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8 types of post transactional Sales Emails with examples

The business does not run with the sales but the relations established through communication. Yes, when the sales and transactions are made, your duty as a company doesn’t end there. 

The business is able to sustain for a longer time if it keeps the needs of the user in mind. Be it through follow-up emails or transactional emails.  

But before sending the post transactional sales emails, you have to be clear about their needs and benefits, and then later on, you can send the same. As a bonus, we also have references for each type of post-transactional email that may come in handy for you.

Post transactional emails vs. marketing sales email

Often people confuse the post-transactional email with a marketing sales email. Both of them are used by your business to send to the clients for different causes. 

The marketing emails are sent to users when they have to promote their brand or want to share any information to the user that gets the scope of earning revenue. Like referring discounts, launching the new paid feature, subscription packaging details. 

On the other hand, for transactional emails, the user is sent an email for the information or to help the customer with the details related to their purchase of a product or service. It is not designed to earn more revenue but definitely to build strong relations with customers.  

So, in short, marketing emails are designed for revenue generation and transactional emails are sent to provide customer satisfaction and build their trust. It may be safe to say that post transaction sales emails are more like customer service. 

Benefits of post transactional sales email

Transactional emails are an important part of sales. Let us look at some pointers below to know why your business needs it. 

  • It helps to build the trust of the customers 
  • Adds to the customer satisfaction. 
  • It is vital to earn customer loyalty. 
  • Impacts on your company’s goodwill. 
  • Maintains your relationship with customers for a longer run. 
  • Provides value to the customer. 

Therefore, it is very obvious, that transactional emails are used to help maintain a healthy and long relationship with your existing customers. 

What are the key elements of post transactional sales emails? 

Now, the post transactional emails are designed to ease the customer experience. And their structure should reflect that easiness. The post transactional email should- 

  1. Have a crisp clear message 
  1. Should include CTA 
  1. Have catchy subject line 
  1. Be informative 

Rest, there can be many other tips and tricks to write effective sales email. It depends what you want to communicate. 

When to send post transactional emails? 

Now, this is one of the important decisions that your management needs to take. At what intervals, what messages to deliver to the existing client could be purely your sales team action plan.  

Generally, the post transactional sales emails are sent- 

1. When customer has issue 

When the customer is facing a problem regarding using the product or having access to the services you provide. You need to send them post transactional emails to solve their query. It could be regarding the password reset, complaint, or order cancellation. 

2. When the order is confirmed 

In this, the user should be provided post transactional emails that help users get confirmed with the status of their purchase. You can send them their mail for order purchase, describe shipment status or if the user canceled the order, their refund initiated. All this information can be sent through post transactional sales email. 

3. When knowledge regarding the app is shared 

When there is a new product update or you need to verify the user, you can send post transactional mail. Also, if you are updating any user policy, you can share the information to the user through the post transactional email. 

What are the types of post transactional emails? 

There are different types of post transactional emails. Let’s have a look at each along with their examples. 

1. Order confirmation email 

These kind of emails are one of the first post transactional emails that i sent to customer after the deal is closed. It should be fresh, crisp and unique. You can also use images with your product to make it compelling just like Ulta Beauty did. 

Look how they made their order confirmation mail 

2. Verification email 

These kinds of sales emails are sent when they have to authenticate the user. You send this for a unique member usage track and also bring in confidence amongst existing users that the user is verified by the company itself. 

Below is the example of Sellfy, how they sent their verification mail to the users. 

3. Password reset email 

If your business requires creating an account of the user, then this kind of email comes very handy as users tend to forget their passwords sometimes. You can simply send this post transactional mail to the user so that they can reset their password with ease. 

Have a look below how Airbnb, sent their password reset email to users. 

4. Invoice email 

These are one of the first post transactional emails that come in use to send the customer. You can show the invoice template, or the purchase order with cost breakdown that is charged to the customer in detail. Make sure you know the difference between an invoice and purchase order.

Amazon does a very great job at sending fantastic invoice sales emails. Have a look below. 

5. Shipping notification email 

This kind of post transactional email mail is sent to the user to tell them where their product is in shipment if your business is product-based. These kinds of sales emails help users to keep track of their purchased products. The very interesting example of it is Fitbit

6. Delivery confirmation email 

Once your order is dispatched and delivered to the user, you can send the ‘product delivered’ email to the user. This gives them an impression that you are aware of the user’s want and their need to get the product delivered. AliExpress is a great example of it. 

7. Trial expiration email 

If you are a company that deals in services and provide trials to the user. This email can be used to tell the user that their trial is over or the duration of the package is about to end and they need to recharge for continuing services. You can look at the example of ScreenHero for your reference. 

8. Order cancellation email 

Last but not the least, this email is used to end the order transaction when they return the product or cancel the order midway. Or you were not able to send the product due to some circumstances. This is sent to confirm that their request has been entertained and they can expect a refund soon. If you want, you can add the refund details too. Take a look over Woot’s cancellation sales email. 


The sales emails are an integral part of communication between the client and the company. Your duty as a company does not end after selling the product/service but continues to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Post transactional emails make sure that your customer is satisfied and still able to connect with you when in need, which automatically helps to build goodwill for your business. 

Dhara Thakkar

Dhara Thakkar is a seasoned marketer at Salesmate. She thrives on trying new organic strategies to improve traffic & conversions, and has in-depth knowledge on how search works. When she's not working, you will find her travelling or binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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