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Effective sales email tips for getting quick response

With extreme enthusiasm, you type a sales email, hit send and them hope to see a positive response. Unfortunately, in a few days, this excitement turns into disappointment when you do not hear from your prospects. Who should be blamed here?

The unresponsive prospects or your emails? Playing the blame game is easy but will that help in winning sales? There might be possibilities that you aren’t giving enough reasons to your prospect for responding to your sales emails.

Take a step back and reflect on your approach to see where you are going wrong. Sales emails are one of the powerful channels to reach the prospect. So, ensure you avoid any errors while emailing your potential sales prospects.

Statistics you should know about sales emails:

We understand that getting people to respond to your sales emails is not an easy task. Well, then how do you get your foot in the door? Fright not.

There is always a way out for those clever enough to find it – Rick Riordan

Top sales email tips that will increase your response rate

  1. Mention another stakeholder
  2. Don’t write complicated emails
  3. Get to the point in the beginning
  4. Add a little humor and create rapport
  5. Call to action is a must
  6. Personalize your sales emails
  7. Add a professional email signature
  8. Choose your numbers smartly
  9. Proofread your email out loud
  10. Get feedback on your emails
  11. Track every email and click
  12. Don’t hesitate in giving deadlines

Nothing is impossible. If you work with unwavering determination, then you can surely evoke responses by engaging your potential sales prospects. Here are effective tips for writing perfect sales emails that get a quick response.

1. Mention another stakeholder

If you and your colleague receive the same piece of information from your HR wouldn’t you both discuss the topic further? Similarly, capture your recipients’ attention and stimulate discussion by mentioning two stakeholder names from the same company in your sales email.

It is a simple yet effective tactic to get your prospects talking about your product. While taking decisions and responding to an email, people generally prefer to take other’s opinions.

There is a chance that the stakeholders might discuss and dig deeper to find out if your product can be a useful solution to their ongoing problem.


Lionel and Allegra,

I am Susan from Salesmate. I noticed on your career’s page that your company is hiring records and data management specialist. Would you consider implementing an intelligent software instead that systematically streamlines your data in one location and eliminates human error?

Companies like FYT Virtual Assistant and Airshark have used Salesmate to manage their customer data and sales. Are you available this Wednesday to discuss how Salesmate can help you too in getting your sales and client’s data organized?

Susan Walker

2. Don’t write complicated emails

A majority of the people don’t read an email carefully, and so they tend to overlook important details. Sending a complicated sales email to such prospects can put you into trouble.

So, you need to be as clear as possible while drafting your sale emails.

Points to consider
  • Have a short yet interesting opening line
  • Avoid using unusual words
  • Use bullets to make your point clear
  • Stick to important benefits of your product don’t go to explain everything in detail
  • Don’t get into technical specifications on sales emails try discussing it over calls

3. Get to the point in the beginning

Your prospect’s inbox is loaded with emails, and they surely don’t have time for each of them. So first you need to stand out with a catchy subject line that’s straightforward yet creative to ensure your sales emails don’t get lost in their inbox.

Don’t beat around the bush; determine the purpose of your email and state it in the beginning. Be very specific; the email should be worth their time.

Your sales prospects should be excited to reply for knowing more about your product or service.

You can write something like

With 15 years of experience in the textile industry, we hold expertise in bridging the gap between buyers and sellers globally. Provide your specific needs, and we will connect you to the right buyer/seller from your preferred location.

4. Add a little humor and create rapport

The best way of drafting effective sales emails is by adding a bit of humor to it. A fun twist can make people smile and leave a lasting impact on them. Add animated images or funny GIFs and use witty statements.

It’s all about presenting the same content in a better and humorous way. Focus on building rapport with the clients by even sending funny greeting emails on birthdays and festivals. Like the below email that Harry’s sent before St. Patrick’s Day to wish its subscribers

5. Call to action is a must

If you are writing a sales email then surely you must be expecting something from your potential sales prospect, so state it clearly.

If you want to discuss your offering and its benefits over a call, then take a convenient time to contact them. If you are looking to schedule a meeting then suggest a specific day.

You can write something like
  • Are you or someone from your team available for a quick 15 minutes call this week to explore the benefits your company will get from our product?
  • When are you available for a product demo?
  • If you are interested, then can we move our discussion over to skype (below is my id)?
  • Can I send you a case study on how we helped XYZ to solve the similar problem as yours?

6. Personalize your sales emails

One of the most important sales email tips that you shouldn’t ignore if you want your clients to revert is ‘Email personalization’. As per a study, personalized emails increased CTR by 14% and Conversion by 10%.

Put in efforts and learn about your potential sales prospects. Search if the company appears in any PR or stalk them on social media. Find something relevant to mention in the sales email for showing you have done your research.

Discover their business pain points and tailor your content to their needs.


Hi Ruth,

I was browsing through LinkedIn and came across your post of an urgent requirement for PHP and JS developer in your company. Being a recruitment firm, we can connect you with talented candidates as per your specific requirements. How does your schedule look like to discuss more about this? If there is someone more appropriate to talk to, please let me know.

I look forward to our conversation.

Regards, Clifford Williams

7. Add a professional email signature

Don’t ignore the end of your sales email; create an impact before signing-off with a professional email signature.

Be very selective about what you add in your email signature; it shouldn’t be a distraction like a long biography that bores the reader.

Email Signature
  • Keep your email signature short and precise
  • Use either black and white text or subtle colors that align with your company branding
  • Add your professional image (ensure it isn’t a selfie or crop from other photos)
  • Avoid including email address
  • Don’t overstuff your email signature with multiple phone numbers

Refer to the blog ‘create the perfect professional email signature” for getting helpful examples to create an effective email signature.

8. Choose your numbers smartly

Use the power of numbers for boosting your response rate. Build credibility and catch the recipient’s attention by using statistics in your email content.

Consider writing numbers as numerals (Fifty-four as 54) in a subject line to get quickly noticed. Including statistics and digits in your sales email increases readability as well as makes your message easily consumable.


For instance, you can introduce your company in the email as, “We are the leading ecommerce marketplace having over 30 million products across 70+ categories”

9. Proofread your email out loud

Yes, you are in a hurry to achieve your sales target, but that doesn’t mean you hit send without reading your sales emails.

Don’t let those errors reach your prospect’s inbox. Read the email out loud and notice where you stumble.

Check for
  • Double check to see if there are any grammatical errors.
  • Ensure the prospect and the company’s name is correct.
  • Take note of the long sentences
  • Use tools like Grammarly for making messages more effective and engaging

10. Get feedback on your emails

Your peer can help you in finding out why your emails aren’t getting a response from your prospect.

Ask your colleagues to provide a second opinion on your drafted email. Collect and use the feedback to improve your sales emails.

Look for the following points
  • Are your emails too wordy or boring?
  • Is there too much unnecessary information?
  • What sounds off?

11. Track every email and click

There are many email tracking tools available to find out if your emails are opened or ignored without being read. This will help you to understand that is it the subject line that’s not getting clicks or are there any flaws in your email body.

Get the date when your email was last opened to send follow-up emails to your sales prospects. If the open rate is nil even after the initial few follow-ups, then you should stop and focus on nurturing another sales deal.

Track the following
  • Open rate
  • Link Clicks
  • CTA Clicks

12. Don’t hesitate in giving deadlines

Most of the sales reps think several times before giving deadlines as they don’t intend to offend a potential sales prospect. Well, there is no harm in creating a sense of urgency with a deadline.

Most prospects appreciate deadlines as it helps them in prioritizing their tasks. However, ensure your tone is light and friendly.

You can write something like

“I am sure you are busy, but could you let me know by this Friday with a simple Yes/ No if you are interested in exploring our product/service further?”

More is better – Additional tips for getting a quick response

Besides concentrating on the above sales email tips, here are few more points that need your attention to increasing your response rate:

  • Don’t ask for too much: Your prospects are as busy as you are, so don’t expect too much from them. For instance, asking them to answer time-consuming questions. Instead, consider asking such questions over a call or in a face-to-face meeting.
  • Maintain an email structure: Focus on the formatting of your email and ensure it has an effective opener, your objective and CTA in separate paragraphs. The paragraph shouldn’t exceed more than 2-3 lines. If it does, then consider breaking it up into bullet points.
  • Evaluate your performance, refine and improve: Create sales email reports to measure your performance. Find the problem areas and fix them in real-time.
  • Follow-up your prospect: Most of the sales reps give up very easily when prospects don’t reply to their emails. As per a study, 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up. To succeed in sales, you must keep trying without giving up.

Sales email follow up strategies

Don’t take a deep sigh once you send an email. It isn’t the end of the road. If you want to reach your sales goals, you need to dedicatedly follow-up on your prospects.

Your prospect might not respond to your first sales email, but that doesn’t imply they aren’t interested in your offering. 80% of sales require five follow-ups. Here are effective follow-up strategies to stimulate response to your emails.

1. Measure engagement with your emails

Are your prospects opening your emails more than once? Well, that might be a sign of interest. As mentioned above, you can track your emails to measure the open rate.

The more prospects open your email, the higher are the probability of engaging with them. They might need your product but are surrounded by a cloud of doubt. So, reach out to them without delay and address their queries.


Hi Wilson

I noticed you opened the email I had sent on Tuesday and explored our product, but I didn’t hear back from you. So, I am wondering if you have any questions regarding the product that we can discuss over the call at your convenient time tomorrow.

I’m here to be a resource to you so feel free to call (your phone number)

Jerome Jones
Phone: +1-333-56-552
Skype: Jerome.Jones

2. Use testimonials in your follow-up email

Gain your prospects’ trust and confidence by adding your existing customers’ testimonials in your follow-up emails.

Let the prospects see what the other companies in their industry are saying about your product. Positive testimonials can give your prospects more reasons to ponder over your product and revert to the sales email.


Hi Sheona

In case you are still mulling over the product’s benefits and trying to figure out if it is worth your time and money, then I would like to share a few quotes on what our customers are saying about us:

“It’s very user-friendly, easy to navigate, and simple to use. Not much training is involved for the new staff to get them off the ground. I like how stages are set and we can move the deals accordingly!”
– Johnny Beig, CEO – Alanic International

“Salesmate is very easy to use and affordable. It’s a one stop shop when it comes to managing my clients”

Jessica Williams, Fashion Designer – Irregular Exposure

“Very convenient and easy CRM with all the necessary features, quick and professional support” – Zora Zamecnikova, Brand Ambassador

How about a quick 15 minutes call next Monday to find out how our product can help you too?

Pearl Jose

3. Take help when you can’t figure out who is the decision-maker

Not sure if your emails are reaching the right inbox? Then take help instead of annoying the wrong person with your follow-up emails. There might be a different department handling something relevant to your product. Keep it simple; ask the person to guide you to the right decision-maker.


Hi Jane

I’ve tried to get in touch with you over the past few days, and it appears I’ve been unsuccessful. If you aren’t involved in branding, then I would really appreciate if you can connect me with the right person who handles it.

Ryan Smith

Wrapping up

Just exploring tips for writing sales emails is not enough. You need to pay attention to your email approach and use those sales email tips sincerely for boosting your response rate.

We hope the above sales email tips will help you in getting a response from your potential sales prospect.

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