Well-crafted and recorded professional voicemail greetings boost your credibility in front of your audience, making you more competent, and encourages your callers to continue their professional relationship with you. We have created some professional voicemail greetings that you and your business can use to give you the edge over your competitors.

Your professional voicemail greeting messages matters.

So, let’s see how to create your professional voicemail greetings so that you never lose on your customers and prospects whenever your sales team is out of office, on vacation, busy with other clients, etc. Yes, you read it right, setting greetings for various occasions help you stay connected with your customers and prospects even when you are not able to directly interact with them; you need to set your voicemail greetings in such a manner that it delivers your message to them, professionally!

Why are voicemail greetings important for your business?

When you call the customer support number of any business and you are greeted by the IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) that lets you know the current status of call waiting queue, your customer experience is better. Also you might have called your favorite businesses toll-free number and might have been greeted by a recording letting you know about the recent sales or upcoming discounts for their services or goods. There is now an opportunity for a sale. Voicemails are often regarded as non-function. This fact cannot be denied that voicemail greetings can actually be used for cross-selling your products and services and also divert your customers to your app and website.

Coca-Cola cuts voicemail at headquarters as workers go mobile – Chicago Tribune

Yes, the world has gone mobile, but then they will be using the same smartphone device for calling the toll-free number and support system of every other business. As discussed above, a professional voicemail greeting has many benefits for small businesses, especially when bigger companies are leaving this vital communication tool. Such decisions made by large organizations present itself as a more significant opportunity of grabbing the customers base for small and midsize businesses. Why? Because voicemail system is a personal method of providing professional customer service to your customers. While creating your professional voicemail greetings business owners must keep a few fundamentals in their mind.

  • Every single call is a lead for you and there is an opportunity for cross selling
  • Approach the calls from the customers’ perspective.
  • If you are making a call to the customer service of a company you regularly deal with, you would like your calls to be answered in a timely manner
  • In case you are calling outside office hours, wouldn’t it more considerate on the company’s part to let this know via voicemail messages?

We hope these basics helped in laying a foundation about the importance of having a professional voicemail greeting. Now that we have established the factors leading to the creation of your business voicemail messages let’s see what your next approach should be for creating these business voicemail greetings.

Quality Considerations for Your Professional Voicemail Greetings

Consider these points while creating your business voicemail script:

  • Voicemails create a visual image of your business in the customer’s mind, so you will need to put a message that represents your business in the best way possible.
  • You don’t want your customers to be greeted by a robotic and monotonous voice that seems it is dragging the message for them instead of delivering it in a warm and personalized manner.
  • While setting your voicemail, give a right amount of consideration to the language and tone that will successfully deliver your message to your callers.
  • Be considerate, by being considerate we mean to say consider the profile of the person who will be listening to the voicemail message when they reach your answering machine.
  • Tailor the language of your messages so that it is not too straightforward or not too less informative while conveying your message.
  • If your steady clientele comes from young startups having a casual tone will not be such a bad idea. Moreover, if they are Wall Street executives a more formal tone will make a better impact on them. You need to know your market!
  • Always be friendly and courteous while you are delivering your message to the callers via your business voicemail greeting.

Keep Your Greetings Up-To-Date

  • Once you have a voicemail script that is up to your company standards get it recorded.
  • Now test your business voicemail greetings. Allow your co-workers, peers, and friends to make calls to your support numbers and ask for their feedback on the tone and impact of your voicemails. Get feedback!
  • Even when you are calling your customers, do not hesitate to ask them what they thought about your greeting message.
  • The most honest message comes from your customer base because they can guide you to the most crucial point they would like to listen to while greeted by your opening message.
  • With every significant change you bring to your business, change your professional voicemail message to share the information.
  • You wouldn’t want your callers to ask for a person who has already left the company because his name is still present in the personalized voicemail for that customer.

Keep your voicemail greeting short and simple

  • A very critical point that we would like you to learn is that even though your voicemails are meant to be informative, clear and to-the-point, do not exceed the general time limit and try to keep it as much short as possible.
  • The attention span of your callers is small. Most of the on-the-go crowd today will cut the call as soon as they reach your voicemail greeting.
  • So, don’t waste their time and target a 20 to 25 seconds time frame for your professional voicemail greeting.

Make Sure Your Voicemail Greetings are Audible

  • Your voicemail must be recorded by someone whose baritone matches your company’s image and line of work.
  • Your recorded message must be comfortably audible and must sound firm and welcoming for your callers.
  • Moreover, remember to ask your recording artist to keep smiling while recording your professional voicemail greeting as it makes an authentic impact on your messages.

These elements are meant to be delivered to the callers while they reach your business voicemail message:

  • Company Name and Tagline
  • Your working hours
  • An explanation for the inability of answering their call
  • Invitation to leave a message, asking for their name and contact number
  • Provide them with alternative options to reach you like website, FAQs, emails or social media pages
  • Don’t forget to thank them
  • Return all the calls

The last point mentioned here is a crucial one for ultimate business success. If you follow-up on your voicemails, you will develop better goodwill amongst your customers and prospects. All they need is answer and support, any small or midsize business that cracks this code becomes a favorite amongst their customer base.

Businesses who fail to revert back to the voicemail messages lose valuable customers.

Follow up on your messages

  • The most significant task for any business is to track these voicemails and revert them at the right time with the correct answer. Having a smart and productive sales CRM system in place allows small businesses to automate this process.
  • Now that you have created your business voicemail greeting and have placed it into your virtual phone system, the next step is to merge all this data into your CRM. Sounds too arduous right?

Salesmate sales CRM comes with a built in virtual phone system where you can set your greeting and other business voicemail messages in case your sales reps cannot take calls when they are out of office. Having an intuitive sales CRM system with built-in calling feature allows sales reps to know who called your support number and can decide on how to line up your days call.

  • If your sales reps are not listening or reverting to the voicemails left by your prospects or clients, then your business is losing out on the opportunity of growing our customer base and business altogether.
  • Listening to your voicemail and getting back to your callers allows you to create a good rapport with them and in the end, creates a positive company image.
  • Yes, voicemail services are not considered beneficial by bigger companies, but as we talked earlier in the article, that fact creates an abundant land of opportunity for small business owners.

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Small Business Voicemail Greeting Examples

  • Now that we have discussed the crucial details of your professional voicemail greeting messages, let’s highlight the examples that can come in handy while creating your business voicemail greeting. This job isn’t difficult, but it is indeed tricky.
  • Tricky because you would not want to waste your callers time but at the same time provide proper exposure to your brand in about 20 seconds; without them hanging up on your voicemail!

What to Include in Your Business Voicemail Messages?

Let’s share some insights with you on what must be included in your voicemail greetings.

Example – 1

Hello, I am Jack. I can’t come to the phone right now. We value your time, please leave your name and number, and I’ll get back to you soon.

A short yet to the point greeting message clearly stating the information required for a proper follow-up. Such words allow business owners to maintain their professional tone giving the necessary attention to the caller.
Although this message sounds like the previous example adding an alternative method for the caller to get in touch with someone allows your business to provide the sense of urgency to your customers and they don’t feel clueless or helpless. Small business owners must understand this simple fact; if you leave your prospect and customers clueless and without any support, they will search it online and may find your competition which we are sure you would never want to happen.
Example – 2

Hi, Brian here. It’s impossible for me to attend this call now. Please leave your name and number so that I can get back to you soon. If your queries need immediate attention, contact my assistant, Joe at our local or toll-free number.

Example – 3

We value your time. Thanks for reaching the office of Kay, CSM at Salesmate. I a currently busy speaking to another client or absent from my desk. If you are calling for some urgent matter, please leave a detailed message after the tone, and I will revert as soon as possible. This is a private line so don’t worry about your privacy. Thank you.

Yes, this message breaks the 20-second rule. However, it also starts off with a very catchy phrase and goes on to provide detailed information to your caller. The additional message of leaving a confidential message makes it easier for callers who are hesitant about leaving the call info over an answering machine.
Generally, first-time callers do not hang-up on your voicemail greeting message as they prefer talking to a real person for their questions. Providing them with various options for establishing contact allows them to feel welcomed and doesn’t make them feel helpless.
Example – 4

You have reached Brian at Salesmate. Although I am assisting another caller, you may choose to remain on hold by pressing 1 on your keypad. I will be with you shortly. If you’d like a callback, please press 2 and leave a message with your name and number. You are free to speak with another company representative by pressing 3. Thanks for calling Salesmate, we value your time and support!

Note: This voicemail greeting message is ideal for small businesses that have a toll free number or multi-line phone.

What “Not” to Include in Your Business Voicemail Messages?

We have discussed how you can frame your business voicemail messages, now, let’s focus on the “don’t” part!

Example – 1

Hi, Mac here. Leave a message after the tone.

A greeting like this, on a business answering machine, will create a negative image of the company. This message allows open-ended questions, confusing the caller who will reply with, “I will call back during your office hour” or “Hey, I don’t know what to do, please call me back.” This creates an extra step in your follow-up process making it a bit lengthy and cumbersome for a quicker closure.
Although this message has a concern in its tone, it does not help in pushing the caller to finish listening to the complete message. The caller will hang-up as soon as they reach the “outside the working hours” part of your business greeting, leaving you without proper information about your customer or prospect. The significant information that this business greeting message lacks is the identity of the company the caller has called. This message seems reasonable if you read it without proper consideration, but if you read it from the perspective of an unaware caller, it sounds like a disaster for the business.
Example – 2

Please accept our apologies! You have called us outside the working hours. Please leave a message, and we’ll get back to you.

Example – 3

Hey there, thanks for reaching out to Jack. I am out of the office for a week. If it is something urgent do reach me at my personal number. You can also call my assistant, Simon, at this number.

Too much personal information for a business greeting message. Providing personal number destroys the home-office boundaries. Also, there is no organization in this message, and it lacks that professional flow.

  • Do not make your callers jump around with random information fromyour side.
  • Diverting your caller at the beginning of the voicemail greeting givesthem a wrong impression about your company’s working process.
  • If you read these voicemails greeting examples, you will notice theydiffer in tone, professionalism, and the flow of information.

Don’t try to sell in your voicemail message. Just try to connect.

Situation-Based Professional Voicemail Greetings

A few situations based professional voicemail greetings for your information.

Vacation Responder 1

“Hello, thanks for reaching Kay G. I am not at the office from ‘date’ to ‘date.’ Please get in touch with Sam at ‘phone number’ if you have anything urgent to discuss. Please leave your messages for other general queries after ‘date’ so that your message doesn’t get eluded between other messages. Thank you so much for reaching out to me have a great day ahead.”

Vacation Responder 2

“Hi, thanks for reaching the office of Joe. I’m currently exploring Hawaii and won’t be back in the office until ‘date.’ Please leave a detailed message with your contact info around the ‘date,’ and I will get back to you as soon as I can.”

Vacation Responder 2

“Hello there, I am Kevin from Salesmate. I will be out of the office until ‘date.’ You can reach out to Kay G for your inquiries at ‘email address.’ He/she can also be reached at ‘phone number.’ Thank you for calling us, we really value your time.”

Vacation Responder 1

“Thanks, for reaching Salesmate, I am Brian. Our team is currently out of the office. We will be back in action on ‘date.’ We are also eager to speak with you. Until then, do leave a detailed message with your name, and call back number. We value your time.”

Vacation Responder 2

“Hello, thanks for reaching Salesmate. Due to the ongoing holiday season, we are out of the office until ‘date’. Please leave your name and contact number we will revert after we are back. Have a great Fourth of July.”

Vacation Responder 2

“Happy holiday greetings from Salesmate to all our patrons and first-time callers! We are away until ‘date’, but, we’ll call you back when we return to work. In case of urgency, drop an email at ‘email address’. We hope you all have a wonderful ‘ day/week’ ahead.”


Callers who try to contact you would like the fact that you provide sufficient information to them without them needing to do the guesswork. Such a thoughtful professional voicemail greeting will make you stand out in the crowd and will definitely make you a favorite amongst your customer base.

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We hope this article provided every small business owner with enough material to create and customize their business voicemail greeting message for establishing a smoother follow-up process. Remember this, voicemail greetings decide how conveniently you will be able to get all your callers in your sales pipeline and end up with successful closures. We wish you all a happy and eventful sale! If you have any queries about how our sales CRM with built-in virtual phone system can help in streamlining your sales process then do get in touch get in touch with us, we will be happy to assist you. For our solution’s elaborated feature list, visit us here.

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