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How to write sales introduction email (with templates)

Making a strong first impression is undoubtedly an important part for you and your brand. And it usually starts with a sales introduction email.

A study reveals that 75% of the population believes in having communication on other modes rather than calls and finds emails a better option. The reason is that emails are crisp, to the point, and have the option for the user to get entertained by the same as per their convenience.

You might have seen or sent lots of emails, but the point is, do you know what is the first step to the email journey? Obviously, it is an introduction email. 

sales introduction email importance

If you want to start a conversation, you need to know about what email etiquette you should follow that brings you leads or at least potential customers. Well, do not worry. We got your back! 

We will walk through every aspect of the sales introduction email in detail below. 

What is introduction email? 

As the name suggests, the introduction email refers to the first email sent to the user, briefing them with an idea of your motive to send. Now introduction email could be sent for different reasons and purposes. But they are sent to the user for the following reasons- 

  • Making the reader comfortable.
  • Telling the reader your motive behind sending the email. 
  • Building the foundation for conversations ahead. 
  • Briefing the user with your/company background. 

To sum up, these emails are designed to act as the first form of communication before your sales rep goes for fully detailed pitching, backed up by follow-up emails. 

Let us now check out their types. 

What are the types of sales introduction emails? 

The introduction email for sales is made to introduce something to the client, but there could be multiple things that the user needs to get briefed about, which lands us to their varieties listed below. 

1. Business sales introduction email 

Under this category of email, your sales rep needs to introduce your company. The email should comprise of your business dealings, what are your expertise, how long you have been in the industry, and highlight all the possible points that make the client confident about your company. 

To add on, you can insert the link of your company’s website, your social media links, and LinkedIn link to add more weight to the mail. You can also take advantage of video prospecting to introduce your company to prospective clients in a more visually engaging way.

2. Introduction email for sales 

Under this kind of email, you can pitch the reader of your product. This kind of introduction email is generally sent to the cold email a lot as you don’t know about the clients and just pitching out your product there with the scope of follow-up. 

You can add the contact information or appointment link at the end of this kind of email.

3. New job introduction email 

This is an intro email format that is used by the company employee to address his fellow employees. Under this, if there is a new employee, he can use this email to have a warm introduction with his team. 

They can brief about their background, work experience and also share their contact information if they want to. 

4. New role introduction email

It is quite much like the introduction mail mentioned above. The only difference is that you are an existing employee in this, but you have gotten a new job role. So, you have to re-introduce yourself to the team with your revised responsibilities. 

5. New point of contact introduction email

This is one of the most common scenarios that may happen during the sales pipeline where another replaces one sales rep due to multiple reasons like the former left the company or was underperforming. When the new sales rep is looped in, they need to introduce themselves to the client. 

They can talk about themselves and if possible, also give a very formal justification of the replacement and then proceed with the conversation. 

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What are the tips to write a sales introduction email? 

Now that we are clear with what are sales introduction email emails and what are the types, let us proceed to know how to write a professional introduction sales email. 

The first impression lasts forever. So, this means that your introduction email has to be crisp, clear with the message and sounds professional. So, you need to be clear with your idea and motive with which you are writing your mail. 

Here are the ten basics that you should look for while writing an attractive good introduction email for sales.

  1. Attractive subject line. 
  1. Greeting. 
  1. Name of the customer 
  1. Your position/job role. 
  1. Your company expertise. 
  1. Any link or certifications for authentication.
  1. Your cause of approaching client. 
  1. A helpful gesture of providing solution. 
  1. Clue of follow up with some link or contact information. 
  2. Professional Signature.
  3. Introduction video.

Tip: There are many tools that can help you create professional-looking introduction videos quickly and easily. You can use the tool to add text, images, and animations to your video and customize it to match your brand’s look and feel. If you want to go the extra-mile and personalize it with your prospect in mind, mail merge is a great option to automate this process.

If you consider these basics and cover them all in your introduction sales email, the probability of getting replied back increases by 5 times! 

Some of the best templates of introduction emails

Finally, the time has come where you can look out for the templates for each type of introduction email and then use it as a reference to write yours. 

Business sales introduction email 

Introduction email for sales

New job introduction email 

New role introduction email 

New point of contact introduction email 


The competition is high in the market and you got to make every move proactively so that you don’t miss a chance to get yourself a potential lead. You need to be very particular about how you reach them. 

Sales introduction emails are a very safe yet professional way to persuade someone. So, you have to be smart with your words and swift with your follow-ups before your competitors take a chance. So why wait? Get inspired by templates and reach your customers ASAP! 


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