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[Infographic] The best day & time to make a sales call

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The Best Day & Time To Make a Sales Call

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About the Salesmate study

Salesmate conducted a study where we analyzed 80 companies varying across industries like Construction, Information & Technology, Real Estate, Digital Agencies, etc. The aim of this study was to find out the best day and time to make a sales call. 

In this study, we observed 12,480 call attempts spanned across 60 days (12 weeks with 5 working days). The calls were made by a total of 245 sales reps and the successful conversations were 1427

All the sales reps belong to the USA, so do the prospects they connected during this study. 

Let’s check out the findings.

Best day to make a sales call

According to the results, Wednesday is the best day to make a sales call with 136 successful call conversations on the very first attempt. Right after Wednesday, Thursday is the second-best day to make a call to prospects with 113 successful conversations. Friday would be the worst day to make a sales call with only 63 conversations. 

The difference in the number of conversations between the best day (Wednesday) and the worst day (Friday) is 53.67%.

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Best time to make a sales call

Starting from 9 am to 6 pm, in the evening between 4 pm to 5 pm would be the best time to make a sales call. The results also showed the worst time to make a sales call i.e. 5 pm to 6 pm in the evening. The second best time to make a sales call would be in the morning between 10 am to 11 am.

The difference between the best time and the worst time to make a sales call is 88.88%.

Response Time

In this study, we also observed response behavior by the prospects and we’ve got some amazing results. The moment a lead is generated (or an inquiry is submitted), the first hour has the highest chances of conversation over a call. 

With 137 successful conversations in the first attempts, the study shows that the first hour from the lead generation is the most important hour to make a sales call. The number of responses drops drastically by 11 times from the first hour to the 8th hour of lead generation.

In simpler words, the chances of having a successful conversation with prospects drop each hour after the lead is generated. 


In this study, we have also made emphasis on the consistency of making sales calls to prospects. The number of attempts (or how many times to call a lead) made a lot of difference in the total number of conversations that took place (i.e. 1427).

245 sales reps had a total of 489 successful conversations in the first attempt. In the second attempt, another 281 conversations tool place. Interestingly, 328 more conversations were made in the third attempt by the sales reps. According to the results, sales reps managed to have conversations until the 6th attempt. 

In simpler words, for a prospect, it is advisable to make 6 attempts to have a successful sales conversation.

Average call attempts by sales reps

Out of 245 sales reps under the observation, only 29 have made a total of 6 attempts to a prospect. While we’ve already understood that a minimum of 6 attempts is advisable to reach a prospect, most sales reps give up on the third attempt. 

Important findings of the Salesmate study

  • Best day to make a sales call: Wednesday
  • Best time to make a sales call: 4-5 pm
  • Best hour to make a sales call: Within the first hour of the lead generation
  • Advisable sales call attempts: 6 

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Kashyap Trivedi is working with an awesome marketing team at Salesmate CRM. He is deeply interested in learning digital marketing trends and try them out! When he’s not working, you’ll find him reading a good book or meditating.

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