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How to set up a business phone number on your mobile device

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Thanks to technological development, the computing power of modern smartphones is transforming the way businesses are handling their daily activities!

Modern technology contributes towards the on-the-go trend of the modern business owners to such an extent that they can carry their important business data with them wherever they go.

Why you must add a business line to your cell phone?

Simply because it makes doing business on-the-go convenient and enables you to do much more without any inadequacies. No need for carrying your business phone with you when you are visiting a client or an event. You can manage your business and personal phone separately from a single device by using a CRM with a built-in phone system.

With all the calls on your virtual phone number routed to your mobile device, you never miss an opportunity to sell. All you need to do is select the number of your choice and start making and receiving calls for both national and international customers.

Traditional phone services are losing over 500,000 customers every month and VoIP services for small business are receiving more business from first time buyers and startups. The benefits of VoIP for startups include cutting initial set-up costs by up to 90%. – Information Source

Why you need a CRM with a virtual phone system to run your business?

It is important to connect your small business phone line with your CRM. You will want to keep a track of all interactions without having to manually input data. The CRM enables you to assign multiple numbers to each of your sales reps or assign a single number to the sales team and route them to multiple people until the call is picked up.

With a virtual phone system within a CRM you can:

  • set business hours
  • record and set voicemail greetings
  • select if you would like to receive calls on a mobile device
  • record calls
  • take notes during the calls and access them from the contact’s timeline

With all the running around taking place for setting up meetings, following up on calls, sending proposals, you tend to get disorganized. You need the help of a CRM system to make the whole process simple and streamlined.

After all, efficiency makes time for more sales!

With a VoIP integrated into your CRM system, you can easily set up a virtual business number and route the calls to the designated members of your sales team.

  • Port-in your existing number or select a new virtual phone number.
  • Choose mobile, local, or toll-free number of the country you like.
  • Use your virtual phone number for all your business calls.
  • Forward all-important business calls to multiple or single mobile devices.
  • Make a professional impression on your callers with welcome and voicemail greetings.
  • All call metrics are logged into the CRM, so you know how productive you and your sales reps are on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • All calls can be recorded, so you can review them later for training purposes.

Getting started

Let’s explain the steps to set up your virtual phone number with Salesmate CRM:

Step 1: Selecting the correct business phone number

  • Select the country for which you want a virtual phone number.
  • Select as per your need; toll-free, mobile, or local number.
  • Select any virtual number on the basis of a specific area code.
  • Toll-free numbers are great for businesses that do not just provide local services.
  • If you provide only local services, you can use the local area code of any desired country as customers generally prefer doing business with a company in their area.
  • Check the availability of the selected virtual business number.
  • Once satisfied with the choice, you can sign up with the CRM vendor for the monthly, quarterly, or yearly credit subscriptions with your chosen number(s).
picking a number from Salesmate

Step 2: Create a custom greeting based on the department

  • You can have multiple virtual business numbers and use those numbers for multiple departments!
  • Register with your CRM account and get your desired virtual business number.
  • Record and attach customized voicemail greetings for your selected numbers.

Some businesses take professional help for recording their voicemail greetings; some prefer it doing on their own; we will leave the choice to you. Just make sure, you do not record, the regular, robotic voicemail greeting as it can turn-off the caller!

Create a custom greeting based on the department

Step 3: Forward calls on your remote team members mobile device

  • Forwarding your calls to the numbers of your remote team members allows them to stay in touch with your callers 24/7.
  • This is a convenient feature for businesses that have multiple offices in various geographical locations.
Routing Numbers in Salesmate


In this fast-paced world, entrepreneurs and small business owners are always on their feet; greeting, meeting, and collaborating with clients! Mobile devices have allowed these hungry business owners to evolve with technology and take their business with them anywhere they go.

With Salesmate CRM, you can run your business from any place in the world using our mobile app, while keeping your existing number!

We hope this article highlighted the perks of having a virtual business phone number set up on your mobile device. With Salesmate’s built-in business phone system, you can easily set up phone numbers of multiple countries.

Take the 15-days trial of Salesmate and try every feature absolutely free!

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