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Targeting customers from the USA might seem enticing, but it is difficult when you are located in a different country. Don’t let geographical location be a hindrance in your business. Effortlessly expand your product or services to the USA and embrace lucrative opportunities. With Salesmate, get virtual phone number USA instantly and connect with customers located in the United States. Strengthen your international business and communicate seamlessly with US virtual phone number.

Get virtual phone number USA from Salesmate

No matter where you are, appear local to your customers by getting US virtual phone number through Salesmate. Efficiently manage all your sales calls without any trouble and improve conversion. Make and receive calls from anywhere using a virtual phone number for USA. Provide an easy channel for your customers to reach you so that they can call you without any hesitation and communicate freely.

Get virtual phone numbers of desired cities

Whether you need to focus on customers from Charlotte, New York or California, there is no limitation to choose. Get local or toll-free numbers for any specific city where your customer resides. With USA local phone number you can target local customer of USA and gain trust. By getting USA toll free number you can increase your visibility as it can be displayed on billboards and your website.

Expand your reach and select the virtual number of your preferred city or state from the USA. Choose desired area code and build credibility with USA virtual phone number. Make high-quality corporate calls and strengthen communication with your target customer.

USA local phone number

Keep track of conversation by recording calls

With USA virtual phone number, you get the flexibility to record all your sales calls for staying on the right track.

Use the recorded sales calls to understand your customer needs, train your team and make data-driven strategies. Recorded calls don’t only help in keeping track of the sales communication but also serves as a proof during a dispute with the client due to any misunderstanding.

(Disclaimer: Before enabling call recording, ensure you have followed the privacy law and other legislative norms of the particular country.)  

Get US phone number instantly

Add notes during the call

Maintaining customer information on a sheet of paper can be risky in sales as there are chances of losing it.

Don’t miss any vital detail mentioned by the client during the conversation. Easily take notes during the calls in Salesmate CRM by getting a USA local phone number. Save the notes in Salesmate and view them in the activity timeline whenever required. It is the best way to stay organized and informed.

Forward your USA virtual phone number

Forward calls to your smartphone instantly

With Salesmate, easily forward calls to your smartphone as per your convenience to provide a seamless calling experience to your clients.

Whether you are away from your desk or on a holiday, effortlessly forward calls to your smartphone by getting United States virtual phone number from Salesmate. Don’t miss valuable sales opportunities, make and receive calls from anywhere at any time using your smartphone.

Call forwarding

Insightful call reports

With detailed calling reports, know how many calls were made using your virtual phone number and what were their outcomes.

Keep track of every call and get informative calling insights in minutes. Use these insights to track progress, improve your sales rep performances and enhance their sales communication. Customize your calling reports and find out the exact information you need to optimize your sales calls.

call reporting

Automatic call distribution

Don’t let any inbound call go unanswered, automatically get the calls distributed among your sales reps.

This can be done in two way: sequential and simultaneous ringing.

Sequential: Depending on the availability of the sales rep the call will be directed to designated users in a sequential manner. For instance, the call will first go to MR. A if he is busy it will go to Mr. B if even he is not available it will go to MR C.

Sequential: All the designated users will receive the call at the same time, whoever is available can receive the call.

Automatic call distribution

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Benefits of getting a virtual phone number USA

Get US virtual phone numbers as it comes with a wide range of benefits that can make your interaction with the customer better.

Establish a local presence

  • Use USA virtual phone number to display local presence without spending on infrastructure
  • Build credibility and get treated as a local organization by the customers of US
  • Give your customers more reason to work with you by making it easier to connect
Get united states virtual phone number

Carry your business number wherever you go

  • Make and receive calls from anywhere on any device
  • Provide round the clock assistance to your clients
  • Use the virtual phone number USA from any corner of the world
Voip based virtual phone number

No hardware cost and easy number portability

  • Use cloud-based virtual phone system and don’t worry about additional hardware cost
  • Your current service provider is charging too much? Quickly get your number ported to Salesmate
  • Experience better services at cost-effective rates
Cloud base virtual phone number for united states

Provide real-time support to your US-based clients

Set up a support center effortlessly with the Salesmate virtual local or toll-free phone number to render utmost customer satisfaction. Create a good impression by providing round the clock support to your clients in the US.

How to get USA local phone number?

Get virtual phone number of USA easily by just following a few steps

Here are the steps:

  • Sign up with Salesmate for free trial or subscription
  • Choose your preferred city’s area code
  • Select the virtual local, toll-free or mobile number of your choice from the list
  • Add credits to your account
  • Assign numbers to your team and start making or receiving calls
USA toll free phone number

Benefits of using USA virtual phone number within Salesmate CRM

Salesmate is an intelligent CRM. With a built-in virtual phone system, manage your calls, emails and entire sales process from a single platform.

No integration required

  • No need to integrate with third-party applications
  • Quit switching between different applications and save time
  • Manage multiple sales communication channels from a single place
Calling CRM

Easily access the client’s details

  • Scroll through your customer details and past conversations during the call
  • Create task and activities on the spot
  • Update the records while interacting with the client
make and receive calls on USA voip phone number

Improve sales productivity

  • Assign multiple countries virtual phone numbers to remote sales reps and keep track of
    their activities through insightful reports in CRM
  • A client canceled a meeting? Discover other clients in the nearby location in your mobile CRM by using Salesmate geolocation feature
  • Automatically log all the inbound/outbound calls
improve sales with US virtual phone number

Don’t let your deals slip through the crack

Download Salesmate CRM on your iOS and Android to keep a tab on your sales activities

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It’s very user-friendly, easy to navigate, and simple to use. Not much training is involved for the new staff to get them off the ground. I like how stages are set and we can move the deals accordingly!

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Improved sales effectiveness. It’s got everything we need, works efficiently and it is affordable. The team picked this over all of the others and they’re using it. Great sales app.

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