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Cold call scripts

15 Best cold calling scripts to generate more leads in 2024!

Key Takeaways
  • The quality of cold calling scripts impacts the success of your cold call objective.
  • A good cold call script has several benefits for cold callers (sales reps), including increased confidence, more structured conversations, and improved efficiency.
  • Know your market position before creating a cold calling lead generation script to align with your audience and communicate your unique value.
  • Effective cold calling script tips include personalizing your approach, active listening, and staying prepared to handle objections.

Did you know? “I understand we share a common LinkedIn group” can increase your chances of securing a meeting by 70%.

So, if your opening line includes a reason for calling, your success rate could increase by 2.1%. 

So, if you’re eager to boost your cold calling efficiency, explore the secret of the best cold calling scripts!

This blog covers the 15 best cold call scripts that will get you more leads for the business. Further, you will get a step-by-step blueprint to write the perfect cold-calling script. 

Let’s start with the definition of cold calling scripts. 

What is a cold call script? 

A cold call script is a blueprint of a first verbal communication to discover whether the call recipient can be a potential customer for you or not. 

Cold calling scripts help introduce prospects to your brand, product, or service in a friendly way. The best cold calling scripts are those that convey and collect all the crucial details, as prospects aren’t expecting your call. 

The primary goal of a cold call script is for reps to build rapport with prospects and maintain a smooth conversation. 

A winning cold calling script for sales example 

Cold calling plays a vital role in the B2B sales journey, and using top-notch sales cold calling scripts is essential for reps to achieve success. 

Here’s a cold calling script sample for a better understanding of how to drive a cold call communication effectively.

There can be many more cold calling examples you will find in the template for various scenarios so stay tuned.

Now, let’s explore how to write the best cold call sales scripts that close every deal.

These simple steps of writing effective cold calling scripts can be a game-changer for your sales team‚Äôs performance. 

How to make a cold call script for effective lead generation – 5 Simple steps!

Creating impactful cold calling scripts is crucial for successful sales outreach.

Let’s dive deep into these five steps to craft an effective cold call script for better lead generation:

Simple steps to create a personalized cold calling script

Step 1: Research and pinpoint your target enterprises 

Before reaching out to any prospect, make sure you do your research about their enterprise (in case of a B2B cold call). 

You can get these insights through various resources like industry reports, company press releases, business news articles, LinkedIn profiles, and competitor analysis. 

Step 2: Identify your ideal prospects and research persona 

This is an advanced step towards knowing your target prospects for crafting tailored cold calling scripts. 

Research and define your ideal prospects based on various aspects such as: 

  • Geography 
  • Company size 
  • Industry 
  • Designation 

This way, you can learn more about them and take a personalized cold call outreach. 

A powerful contact management software can help in organizing and streamlining customer interactions significantly. Moreover, you can get more details about your prospects through auto-profile enrichment.

Know your audience better with our free buyer persona template – Download for FREE!

Step 3: Determine your market positioning before you start working on your cold calling scripts 

When creating cold calling scripts, it’s important to know your market positioning. 

You can do so by: 

  • Conducting thorough market research to understand your target audience and competitors. 
  • Determining your USP to define what sets you apart. 
  • Discovering your value proposition to communicate the benefits you offer. 
  • Collecting customer feedback to gather insights for improvement. 

Step 4. Set your goal for the cold call 

Cold calls are only sometimes made to secure a discovery meeting. It is often to introduce the brand to prospects or learn about the prospect and their initial interaction with the product/service. 

Be specific about why you are calling and what you want to convey at the end. This way, you can structure your cold calling scripts and ensure you achieve the goal. 

Step 5: Craft cold calling script sections for impact 

82% of potential buyers are open to meetings with sellers who reach out through cold calls. So, if you want to make an impression during your cold calls, you need to work on your cold calling scripts tactfully. 

The below image will help you understand the core structure of successful cold call scripts: 

Cold calling script structure
  1. Personalized introduction: Address the prospect by name and mention their company for a personalized start. 
  2. Discussion of pain point points: Use discovery questions to uncover the prospect’s needs and show how your product solves them. 
  3. Handling responses: Prepare for all types of responses, offering clear solutions and strategies for doubts. 
  4. Effective closing: Conclude with clear next steps, like setting a meeting or event invitation. 

By following these steps, you can create effective cold calling scripts for different situations, resulting in better sales outcomes.

Next, we’ve some of the best free cold calling scripts for you that experienced cold calling coaches endorse.

15 Best cold calling script templates for free to boost lead generation

These are some of the proven cold calling script examples that are approved by top-performing sales reps and experts in cold outreach calls.

Let’s dive deep into these best scripts for cold calling to help you boost your opportunities for sales:

Scenario 1: Cold calling script for discovery 

Best to use: This cold call template is ideal for learning about prospects’ interests in your brand. Also, you can use it to determine the pain points and challenges by asking prominent sales discovery questions to qualify the call recipients for the sales process.

Possible objective to meet: To identify if the contacted person/company is a potential fit for your brand. 


If your initial calls are successful, you can request a discovery meeting to learn more about the prospect’s buying intentions. Here’s how to prepare for a successful discovery meeting

Scenario 2: Cold calling script with a hyper-personalized opener 

Best to use: This cold call script template is one of the kinds of cold calling openings to grab the prospect‚Äôs attention and increase the chances of continuing the conversation. 

Possible objective to meet: To connect quickly and demonstrate your research for a receptive and productive conversation. 


Wish to explore more winning cold call opening scripts? Here are the 20 best cold calling opening lines to maximize results!

Scenario 3: Cold calling script to get the person‚Äôs name 

The most effective script for cold calls when you don’t have the prospect’s name should start with a polite introduction, followed by a request for the prospect’s name. Later, swiftly moves to the purpose of the call, maintaining respect and personability. 

Best to use: This cold call script template works when you only have a contact number and not a name. This script is ideal for establishing an initial connection and gathering essential information. 

Possible objective to meet: To politely and professionally ascertain the name of the person you’re speaking to, thereby personalizing future communications. 


Scenario 4: Cold calling scripts to get past the gatekeeper 

Best to use: This example of a cold calling script is used when reps want to reach CXO-level prospects and contact them through their gatekeepers. 

Possible objective to meet: To get past the first line of contact and get in touch with the target prospect. 


Scenario 5: Cold calling scripts for prospecting 

Best to use: This phone call script is helpful when exploring new markets. Your cold call prospecting script should quickly pique interest, leading to further conversation. 

Possible objective to meet: Identify the potential client and line up further conversations. 


Salesmate for powerful personalized outreach!

Salesmate for powerful personalized outreach!

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Scenario 6: Cold call script to get a meeting 

Best to use: The cold call appointment setting script is beneficial when reaching local businesses or new potential B2B clients. 

Possible objective to meet: Fixing the time and date of the meeting. 


Scenario 7: Cold calling scripts for courses and seminars 

Best to use: When introducing and promoting your educational programs to potential prospects, tried and tested cold calling scripts for seminars and courses will give you better results. 

Possible objective to meet: Prospect signing up for the seminars and courses. 


Scenario 8: Cold calling voicemail script to get a callback 

Best to use: This sample cold calling script is useful if the prospects you’re trying to reach don’t answer the phone. So, leaving a voicemail can be an effective option. 

Using a cold call voicemail script can help you convey your message to the contacts, and there’s a chance that you may receive a response. 

Possible objective to meet: Getting a callback as requested in voicemail. 


You can set email sequences with a follow-up voicemail script, saving precious time when prospects are unavailable. Meanwhile, focus on preparing for the crucial moment when a prospect answers, maximizing every opportunity.

A Rain Group study reveals that a 50-member sales team might spend 1,250 hours monthly on voicemails alone.

However, using smart cold calling software, your team can automate such repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for more strategic sales activities. 

Automate Dialing - Save time!

Automate Dialing - Save time!

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Scenario 9: Cold call script to pitch two options 

Best to use: This phone call script is perfect for presenting two different options to a prospect, helping them understand and choose what best fits their needs. 

Possible objective to meet: Simplify the decision-making process for prospects by clearly explaining how each option suits their needs and preferences. 


Scenario 10: Business development cold calling script 

Best to use: This cold call template best works when you want to increase your clientele and reach out to a prospect. 

Possible objective to meet: To schedule meetings. 


Power up cold calling with Salesmate CRM!

Power up cold calling with Salesmate CRM!

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Scenario 11: SaaS cold call script to qualify prospects 

Best to use: In a B2B business, when the prospect has shown interest in a product, and you want to qualify them for selling. So, a B2B cold call script for SaaS will help you qualify prospects to understand their roadblocks and desires. 

Possible objective to meet: Either the prospect can be a fit or not. In either case, you‚Äôll have the clarity to move ahead with them. 


Grab every sales opportunity!

Grab every sales opportunity!

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Scenario 12: Cold call follow up script 

Best to use: This follow up cold call script works best when you establish a connection with the prospect over emails and make the first follow-up call with them. 

Possible objective to meet: Execution of follow-up and proceeding towards the next step (could be a sales conversion)Also, if you’re aiming for a sales conversion, it is necessary to write a well-planned sales call script to guide your conversation effectively. 


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Grow like our 5000+ happy clients?

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Creating your own cold call script helps you overcome objections to sales calls easily. Next, we‚Äôre covering the smart cold calling scripts to overcome their common cold call objections. 

Cold calling scripts to deal with varied common objections 

Cold calling isn’t a cake walk if you are new to this field. So, always try to experiment by implementing mindful cold calling tips to enhance the quality of interactions and lead generation.

Let’s examine some of the best cold call script examples that help to overcome the most common cold calling objections. 

1. Response script – “It’s not a good time.” 

Here are the sample cold calling scripts on how to respond when the clients respond with – It’s a not good time. 

Another script you can use is:

Such a cold call sales script ensures that you don‚Äôt miss the prospect but fix a time to connect. 

2. Response script – “We already have a solution for that or We’re happy with our current solution.” 

This challenge may be faced by a lot of business owners and sales reps. Here are the cold calling scripts to deal with this objection. 

This way you can discover the opportunity of entering your product in a picture. Another way to deal with this situation is – 

This way you can grab an opportunity to fix a meeting.  

3. Response script – “I need to discuss this internally and will get back to you later.” 

This challenge arises when you talk to one of the decision-makers from their panel. So, here‚Äôs an example of a cold call script for sales – 

This way you open a space to grab the call to present your product and services.

Wrap up 

Mastering cold calling scripts is essential for a successful cold call, from initial contact to follow-up interactions. 

The success of the cold caller hinges on reaching the decision-maker. A good cold calling script can transform every call into a strategic move, enhancing their lead generation efforts. 

So, keep your cold calling scripts updated, listen actively, and turn every cold call into a step towards a productive sales relationship. 

Sales leaders should review calls periodically and help reps improve their following cold call scripts and performance. 

Utilize CRM tools to refine your cold call approach for both interested and uninterested prospects, and always seek ways to improve. 

Want to know how your reps are performing?

Want to know how your reps are performing?

Salesmate CRM lets you track your sales reps' day-to-day activity to improve your teams' efficiency.

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Frequently asked questions 

What is a cold call?

A cold call is your first verbal communication with the prospect over the phone. Typically, this involves using cold calling scripts to guide the conversation and establish a connection with the prospect. 

What is the purpose of cold calling?

The purpose of cold calls is to introduce prospects to your business and line up further conversations. Utilizing well-crafted cold calling scripts can significantly enhance the effectiveness of these initial calls. 

What are the components of the best cold calling script?

Crafting an effective telemarketing script is essential to create a lasting first impression. Here are the essential elements of great cold-calling scripts: 

  • Conversation openers: Making an impactful first impression with an initial cold call  
  • Introduction of the company: Establishing credibility  
  • Highlighting the value proposition: Answering the ‘Why’  
  • Qualifying questions: Understanding and discovering potential customer needs  
  • Discussing prospect pain points: Empathizing and problem-solving  
  • Benefit highlighting in your sales pitch: Showcasing what you offer  
  • Call-to-action: Guiding the next step to get a chance for the next sales call or in-person meeting 
 How many cold calls per day should reps make?

Making 52 calls each day is the ongoing standard and is a good number of cold calls per day.

What businesses use cold calling scripts?

B2B and B2C businesses from industries like IT, advertising, real estate, finance, banking, law firms, and more use cold calling script templates. 

Sonali Negi

Sonali is a writer born out of her utmost passion for writing. She is working with a passionate team of content creators at Salesmate. She enjoys learning about new ideas in marketing and sales. She is an optimistic girl and endeavors to bring the best out of every situation. In her free time, she loves to introspect and observe people.

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