable insights: It provides detailed analytics on all your sales activities, customer engagement, and campaign performance to refine sales strategies for improving overall sales effectiveness.
  4. Customization capabilities: It allows the adjustment of sales cadence tools and CRM functionalities to fit unique business needs, ensuring that the system grows and evolves with your sales strategy.

With Salesmate, you can now close deals, make exponential 2X sales, and achieve remarkable results. 

Salesmate is an advanced CRM and automation tool offering 2X growth!

Salesmate is an advanced CRM and automation tool offering 2X growth!

You can build a smart customized sales cadence, gearing up for automated engagement and follow-ups.

Start your free trial


Sales cadence software enables you to interact with potential prospects and convert them into loyal customers. 

The best email cadence software boosts outreach and drives engagement, streamlining B2B the sales cadence process.

Salesmate CRM comes with a smart outreach cadence tool, is highly customizable, and provides extensive customer support.

Sign up for a FREE 15-day trial. 


1) What is a sales cadence?  

A sales cadence is an outreach sequence for salespeople to better connect with their prospects. Sales cadence software helps schedule for a fixed number of days.   

2) What are the cadence tools used for?  

The¬†sales cadence tool¬†enables automated follow-ups through emails, phones, or social media channels. It tracks prospects’ engagement and automates your outreach game.¬†¬†

3) How do you create a sales cadence?  

There are five steps you can take to create an email cadence for your business:  

  • Know your target audience  
  • Decide the sequence of touchpoints  
  • Set your timing  
  • Script your messaging  
  • Test, optimize, and schedule  
4) How many days should a sales cadence be?  

The average sales outreach cadence lasts two to four weeks. It would help if you waited at least a day between the outreach attempts but not more than five days.   

5) Why should you build sales cadences?  

It gives you better insight into how customers respond to your sales team’s emails. It also helps refine your future approach to connection.¬† ¬†¬†

6) How to buy sales cadence software?  

There are a few points that you should keep in mind while choosing an apt sales cadence software:  

1) Pick a sales cadence builder tool that aligns with your goals  

2) Provides easy segmentation  

3) Helps personalize the automated sales cadences  

4) Provides insightful reports  

5) Offers easy setup without any delays. 

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