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9 Most effective sales cadence examples 

Whenever you’re executing your sales plan, it’s crucial to create a process that’s adaptable, reduces dependency, and provides better results. 

Sales cadences are a series of touchpoints with your prospect that helps you build a solid connection and eventually convert them into customers. 

Sales cadence is known to be a series of touchpoints with your prospect to build up a connection and close the sale. So, if you want to nurture your leads and existing customers, you need to execute sales cadences. 

Here are some of the best examples of sale cadence you can use for your business accordingly. 

Why do you need a sales cadence?

Sales cadences help to keep your sales process organized and focused, ensuring that you are making the most of your time and resources. By following a sales cadence, you can stay on track with your goals and keep your sales funnel full of quality leads. 

Additionally, sales cadences can help your sales rep build strong relationships with potential customers and better understand their requirements. 

Sales cadences can be customized to fit the individual needs of your business and should be adapted as your business grows and changes. By implementing sales cadences in your process, you can shorten your sales cycle as well. 

9 sales cadence examples to improve your outreach

When you’re creating a sales cadence, it will differ from situation to situation. Therefore, we have provided 9 sales cadence examples so that you can create a successful sales cadence and close more deals! 

1. B2B sales cadence

A typical B2B sales cadence aims at contacting a prospect to set up a call and push the conversation to the next step. As the ultimate goal is to close the deal. This is one of the most common sales cadence examples as it’s used by many B2B companies. 

The perfect combination of typical B2B sales cadence consists of sales email and phone calls. Here’s an example you can use: 

B2B Sales Cadence

However, the days may vary depending upon the responses from the clients. A B2B sales cadence has very high potential of getting you quality leads, so ensure that you execute it properly. 

2. Sales cadence for clients who don’t show up to the meeting 

Usually, there are leads who request talking with your sales reps or product team to show their interest but never really set up the meeting.  

Generally, when your sales team is handling a high volume of inbound leads, you definitely want to make sure you qualify them correctly. 

Once you identify these potential customers among all the leads that requested the call, you need to prioritize these qualified customers and push them to schedule a meeting.   

Here’s a sales cadence example for your reference –  

Sales cadence for clients who don't show up to the meeting

3. B2B Sales cadence for clients who don’t respond after the demo 

There are certain clients who hop onto the demo but often don’t revert after the call. Therefore, it becomes a hassle for many sales teams. 

These clients end the demo with a neutral reaction or no reaction at all. You need to know their revert to proceed with the next steps.   

Then whatever the situation is, whether the client gives a go or delays the purchase, you need to keep following up. 

Here’s a sales cadence you can follow for the clients who don’t respond after the demo:  

B2B Sales cadence for clients who don’t respond after the demo

Here, your aim is to get a revert from the client, and since the client already had a demo, it wouldn’t be a very difficult task to know their plan.  

4. Trial sign-up to conversion sales cadence 

Signing up with a Saas company is already the first step of becoming their customer.   

Now that the customer is already using your platform, you need to emphasize the fact that the user needs the tool or the service in the long run and buys the same from your platform. Hence, this sales cadence is very important. 

So, here’s a good sales cadence example for a Saas company having a 15-day trial: 

Trial sign-up to conversion sales cadence 

5. Sales cadence for enterprise clients 

Selling to an enterprise is not going to be an easy task. As you need to figure out the right SPOC and contact various stakeholders. 

This shows the active selling up to down and around the hierarchy of the company. Hence you need to have a sales cadence having multiple touchpoints with different teammates.   

Here’s a sale cadence for your reference: 

Sales cadence for enterprise clients

If you keep on following up on the process, there’s a high probability of closing this enterprise sale. 

6. Sales cadence for the next customer base 

It isn’t simpler to close outbound sales since this person is totally new and has no knowledge about you. You need to create an effective outbound sales strategy and follow up in a way they actually engage with you. 

With a completely new approach, you must limit the number of follow-ups. And, if there’s still no response, then you need to send a last break-up email and end your outbound sales cadence process. However, you can follow up once every quarter. 

Here’s a sales cadence for capturing your next customer base: 

Sales cadence for next customer base 

It is suggested to play a long-term game as timing plays a vital role in closing such deals. As sometimes, your target is the correct person but he/she may not have a requirement.  

Also, make sure you have a connection with them on LinkedIn. So, when your emails pop up in their inbox, they’ll know who you are before they even open them. 

7. Inbound sales cadence for prospects who fill in contact forms 

Inbound leads permit you to stay persistent. The more the lead qualifies, the more your effort is required to take it to the next step. 

Here’s a sales cadence example for an inbound lead you can follow: 

Inbound sales cadence for prospects who fill in contact forms

8. Sales cadence for upselling 

Upselling is a well-known sales strategy for building relationships and, at the same time, increasing revenue. So, it is a two street. Moreover, you’re interacting with your existing customer. 

Hence, a sales cadence for upselling is something that will function as both a relationship-building as well as an aim at the revenue generation process.  

Here’s a sales cadence you could learn from: 

 Sales cadence for upselling 

Hence, the whole process is about letting the customer know about the benefit of the additional product so that he can benefit from it and purchase the same 

 Leading to a win-win situation for both the customer and business.  

9. Sales cadence for cross-selling  

Cross-selling is a great way of improving customer relationships and selling supplementary products/services.  

Cross-selling is important and can be carried out through various sales strategies among various industry types. 

However, here’s a sales cadence you can follow: 

Sales cadence for cross-selling

This will keep your customer engaged, improving customer relations. Also, increases the product revenue. 

Automate sales cadence for effective result 

Imagine working on all the leads without missing any one of them. 

A well-structured sales cadence is key to building an effective sales process by closing higher deals. However, if you really want to scale your results in no time, it is suggested to implement an effective sales cadence automation tool. 

With Salesmate CRM, you can easily automate your calls, emails, and SMS features. Salesmate’s Sequences enable you to execute your sales cadence more efficiently.

It even helps you get sales reports to see the performance of these tasks. So, get started now and improve your sales outreach!

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