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Sales introduction email

Write an impressive sales introduction email: With 12 templates

Key Takeaways
  • Sending a sales introduction email is a way to begin an interaction with new or potential customers.
  • An impressive introduction email helps create a distinct impression and lets you build a long-lasting relationship with prospects.
  • A customizable sales email template lets you reach more people efficiently while keeping messages personal, improving response rates and sales.
  • Smart email automation platforms like Salesmate CRM let you boost your outreach game and drive more business.

Story of Alex, an exhausted sales rep…   

He used to send endless emails daily following a standard email template. 

After some research, he realized that his emails were too generic and started making them more personal, talking about what his customers needed.  

As a result, Alex turned his generic introduction emails for sales into compelling texts and received a 30% hike in email reply rates.  

If you are Alex and get fewer open rates on sales emails, our blog will help turn things around in your favor.  

It covers how to write sales introduction emails that get responses with the 12 best customizable templates.  

So, let’s dive deep into the sales intro email and boost your sales team. 

What is a sales introduction email? 

A sales introduction email is the first email you send to a potential customer to introduce yourself, your company, or your product/service.  

It’s your initial attempt to connect with someone who may be interested in what you offer. 

A sales introductory email aims to grab the recipient’s attention, provide value, and encourage them to respond or take a specific action, like scheduling a discovery meeting

A well-crafted sales introduction email is personalized, concise, and clearly states how the recipient can benefit from engaging with you or your business.

Let’s discover how to write an introduction email for sales next.

How to write a sales introduction email – 9 Quick tips  

If you want to write a sales intro email that gets opened, implement these proven tips: 

Tips to write a sales introduction email

1) Crafting a compelling subject line 

A study shows that 47% of email recipients open emails based on their subject lines. So, a sales introduction email subject line is the key to persuading recipients to open your emails. 

Hence, when writing a sales introduction email, a catchy subject line should be a priority. 

Personalizing the subject line will help you gain higher open rates, as prospects will feel special with personalized emails.  

Also, avoid giving away too much in the subject line of the sales email, as it will be too overwhelming for the prospects. 

Explore more: 60+ Best email subject lines to level up your campaigns 

2) Personalizing your greeting 

To craft the best sales intro email, you must add personalization, which boosts engagement and increases the chances of getting a response.

For instance, instead of writing simply ‘hello’ or ‘greetings,’ add the recipient’s name.

You can also consider including a reference to their recent work, interests, or needs to make the opening line of your email feel more personal and engaging.  

3) Make your email introductory line about the recipient 

Make your first line of the introductory sales email relevant to the recipient by mentioning something specific to them. 

It can be a recent company milestone, an industry challenge, or an interest they have shared.  

Here are some ideas on how the first line for the best introduction sales email: 

  • “Saw your latest product launch, here’s how we can boost its market reach.” 
  • “I noticed you’re expanding your online presence, and I have some great ideas that might help.”  

These approaches reflect that you’ve researched and care about their needs, making them more likely to engage. 

4) Write an impressive introduction about you 

It is better to start with a quick line about what your company does best.  

Then, mention a problem your customers often face and how you solve it. This will make your email interesting immediately.  

For example, “I’m Jack, a tech consultant. I help businesses work faster by creating apps. If slow tasks are slowing you down, let’s chat about fixing that with an app.”  

This way, you quickly introduce yourself, highlight a common issue, and offer your solution, making your message clear and engaging.  

5) Convey your purpose of emailing clearly 

There are many reasons to send intro sales emails, such as introducing a new product, inviting them to an event, offering a solution, or starting a partnership. So, ensure your email conveys the purpose clearly.

For instance, if you want to set up a sales call, you can write: 

“I saw your work with Amazon and IBM on app improvements. I have ideas that could help with your next project. Can we schedule a call to discuss this?” 

So, be upfront about what you want in your sales introduction email to ensure that it tells the recipient exactly why you’re writing to them.

6) Focus on the recipient over you 

In a good sales introduction email, the priority is given to the recipient’s needs and interests rather than your own, ensuring the message centers around providing value to the customer.

Show you understand their challenges and goals by mentioning specific details, like “I noticed your company is expanding into new markets but might be facing challenges with logistics.”  

This need-based approach shows you’re genuinely interested in helping them, not just making a sale.  

7) Offer value to your recipient 

In your sales email, offer something valuable upfront, like a free resource, expert advice, or a product trial that addresses their specific challenges.  

For instance, “Seeing that your industry often faces X challenge, here’s a free guide we’ve put together to help you navigate it.”  

This is a proven strategy for building trust. By showing that you’re here to help, not just sell, you make the recipient more likely to respond positively. 

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8) Add clear CTAs 

The CTA is critical in an introductory sales email to prospective clients; it informs readers of the action they need to take.

For example, if you want to give a demo about your app, direct your recipients to it through a call to action, such as requesting a demo.

9) Sign off with gratitude 

End your email with a professional signature and a brief thank you, like  

“Thank you for your time. Looking forward to connecting.”  

This gesture shows respect and gratitude without adding extra fluff, making a positive final impression. 

Next, our blog covers the most amazing sales introduction email exampleswhich you can use as inspiration for your next outreach. 

Sales email introduction examples for inspiration 

Each sales introduction email example is unique, showing how to customize your message to fit your audience’s needs and interests for a better connection. 

How to introduce yourself in sales email? 

Introduce yourself in sales email

What’s so impressive 

This sales introduction email sample leverages mutual contact for building rapport communicates the intent clearly, and adopts a professional yet friendly tone.

It invites a conversation rather than pushing for a hard sell, encouraging a potential relationship.

B2B sales introduction email example 

B2B sales introduction email example 

What’s so impressive 

The email creates a sense of exclusivity by mentioning that the offer is for a select group of professionals who like data-driven work. It also includes a clear call to action by proposing a specific time for a call.

B2C sales introduction email example 

B2C sales introduction email example 

What’s so impressive 

This email sample for sales introduction has an appealing design. It talks about Lisa Nichols, a respected speaker, adding trust and sparking excitement to her speech.

It hints at an emotional journey, sharing how the community reacted to make the reader connect. 

Never break your follow-up email chains – Try automation!

Never break your follow-up email chains – Try automation!

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Explore Sequences

Let’s explore templates for the best introduction email for sales.

12 Best sales introduction email templates  

Discover these top 12 sales introduction email templates that can help increase your engagement and start valuable conversations with potential clients.

1) Cold sales email introduction template

Why this template works  

This is one of the best sales introduction template emails because it is personalized and takes a few minutes to appreciate the customer’s work. Additionally, it has an interesting subject line.

It maintains a professional yet warm tone that gives a positive first impression and encourages collaboration with a clear CTA to act upon.

2) Sales introduction email to someone in a common connection 

Why this template works  

This sales introduction email template works because it starts with a personalized compliment, establishes a positive impact, and shows genuine interest in the recipient’s work.

The invitation for a chat is casual and low-pressure, which can make the recipient more willing to respond.

3) Introduction email to someone you met in person 

Why this template works  

This b2b sales introduction email template recalls a shared positive experience, clearly expressing interest in deepening collaboration based on mutual interests. Besides, it proposes a specific next step with a CTA, making it easy for the recipient to engage. 

4) Sales introduction email based on specific triggers 

An event-triggered introductory sales email is sent automatically from your email automation software when someone does something specific, like visit your site, fill out a form, or click a link.

Even though it’s automated, making it feel personal to each recipient is important.

Why this template works  

This intro sales email template directly addresses the download source, whether a newsletter or template, that makes the conversation relevant.

It highlights your solution to build credibility and proposes a clear next step, making it easy for the recipient to engage more!

5) Personalized offer sales introductory email 

 Why this template works  

It is an effective sales intro email template that captures attention with a personalized and direct approach. The email emphasizes an exclusive offer demonstrating an understanding of the recipient’s needs. Also, invites engagement through a clear CTA.  

6) Sales introduction email sharing industry insights

Why this template works  

This introductory sales email template focuses on providing value upfront by sharing relevant trends and insights, which positions the sender as a knowledgeable and helpful resource.  

It introduces the company’s offerings and suggests a collaboration tailored to the recipient’s needs, inviting further discussion.  

7) Introduction sales email hitting the pain point 

Why this template works  

This template directly addresses the recipient’s primary concern, positioning the sender as offering a valuable and relevant solution.

It’s concise yet informative, highlighting the sender’s expertise and past successes without overwhelming details.      

8) Business event invitation introduction email

Why this template works  

This template makes the invitation personal and engaging, highlighting the event’s purpose, benefits, and logistical details. The direct RSVP link and an invitation to bring colleagues simplify the response process and broaden the event’s reach.

9) Sales introduction email template for a service industry 

Why this template works  

This template smartly addresses the recipient’s achievements and challenges, offering your service as a tailored solution.

It positions your service as a crucial tool for their success, encouraging the prospect to respond.   

10) Congratulatory sales email  

 Why this template works  

It starts with a personalized congratulations for a recent achievement, making the recipient feel valued and recognized.

Besides, this smoothly transitions into a collaboration, linking their success with how your services can support their goals.   

11) Sales pitch email template of a new product introduction

Why this template works   

This is a template for a sales introduction email to a client.

It works well because it’s short, gets to the point fast, highlights what’s special about the product, and makes it easy for the reader to take the next step. This approach grabs attention and encourages a response.

12) Sales introduction email with a social proof 

Why this template works  

The template establishes credibility by mentioning past collaborations with industry leaders, establishing trust. It highlights the company’s commitment to exceptional results, appealing to the recipient’s desire for quality and reliability.  

Must check: 27 Best sales email templates 

How to introduce yourself for business – The best way of introduction  

The best way to introduce yourself for business is to be clear, concise, and relevant to the context in which you’re making the introduction.

Here are the four best templates for you to check on introducing yourself:

How to introduce yourself templates

1) Introducing yourself to a gatekeeper  

Be clear about your purpose when introducing yourself to a gatekeeper, such as an assistant or receptionist.

Why this template works 

This template is great because it acknowledges the gatekeeper’s important role and respectfully seeks their assistance, which can lead to a more favorable response.

2) Introducing yourself to a C-level executive 

Why this template works 

The sales introductory template quickly introduces yourself and why you’re reaching out, and respects the executive’s time by suggesting a brief discussion.

It hints at how your company can specifically benefit theirs, prompting curiosity and potential interest without overloading with details.

3) How to introduce yourself for networking 

Why this template works 

This template creates an immediate connection by acknowledging the recipient’s work and suggesting collaboration based on shared interest.

4) New sales rep introduction email to customer

Why this template works

This template introduces the new sales rep in a friendly and professional manner, providing a smooth transition for the client. It encourages a two-way conversation, laying the groundwork for a productive relationship.

Next, we will learn some best tactics to craft the best introduction emails for sales.

6 Best practices for using sales introduction email templates 

If you want to boost engagement and response rates, it’s crucial to know how to customize your email template for sales introduction to the recipient’s specific interests. 

Here are some best practices you can adopt: 

Best practices for using sales introduction email templates 

1. Research your prospects for personalized cold emails in sales

66% of customers want brands to know what they like and need. By researching their needs, you can send hyper-personalized sales introduction emails that get responses. 

You can use LinkedIn or other relevant social platforms to gather insights about prospects’ career achievements and interests.

Also, use tools like Crunchbase for funding information or industry common challenges. engaging. Such research allows you to craft messages that resonate on a personal level.

2. Batch customize your sales cold emails 

Batch customization refers to segmenting your prospects based on specific common characteristics or needs and customizing emails for each segment.

Segment your email list using criteria like industry, job title, or previous interactions with your content. Use email campaign software to create template variations for each segment.

Customize the opening line and value proposition for each segment, ensuring the message feels personalized.

3. Professional tone & formatting    

Maintaining a professional tone and clean, accessible formatting is essential for making a good impression. 

Your emails should be concise, free of jargon (unless industry-specific and relevant), and easy to read.

To this end, use bullet points or short paragraphs to break up text, bold or italicize key points for emphasis, and ensure your email is mobile-friendly.

Want to know? How to write sales emails that get responses – Here are the 7 Winning rules.

4. Highlight the value proposition 

Identify the unique benefits of your product or service that directly address the prospect’s pain points. Use data and success stories(like a related case study) to support your claims.

Tailor this section of your sales introduction by linking the benefits to the specific challenges or goals of the prospects’ company to highlight a clear understanding of their needs.

5. Give follow-up plan 

Include a clear call to action (CTA) and a follow-up plan in your email.

This could be a request for a meeting, a call, or a response to discuss further. Tell them when and how you will fold out if you don’t hear back.

6. Test your sales intro emails 

Use A/B testing for various email elements, such as subject lines, email length, and calls to action. Test one element of your introductory sales emails at a time to measure its impact accurately. 

Most email marketing platforms offer tools for A/B testing and analytics. 

Analyze open rates, CTRs (Click-Through Rates), and response rates to determine what works best for your audience, and refine your approach based on data.    

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Drive business with the next-gen CRM!

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A sales introduction email is a professional way to communicate with your customers. Crafting your intro emails for sales requires careful thought – choosing the right words can make a significant difference.

Moreover, prompt follow-up emails are crucial in the sales process for better engagement and show your potential customers that you value their time and business.

Further, introducing Sales CRM and automation platforms into your strategy boosts results.


1) Who needs to write a sales introduction email? 

Business developers, marketers, entrepreneurs, sales reps, and customer success managers will write introductory sales emails to introduce offerings and initiate business relationships.   

2) Why should you send a good sales intro email? 

A good sales intro email builds a mutual connection with a stranger by using the space to introduce yourself and your business values. You can quickly ensure expansion by telling a unique way to readers. 

3) How to write an introductory sales email? 

Here are the best tips that you should make sure of while writing an introductory email sales:  

  1. Crafting compelling subject lines   
  2. Personalizing your greeting   
  3. Make your email introductory about the recipient   
  4. Write an impressive introduction about you   
  5. Convey your purpose of emailing clearly     
  6. Offer value to your recipient    
  7. Add clear CTAs   
  8. Add an email signature with gratitude 
4) How to stand out in a sales introduction email? 

To stand out in your introduction sales email to a client, personalize it, deliver value by explaining how you can solve the prospect’s problems, and add social proof for credibility.


Mehul Shah, a digital marketer with an uncommon funny bone and a knack for perfection. Mehul has been writing about how Salesmate CRM helps small and medium business, for a long time now! He is a digital marketer and a geek in the Inbound marketing, who likes to spend most of his time researching ways technology is influencing your daily life (positively).

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