Get your favorite local and toll-free USA virtual phone numbers starting and build everlasting trust with US customers.

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Why you should buy a virtual phone number USA?

Benefits of getting a USA virtual phone number from Salesmate

US virtual numbers along with Salesmate, come with a wide range of benefits for your sales and business growth.

Establish a local presence to connect with every client

Establish a local presence to connect with every client

  • Leverage USA virtual phone numbers to display local presence without spending on infrastructure
  • Build credibility and get treated as a local organization by the USA customers 
  • Give your customers more reason to work with you by making it easier to connect
Carry your business number wherever you go

Carry your business numbers wherever you go!

  • Receive incoming calls from customers, no matter where you are!
  • Provide round the clock assistance to your clients
  • Forward incoming calls to your personal number
No hardware cost and easy number portability

Why buy toll-free and local USA numbers from Salesmate CRM?

  • Advanced Built-in Phone system with automation capabilities
  • Use Power Dialer and Smart Queue to level up your calling game
  • No additional hardware cost for a phone system
  • Paying too much money to the current provider? Quickly port your US virtual numbers to Salesmate
  • Manage multiple toll-free and local virtual phone numbers for the USA
  • Forward, record, and transfer calls effortlessly

Get virtual phone number USA from Salesmate

Engage with your clients with local and toll-free US phone numbers to gain trust and develop connections. Provide an excellent channel to your customers to reach you, and create memorable customer experiences. 

Get toll-free & virtual phone numbers

Get toll-free & local virtual phone numbers

Get a USA virtual number of a specific city, even specific area codes. Develop trust from local customers by calling them from familiar phone numbers.

Get virtual phone numbers of desired cities
Record calls to stay updated with every call detail
Call Recording

Call Recording

With Salesmate Built-in Phone System, you get the flexibility to record all your sales calls for staying on the right track. Utilize the recorded calls to understand your customer base and plan out strategies accordingly.

(Disclaimer: Before enabling call recording, ensure you have followed the privacy law and other legislative norms of the particular country.)


Auto call logging and notes

Never miss an important update on your calls. Take Notes while you’re chatting with prospects or customers, and these call logs & notes will reflect in the respective contact timeline. Not just you, everyone on your team can get the latest updates about the ongoing deals.

Take notes of important information during call
Connect with customers on your smartphone with call forwarding
Call forwarding

Call forwarding

Never miss an opportunity to serve your customers. Forward calls to your personal number, and always be available for your customers.

Call reports

Call reports

Track the progress of your sales team with insightful call reports. With these crucial insights, know how many calls were made using all virtual phone numbers and what were their outcomes. Find the top-performing sales reps and identify educational opportunities for your team.

Use call insights to improve productivity & conversations
Manage team’s workload automatically
Automatic call distribution

Automatic call distribution

Don’t let any inbound calls go unanswered, automatically get calls distributed among your sales reps. You can opt for Sequential Ringing, which follows a sequence of sales reps. And another option is Simultaneous Ringing, where all reps get the call at the same time, so the one that’s available can receive the call.

Text Pilot


Use Built-in Text Messaging to send important updates and meeting reminders to prospects. Leverage Salesmate’s advanced automation and combine texts with emails in your outreach. Distribute your entire text queue with Text Pilot and achieve apex deliverability. 

Intelligence & high deliverability to campaigns
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ADVANCED VIRTUAL PHONE SYSTEM for better connectivity

These additional features offers seamless calling experience

Voicemail Drop
Voicemail Drop

Stay on top of your client’s minds by sending them voicemails while they are away from their phones

Custom Greetings
Custom Greetings

Send customized greetings to your clients on their special days via texts and emails

Hold Music
Hold Music

Don’t let your clients get bored while they are waiting on the call. Play music or share updates

International Calling
International Calling

Get virtual phone numbers for 80+ countries and build local connections across the globe

Business Text & MMS
Business Text & MMS

Send and receive texts directly from the CRM. No need to juggle between apps

One-click Dialing
One-click Dialing

Dial multiple contacts from a single screen without wasting time with Power Dialer

Shared Phone Lines
Shared Phone Lines

Share calls with your teammates via shared phones lines, and stay on the same page as a team

Real-time Notifications
Real-time Notifications

Get notified in real-time and act immediately and never lose any important updates

Centralized Admin Panel
Centralized Admin Panel

Manage and customize CRM settings for yourself and your team from a single screen


Make and receive calls even when you’re not on your desk. Keep up with your leads, take follow-ups, and access crucial customer data on the go. Salesmate mobile apps are available in both – iOS and Android.

  • iPhone & iPad iPhone & iPad
  • AndroidAndroid
Call from anywhere

Connect with your customers in just 3 easy steps


Sign-up with Salesmate

It only takes a minute.
No credit card required.


Purchase local or toll-free number

Find numbers and assign them
to your agents.


Start making and receiving calls

Start calling your customers from
web and mobile apps.

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We can see our pipeline, including the sales process stages and the dollar volume at each stage. Since our inception 90 days ago, our pipeline has grown 100%

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Salesmate is a powerful sales CRM & automation
software for your business

Contact Managemnt
Contact Management

Keep all your contacts streamlined in one place, and get timely updates. Enrich profiles with Clearbit

Pipeline Management
Multiple Pipeline Management

Manage multiple sales pipelines as per your needs and build custom pipeline stages

Workflow Automation
Workflow Automation

Reduce manual dependency and add more time to your day with Workflow Automation

Email Tracking
Email Tracking

Get actionable insights for your outbound emails through email tracking.

Product Management
Product Management

Manage the products you sell on one platform and increase your pace of work.


Put your follow-up on auto-pilot by creating email and text sequences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get virtual US phone numbers in Salesmate?

From the “Voice” module, you’ll see “Buy Phone Number” where you can explore Local, Toll-free, and Mobile numbers of various countries. You can read our support article to know the step-by-step process.

Can I buy multiple US virtual phone numbers in Salesmate?

Of course. You can buy as many US phone numbers as you want in Salesmate.

Which US states virtual phone numbers can I buy in Salesmate?

You can buy US virtual phone numbers for the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming
What are calling credits in Salesmate?

Calling credits in Salesmate helps you in purchasing virtual phone numbers for the US, UK, Canada, or any country of your choice. Calling credits are also essential in making calls and sending text messages from Salesmate.  

What kind of US virtual numbers can I buy from Salesmate?

You can buy local, toll-free, and mobile virtual numbers for the USA from Salesmate. 

Can I make calls and receive SMS/ MMS from all the United States virtual phone numbers?

Calling, SMS, and MMS capabilities change for each number. When you explore phone numbers inside Salesmate, you will clearly see these capabilities for each number.

Can I port my existing US virtual numbers in Salesmate?

Yes, you can port your existing virtual USA phone numbers into Salesmate. You can read about this in detail from our support article here.

What are the call rates for US virtual phone numbers?

Call rates for virtual US numbers vary based on incoming and outgoing. You can calculate call rates from our official page here.  

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