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Busting the myth! B2B social media marketing isn’t effective

Social media is an integral part of every marketing strategy. However, there’s a myth that says B2B social media marketing isn’t effective. Despite social media being the most preferred marketing tool with 83% of the marketers using it, many still believe in the myth and don’t implement social media strategy in their marketing process. The sole reason is this myth that mentions the ineffectiveness of B2B social media marketing.

So, how do you perfect your marketing strategy? Is social media marketing effective or not? What’s the truth behind this myth?

You’re at the right place! This week, I reached out to marketing experts and asked for their input so we can debunk yet another marketing myth. So, let’s hear it from the experts!

Is B2B social media marketing ineffective? Let’s hear from the experts!

1. Seth Price 

Founding partner, Price Benowitz 

B2B social media marketing can be extremely effective when done correctly. While you may think that social media is only for consumers, you also have to remember that most people are on social media in some way or another – business leaders included. In fact, more business leaders use social media now as a way to create a presence for themselves and for networking purposes which means there’s an audience there. You’ve also got to remember that social media doesn’t only refer to Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube. There are a number of different professional social media sites around that can be very beneficial for marketing purposes (LinkedIn for example). While our law firm is mainly B2C focused, B2B social media marketing has been very beneficial for our digital agency in connecting with and helping other companies in the legal industry. 

2. Brittany Hardy 

Owner, Empty Desk Solutions 

I believe that if b2b social media marketing wasn’t effective, then b2c social media marketing wouldn’t be effective either, because at the end of the day, social media is all about being social, as the term suggests. If b2b businesses (I am in this category so I know it well…) continue to focus on creating content that their audience craves, just as b2c businesses do, and if they continue (the b2b businesses) to build relationships and create conversations, then there is really no reason they can’t be effective. I will also add… ‘effective’ can be a relatively subjective term and it’s important for businesses to identify right off the bat what their true social media goals are so that they can take an objective look at what effective means to them and if they are indeed successful. 

3. Kingston Vickers 

Aerospace Manager, Technetics Group 

Social Media B2B Sales are my primary source of project level work, including new sales into new markets. 

LinkedIn is a powerhouse for those efforts.  The global reach for that platform, combined with a solutions-based approach, has yielded many new opportunities and sales. Therefore, B2B social media marketing can be effective if you approach it the right way.

4. Michelle Ebbin 

Founder, JettProof 

The idea that B2B social media marketing is ineffective is a complete myth. 

Various studies as early as 2016 have already proven the crucial effects of social media for businesses and consumers alike. 

A solid social media presence makes a business discoverable online and thus enhances collaboration and partnerships with other organizations. It’s a sign of a bustling business and how ready it is to associate with other entities across industries. 

Moreover, it’s a platform that marketers use to listen in to the condition of the industry and the possible tactics to use to stand out from the competition. 

5. Tim Clarke 

Director of sales, SEOBlog 

I’d say that B2B social media marketing becomes ineffective when the goals, purpose, platforms to be used, and target audience is not identified clearly. 

The reach of social media is extensive and with many people engaged in using them for whichever reasons such as research, news, and communication – it is the best channel to reach your audience easily.  

With careful and intensive research, planning, and strategizing of using social media for B2B, I can say that it is highly effective. 

6. Brogan Renshaw 

Director, Firewall Digital 

Relevant retargeting ads make social media marketing in the B2B sphere highly effective and efficient. Social media is an effective marketing tool for B2B businesses to increase and maintain traffic on their site. Targeted ads pique the interest of a visitor and relevant retargeted ads keep them interested. 

This approach humanizes your businesses’ brand because the ads resonate with the viewer. Compared to obsolete unsolicited advertisements, social media advertising has a more personal appeal to people.  

The moment an ad connects to the emotions of a person is when conversion happens. 

7. Hillary Keller 

CMO, Flatirons Development 

This one actually isn’t entirely a myth.. I’d just rewrite this to say ‘B2B social media marketing isn’t as effective a direct sales channel as B2C social media marketing is.’ 

Social media does have a place in B2B marketing though, especially if you are intentional about which platforms you target. For example, a strong LinkedIn presence can be essential for helping with content marketing efforts or helping to spread awareness about an upcoming event or brand partnership.  

As with every other marketing channel, start small, running a few different test campaigns and measure the results. Every industry, organization, and channel is going to be unique. The only way to figure out what will be effective for yours is to experiment and scale up what’s working and stop wasting resources on what isn’t. 

8. Daniel Veiga 

Founder, Danny Veiga Marketing 

B2B marketing can be difficult to navigate, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that social media isn’t the right avenue for your business. B2C is great at making customers feel like they’re part of a world community.

Conversely, B2B does best when they make all employees feel like stakeholders in the company. It means customer service and support are an important aspect of most B2B social media campaigns; perhaps both avenues are needed to achieve success in the modern world effectively. It’s easy for B2B companies to underestimate the power of social media, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Social marketing can be a great strategic shortcut if executed properly.

It is true that many businesses are still looking for hard, measurable data on social brand equity and return on investment. However, there are still plenty of others who are seeing ROI from their efforts in this area. A lot of success can come by understanding your primary customer persona and engaging them through the media they prefer most! 


I hope that these responses from experts helped you to get insight on B2B social media marketing. Now that we have busted this myth, as a marketer, you can optimize your marketing strategy and implement social media channels. After all, B2B social media marketing is very powerful and can get you desired results if you have a solid strategy and put consistent efforts.

Jainy Patel

Being an ardent reader and content editor, Jainy draws inspiration from every situation and story. She spends her time developing creative content to invoke the reader's interest. An ambivert with an interest in art, when she's not writing, you'll find her reading or occupied in a creative project.

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