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Use sequences as drip email campaigns within Salesmate CRM

Email drip campaign has been helping businesses get their brand message across to the prospects for a very long time.

And, emails have continuously dominated the sales legacy, even after the rise of social media, phone calls, and text messages.

Yet, emailing 100 contacts in a day might sound like a mounting task to many sales professionals.

Email campaigns are often long and repetitive in nature.

Email sequences bring in automation to the mix and make the life of every sales professional easier.

Salesmate CRM has been dedicated to solving the problems associated with manual labor that is part and parcel of your daily sales activities.

One such sales activity is the sending of outreach emails to prospects. It is a time-consuming and tedious work process and requires the utmost attention of the sales professionals.

Sometimes it eats into their actual selling time and often makes them miss out on following up with revenue critical prospects.

Many sales professionals have revealed that data entry takes up 17% of their selling time

Today, we are sharing how a CRM with sequences (Salesmate) will provide sales professionals and business owners with a platform that automates their email drip campaigns.

But, before diving further into the topic, let’s get some brief idea about sequences.

What are email sequences?

A series of emails are sent out to a group of contacts based on pre-set time intervals, trigger-based automation or both.

Time-based email sequences involve messages sent out at predetermined intervals. 

For e.g. You want to send an email to your prospect immediately after they subscribe to your service, 10 days after making their purchase, 20 days later, 30 days later, etc. 

For instance.

Your sales professionals have been attending various events over the past few weekends. They now have a new batch of fresh leads that they must reach out to.

Normally, they will be using the excel sheets to filter out these contacts into calling and emailing lists.

Now they will start reaching out to them over the chosen mode of communication one by one.

Let’s be completely honest with each other here, we know many contacts won’t respond back immediately. So, your new task will be to remember a follow-up with those contacts over the next few days and weeks.

They might automate the process of reminding the task of sending out follow-up emails but the need for writing individual emails still is unproductive, based on the number of contacts.

This is where sequences come in and enhance your sales productivity. 

Just write your sequence of emails once and all prospects that you enroll in your drip will automatically receive your thoughtfully written outreach emails.

With Salesmate’s sequences, your sales force can become more effective in their overall activities and contribute toward generating revenue.

Why businesses must create email sequences?

Because of automation and the ease of focussing on the other necessary sales tasks. When businesses learn how to use both timed and trigger-based emails, they can convert more prospects.

For instance.

You are an e-commerce website owner. You have set up an abandonment cart sequence. When an online shopper adds a product to their cart but cancels the purchase, a triggered email follow up series will begin to make the customer come back to the cart and complete the purchase.

In simple terms, an email sequence is a series of pre-written follow-up emails that automatically get sent to prospects over the course of days or weeks.

A time-based email sequence involves messages sent out at predetermined intervals. These emails are also called ‘autoresponders’.

Trigger-based email sequences are sent when certain actions get taken on your website or within your email sequence.

How to create an email sequence inside Salesmate CRM?

Creating email sequences is easy. Simply select your contacts, pick the templates, add as many stages as you like and choose the delay.

When you’re ready to add contacts to a sequence, you can do so individually or bulk-enroll them. 

Sequences are the best vessel for taking prospects onto a journey of becoming your paying customers and even an advocate of your brand.

Every business can benefit from using sales email sequences.

What is a drip campaign?

Drip marketing is a communication strategy that sends, or “drips,” a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time. These messages often take the form of email marketing, although other media can also be used. Drip marketing is distinct from other database marketing in two ways: the timing of the messages follow a predetermined course; the messages are dripped in a series applicable to a specific behavior or status of the recipient. It is also typically automated.

Email campaigns are a sequence of marketing efforts that share relevant content to your contacts at once via emails.

Event emails and onboarding emails sequence are examples of drip campaigns.

Drip campaigns can be easy as well as complex based on the nature of your business. You can complete your welcome drip campaign in three emails or stretch over a period of 10 – 15 days with regular intervals. 

Read more: “Setting up sequences inside Salesmate CRM.”

Do much more in Salesmate CRM with sequences

Managing timely sales follow-ups and making the right outreach is the most common barrier to sales productivity.

You might be a sales manager, business owner or part of a competitive sales team. You might face situations where even 24hrs are less for carrying out your follow-ups.

I mean come on, you might have 100 contacts to follow up by the end of the week. Manually following up with every single contact is a tedious task.

But the job is not just to make a follow-up, you have to push for closures also. You must break through the queue to reach the decision-makers, deal with the push backs from prospects, etc.

Most sales reps give up after 2-3 email follow-ups wherein it generally takes 5-7 follow-ups to get the prospect to revert. 

Salesmate sequence automates the follow-up part so that you have ease from your workload and can manage multiple sales tasks.

Create your sequence stages and schedule them. 

Set a delay between two follow-ups as per your business needs.

Smartly mix text messages (SMS) with your sales emails, create activity reminders for yourself and increase follow up response rate.

Once your stages are set, bulk enroll your contacts into the sequence and let it boost your outreach, even when the prospects are in different timezones.

Salesmate sequences will automate your follow-ups for you. Engage with your prospects without ever worrying about tedious sales tasks.

Revert from the contacts will automatically unenroll them from your basic sequence. An AI-enabled system identifies out-of-office, auto-generated and bounced emails and automatically keeps pushing the stages you have set in your email campaigns.

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Various types of email campaigns

Here are some of the most common types of email campaigns currently in use. Some of these sequences might not match your business, but you might need to mix several of them to meet your business needs.

1. Follow up sequence

Follow up sequences sound familiar to you? Well, they are similar to an onboarding sequence.

The difference is that onboarding messages are intended for your new users. On the other hand, follow up sequences are used whenever customers need to complete certain actions towards the email sequence such as clicking on the attached link or responding to it.

2. Nurture sequence

A series of messages are designed for introducing subscribers to your company.

These messages must be used for delivering a promised opt-in bonus and set subscriber expectations on the intensity of your future messages.

3. The Engagement sequence

Engagement sequence aims at strengthening your relationship with the subscribers.

Once subscribers understand your nurture messages, engagement sequences help in nudging them to take smaller-scale actions towards future conversion opportunities.

4. Conversion sequence

These sequences are the most powerful ones.

Once the subscribers are nurtured and nudged along smaller-scale engagement you prep them for taking action (making a purchase).

5. Onboarding sequence

Congratulations, you now have an active customer. But leaving the customer hanging is the worst thing you can do to them.

Onboarding messages ensure new customers understand the in and out of your product and service.

These are generally the how-to emails. With these emails, you set the tone of the purchase for the customers.

With the onboarding email sequence, you help your customers understand how to use your solution. 

Email Onboarding Flow
Email Onboarding Flow

All the minute steps your mention in your onboarding sequence allow the customer to understand the hidden perks they get from using your product or solution.

6. Abandoned cart recovery sequence

A would-be buyer leaving something in the shopping cart without making a purchase is like AWOL. This is where abandoned cart recovery sequence helps bring them back to the cart and make them finish the purchase process.

The drip campaign end game?

What are your drip campaign goals? We are listing some down here so keep your checkboxes ready.

  • Brand awareness
  • Focus on referral or affiliate sales
  • Summarize sales messaging
  • Sharing details of your upcoming events
  • Reminding customers to make another purchase
  • Plan your sequence goals before creating content

You must keep these things in mind while creating email sequences:

  • The type of content you create should differ as per your offerings and your target audience
  • Make sure the length and structure of your email sequences vary based on the first point

Understand and lay out what you are trying to achieve from your campaigns and follow the industry practices to achieve your targets.

An ecommerce store will send out lesser drip sequences than a SaaS company. Simply because the SaaS business will need to run various sequences we have mentioned in this article, right from the follow-up to onboarding and reminders.

Bottom line: 

  • Create follow-up sequences
  • Test
  • Measure
  • Add the learning to your sequences playbook

Salesmate CRM’s sequences provide informative reports of your live sequences. You do not have to spend hours upon hours gathering data and compiling it. An intuitive reporting section helps you easily evaluate how your email sequences are performing.

Experience smart, timely, and efficient sales follow-ups with Salesmate sequences today!


A writer with an uncommon funny bone and a knack for perfection, Saptarshi loves to write about anything that can be of help to businesses, people, and dogs! A true human at heart, he likes to spend most of his time researching the internet to find ways technology is influencing our daily life (positively).

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