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Automate your follow ups with Text (SMS) sequences

In this article, you will learn to automate your follow-ups with text (SMS) sequences and merge them with your email drip campaigns for successful outreach.

We already have shown how sequences can be used as drip campaigns for putting your email follow-ups on autopilot.

We know email campaigns have to be well-planned.

Their lengthy and repetitive loop makes it difficult for users to keep a manual track on the execution and deliverance.

Business owners and managers can merge text (SMS) sequences with email and give an edge to their drip campaigns.

These text (SMS) sequences can be set-up for recurring events like

  • birthday reminders
  • meetings
  • any other important tasks

The need!

8% of the world’s population has gone to purchase in-store after receiving promotional offers on messages – Paldesk

Sending outreach emails is a tedious task.

It consumes your precious selling time and makes you lose focus of both your prospects and customers.

That’s why you must merge your text (SMS) and email sequences. 

Creating and activating these sequences is simple.

Your team can take care of other much more important business processes.

Uplift your text (SMS) marketing campaigns

29% of the target audience respond to messages and 47% of the audience who responded go further to make a purchase – Kaleyra

The main idea is to help you plan your SMS marketing campaigns in a better manner with text sequences.

Easy to use text messaging

If you can send email, you can send a group text.

  • Easy to use
  • Send now or schedule
  • SMS (text messages)

Send the perfect message to the right people

You can do contact segmentation.

It allows you to send the perfect message to your pool of prospects and customers.

Use drip sequences to provide consistent communication

The Salesmate text drip campaigns allow for nearly unlimited follow up.

  • Launch a new sequence based on your follow up schedule
  • Automated follow ups
  • Schedule an entire series of emails, texts
  • Or simply mix up the communication pattern

Welcome your new customers in style!

Send automated texts using sequences.

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What are text message (SMS) sequences?

Just like a series of emails that are sent out to a group of contacts based on pre-set time intervals, trigger-based automation or both, you can set your text (SMS) sequence into motion.

Time-based text sequences involve messages sent out at predetermined intervals. 

For instance.

text message (SMS) sequences

You have set a sequence that involves sending out emails to your list of prospects immediately after they subscribe to your service.

The sequence has been set at an interval of 10 days after the subscription, 20 days later or 30 days later.

You can bring text sequence into the mix and merge the same within your email sequence.

What’s great is that if you want to involve yourself and draft a personalized message to an individual or a set of individuals, you can pause the sequence and take control of the follow up. 

Let’s say, your sales professionals attend various events over the past few weekends. Now they have a fresh batch of contacts that they must reach out to.

Normally, data entry to excel sheets and filtering these contacts into emailing and non-emailing categories will be required.

With sequences, your sales team members can put that thought away and leave the follow up task to automation.

Yes, these contacts will not be getting back to the sales reps immediately over email, but now you have introduced text sequence into the mix. As far as the data goes, prospects and customers revert to text messages much faster than email.

Your sales reps can also automate the process of reminding the task of sending out follow-up emails but the need for writing individual texts still is unproductive, based on the number of contacts.

This is where sequences come in and enhance your sales productivity. 

Just write your sequence of texts once and all prospects that you enroll in your drip will automatically receive your thoughtfully written messages.

Why must businesses create text sequences?

With Salesmate’s sequences, your sales force will become more effective and focus on revenue-generating activities more.

If you work with manual addition of contacts – the text (SMS) sequence will work with your pre-existing workflows.

Salesmate CRM’s text (SMS) sequences allow business owners and managers to draft a series of emails or SMS (text messages) that can be sent to their contacts using automation.

businesses learn how to use both timed and trigger-based emails, they can convert more prospects.

For instance

You are a medicine stockist website owner. You have set up an abandonment cart sequence.

When an online shopper adds a product to their cart but cancels the purchase, a triggered email follow up series will begin to make the customer come back to the cart and complete the purchase.

A time-based text sequence involves messages sent out at predetermined intervals.

These messages are also known as ‘autoresponders.’

Trigger-based text sequences are sent when certain actions are taken on your website or within your set email sequence.

How to create a text message (SMS) sequence inside Salesmate CRM?

Creating text sequences is easy. It is the same as email sequences.

Simply select your contacts, pick the templates, add as many stages as you like and choose the delay.

You can add contacts to a sequence individually or bulk-enroll them.

Sequences is a feature that helps your prospects fit into the journey of becoming paying customers and even an advocate of your brand.

Every business can benefit from using text (SMS) sequences.


A writer with an uncommon funny bone and a knack for perfection, Saptarshi loves to write about anything that can be of help to businesses, people, and dogs! A true human at heart, he likes to spend most of his time researching the internet to find ways technology is influencing our daily life (positively).

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