Making a long-lasting impression with emails is necessary but creating catchy and attractive email signatures helps your prospects and clients remember you. A great professional email signature is the one which is less flashy but more impactful so that the recipients do not forget you.

We also know that being a small startup, your purpose of sending out introductory emails goes in vain if your first impression is not perfect. We are compiling a report that will surely help you in creating great email signatures for your professional emails along with top email signature examples.

Simple email signature examples to setup your email signature

Having a simple and professional email handle works wonder for organizations and individuals (entrepreneurs); never go for something fancy.

Professional email example :


Contact and support email example :



Email signature should include:

  • Your Full Name
  • Web Address
  • Designation
  • Company Name
  • Contact Number
  • Website | Social

Email signature elements

  1. Basic Email Signature

    Full Name
    Email Address
    Web Address

  2. Organizational Information

    Full Name
    Designation, Company name
    Web Address
    Cell Phone

  3. With LinkedIn Profile

    Full Name
    Designation, Company name
    Cell Phone
    LinkedIn Profile

  4. With Twitter Handle

    First Name Last Name
    Designation, Company
    Web Addess
    LinkedIn Profile (Optional)
    Twitter Handle

The market has an abundance of email servers and all of them have different mannerisms of setting email signatures.


Generally, in Gmail, you click on the ’’Settings’’ icon on the top right corner of the screen and select the ’’settings’’ option.

set up email signature in gmail

This will redirect you to the Settings page where you can find the segment for setting email signature. Easy isn’t it?

Creating an attractive email signature

Creating an attractive email signature which is not just visually appealing but also conveys your organizational motto is the one that you want to be accompanied with every outbound email.

To create such an email signature, we are listing down some of the required elements here:

  • name
    Name, designation, and company

    Name lets the recipient know the identity of the sender. If you are sending it as an owner, then you must include your designation with company name.

  • Contact information
    Contact information

    Include your business website along with your contact number. This will help your prospects reach you via both the medium.

  • Social links
    Social links

    Include social media buttons in your email signature. Make sure you are including professional social media accounts, LinkedIn for example.

  • Logo

    Including your logo provides a relevant document for the reader to remember your business or you. If you are using your own photograph, you can ignore company logo.

  • Logo

    Including your headshot in the email signature is also advisable. Helps the reader to connect name with your face for a better recall.


Let’s show you an email signature example

email signature example

Now that you have the basic format of writing email signature consider personalizing it. And remember to use the best fonts. There is no apt definition for ’’best fonts’’ but it implies that when they are opened in Android, Mac, or any other OS they are readable for the recipient.

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What do you mean by best fonts?

Don’t go for some fancy font that is not readable by the recipient.
Here are some of the font’s that you can use to create an email signature that is apt and clearly readable:

  • Arial
  • Courier
  • Georgia
  • Helvetica
  • Lucinda
  • Palatino
  • Tahoma
  • Times New Roman
  • Trebuchet
  • Verdana

Selecting the fonts is a critical task as it will carry your company’s image with it to the recipients.

Personalizing email signatures

In this section we have enlisted a few examples of how your professional email signatures should look like

  1. You must Limit your Email Signature

    By limiting your email signature, we mean that you should keep the length of your email signature around three or four lines of text.

  2. Don’t put your email address in your email signature

    Many experts believe that using you email address in your email signature is like parking your van in the area that could be used
    for building your personal swimming pool.

    Use of your email address in the signature is unnecessary for many reasons, but mainly because:

    • Every email service provider allows you to see the email address of the sender once you hover the mouse over the sender’s name.
    • In the mobile devices, you just tap the dropdown button for revealing the sender’s email address.
    • Just hit reply and the name of the sender will appear in front of you.

    As discussed earlier, that space can be used for adding your social handle or an important blog link, or even for adding the ’’request demo’’ call-to-action button.

  3. Include apt image

    It has been psychologically proven that readers remember images better than text although the image must be able to make an impression to be part of your email signature.

    • Do not use images of various landscapes showing waterfall, mountain or night sky.
    • Although they are catchy, people see it everywhere in their daily lives.
    Follow the pattern mentioned below:
    • Rectangle Frame
    • 1/4th Portion Picture of the Sender
    • The rest portion will have
      • Name
      • Designation, Company Name
      • Contact Number
      • Company Website
      • (Department) (Call-To-Action)
      • Social Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

    a professional email signature

Because the same research shows that people remember the pictures of other people and as per the report of research conducted by Psychologists color images make better impact than black and white ones.

Key Takeaway: Put your face with your name and see how you stand out amongst the crowd.

Professional branding via email signatures

Every department has their own unique email signature. Here, we will be talking about Sales. If you are a sales rep, sales manager, or sales executive, including your social handles is highly suggested.

Doing so allows you to use your email signature as a way of communicating your presence over social media and initiates trust in your prospect that your business is authentic, and their money won’t be spent on a lost cause.

a perfect social branding signature

  • Rectangle Frame
  • 1/4th Portion Picture of the Sender
  • The rest portion will have
    • Name
    • Designation
    • Company Name
    • Contact Number

Put content that shows your expertise

Do you want the recipient to know about a product or about the blog that highlights the expertise of the product or service in that domain? You can do so by sharing it in your email signature.

Put content that shows your expertise

Proper Call-to-Action

The line of text prompting your recipient to initiate an action. As a business, you create call-to-action for distinct reasons.

  • You want to schedule a demo with your prospects,
  • You want them to attend an event organized by your or where you will be present,
  • You want them to open a link, may be your landing page
  • You want them to land on your product description, offers, price or resources page.

For example, in your email signature you might add the link to your website blog that explains how your product or service has helped startups and other businesses generate the required ROI or it has solved the issues other customers like them were facing in the past.

Proper Call-to-Action in email signature


Do not overkill your email signature by stuffing too much information.

As a reader, you received an email from a sales executive talking about the product or service their company is providing. The mail has an apt subject line, a structured email, but when you scroll down towards the email signature, an informational avalanche awaits you!

Every possible phone number inside the company has been listed there accompanied with email addresses, social network handles and what not.

What just happened there?

The sender went for an overkill of their email signature and the result was a messy output below the body of the email which covered more lines than the former.

Remember, don’t overstuff your email signature.

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Share your calendar in your signature

Professionals and business owners generally get stuck in the cycle of emails and waste crucial time on booking meetings with clients, colleagues, and prospects.

If you feel that you too are stuck within this cycle, then allow your email recipients to book your calendar dates directly from your email signature.

Share your calendar in your signature

Add country prefix to your contact number

As a business owner or sales professional, you might not be available in the same geographical boundary as your prospect or clients or even your colleagues.

Using prefix for your country’s code in your enlisted contact number makes a lot of sense.

While many overlook this minute detail, we would advise you to make sure that you do not miss out on including it in your email signature.

Add country prefix to your contact number

Mobile-friendly email signature is necessary

  • For keeping up with the mobile-first trend in the digital world, optimizing your professional email signature for mobile is necessary.
    Mobile-friendly email stats
  • For businesses who want to reach the masses with their product and service this report becomes a guide for creating mobile-friendly email signatures.
  • For a successful user experience, make sure that your email signature is designed to be easily visible to read and tap on mobile devices.

Some people make a common mistake of not providing enough space between icons and clickable links. The most usual trouble users face after opening email on mobile devices is that when they tap on the Facebook icon, due to lack of spacing, they end up opening Twitter or Instagram.

That is why you must pay attention on making your email signature mobile-friendly.

Mobile-friendly email signature is necessary

Technology has made many things easier for us. So, this article was incomplete without the name of various apps that can help you create these email signatures for you.

  • Mobile-friendly email signature is necessary

    WiseStamp is a free email signature generator. This web app integrates with your email client for automatically loading beautifully designed, customized email signatures inside the email compose window With WiseStamp you can easily add any photo, use a live RSS feed for pulling all your latest blog and social content, and much more to your email signature.

  • Newoldstamp

    Newoldstamp is also an email signature generator platform but is a little bit more unique. It allows you to choose between 11 professional email signature templates that come in a variety of colors and formats. You can easily incorporate the photo of your choice and add your social buttons.

  •  htmlsig

    htmlsig is the email signature generating platform that creates amazing email signatures for your company. The neat, basic email signature holds a powerhouse information related to your business. is the platform you are looking for if you want a seamless process of creating engaging email signatures.

Google Trends

Let’s walkthrough the steps with the below mentioned points

  • Create less flashy and more effective email signature.
  • Keep your email signature and use 3-4 lines of text.
  • Prioritize social media or website link.
  • Don’t stuff your email signature.
  • Include an apt image. It may be your business logo or a simple professional headshot of yourself. This will add authority and build trust amongst email recipients.
  • Never include email address.
  • Be careful with your contact information. Only share your professional contact information.
  • Promote relevant social handles with your email signatures.
  • Use color, match it with your website or company color scheme.
  • Take care of the fonts, don’t overdo them.
  • Never use GIFs. (They are heavy and are too flashy and irrelevant for email signatures.)
  • Optimize your email signature for mobile devices.
  • Test the same by emailing to the inner circle.
  • Check if the email signature is loading and displaying properly on your mobile device.
  • And finally make sure your signature looks professional and attractive as the way you had planned it to be.
  • Test it out with other email clients.

Microsoft Outlook does not recognize background images and many email clients do not load images by default.

You job does not get fulfilled after creating the professional email signature; keep it up-to-date. Make sure that the links, contact, and other information are revised. An outdated email signature will create a negative impression about your brand and business on its recipients.

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