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Ten must-have mobile CRM app features in 2019

Every business aims to increase the pace of sales and improve its revenue. Though the year changes, this goal remains static for most of the companies. You might have had many sales reps who couldn’t achieve their sales quota in 2018. Unfortunately, due to this, you too couldn’t reach your business goals.

You will get to hear a long list of reasons from the sales reps for not achieving their sales targets. But, one reason that we have often heard sales reps saying is that they didn’t have ‘enough time’. Which is understandable because most of them spend their maximum hours out of the office.

Either they are traveling, visiting trade-fairs or meeting a client. Equipping them with a technology that supports their sales efforts even while traveling is essential. Mobile CRM is one such tool that can help.

82% of salespeople using CRM say that accessing their CRM system via mobile devices greatly or moderately improved the quality of their data (information source)

However, you need to be very careful while implementing this mobile-oriented strategy. I am sure you would want 2019 to be better than 2018 for your business. So, ensure your mobile CRM has the necessary features that can help your sales reps in winning more sales for your organization.

65% of the companies that are using mobile CRM solutions are either meeting or exceeding their current sales quotas.

Necessary CRM features in 2019

A mobile CRM can help you in revolutionizing your business provided you make the right decision. To help you, I have listed the necessary CRM mobile app features that need your attention.

Features list:

  1. Deal management on the go
  2. Text message
  3. Built-in phone for seamless calling
  4. Enhanced collaboration with call transfer
  5. Geolocation tracking
  6. Email management & tracking
  7. Real-time sales insights
  8. High-level security
  9. Device compatibility
  10. Push notifications

1. Deal management on the go

As a sales professional, all the crucial information about your prospects or customers should be at your fingertips no matter where you are. The mobile CRM should provide a 360-degree view of each deal and its related data.


You should be able to view the entire sales history at a glance.


  • How many deals are there in the pipeline?
  • Who are the owners?
  • When was it created?
  • What is the value of each deal?
  • What are the activities attached to each deal?
  • What is the estimated closing date?

With a mobile CRM, you should be able to access your deals from anywhere and update them on the spot without waiting to reach office and log into your computer. An excellent mobile CRM will provide real-time notifications and keep you informed about important activities and actions related to each deal.

2. Text message

You might need to text your prospects and customers about new discounts and offers. The best sales mobile CRM allows you to send texts directly from the contact list.

  • You can conveniently send promotional texts, remind your prospects about upcoming meetings and send greeting messages to your prospects from a mobile CRM.
  • You get the flexibility to send bulk messages in seconds.
  • Moreover, you can find all the conversation streamlined in the message history for quick reference.

3. Built-in phone for seamless calling

Most of the advanced mobile CRM comes with a built-in calling feature. You can directly call your contacts using your business number from the CRM itself. Which means with just a single click, you can get your work done quickly. You can add deal related notes and create new activities instantly.


It allows you to get the virtual local number of your preferred country to gain the trust of local customers. You can also access the recording and track every call made or received on the number.

4. Enhanced collaboration with call transfer

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”- Henry Ford  

Collaborative selling aids in bolstering customer relationships. A good mobile CRM boosts collaborative productivity. It allows you to transfer calls when required to provide better assistance to the clients.


For instance, you aren’t aware of the commitments made by your colleague to the clients. So, in this case, you can transfer the calls to your colleague. Either you can keep the client on hold and discuss the matter with your teammate or drop out of the call and let him/her continue.

5. Geolocation tracking

Is a meeting canceled? Fright not, you can schedule another in seconds with a mobile CRM. This is the reason your mobile CRM must have a geolocation feature to easily find nearby contacts in a specific area when a meeting is canceled or rescheduled.


You just need to enter your current location and the map will fetch the contact information of prospects in that specific area. You can just contact them and schedule a meeting. It saves your time and helps you make the most of your field visits.

6. Email management & tracking

Emails are a vital mode of communication in sales. So maintaining and tracking emails is essential to drive sales success. A feature-rich mobile CRM will give you full control over your emails.


You can-

  • Find all your sent and received emails streamlined in one place.
  • Directly insert templates and send compelling emails without wasting time.
  • Track emails to make amendments and improve your performance.
  • Attach deals directly to your email communication in your inbox.
  • Refer to email threads to find the context of your communication with any specific client.
  • Schedule emails to reach your clients at the right time.

7. Real-time sales insights

Round the clock access to key metrics from anywhere is essential to drum-up your sales. No matter where you are, you need to stay abreast with the growth and risk in your sales. It is necessary to know what’s working and where extra efforts are required.


Instead of waiting to reach office for accessing this vital sales related insights, you can get it on the go with an advanced mobile CRM. You can create multiple reports to measure vital sales metrics even when you are traveling.
You can know:

  • How many calls did your sales reps make?
  • What were the outcomes of those calls?
  • Were those emails opened or ignored?
  • How many deals were closed by a sales rep last month?

You can get these and many more reports in your mobile CRM. Besides, an advanced mobile CRM will give you the full summary of the deal. You can instantly check the stats of the deals and filter the data to view specific sales information.

8. High-level security

A wealth of valuable information is stored inside the CRM which you surely wouldn’t want to lose under any circumstances. Remote access of this critical data increases the risk and adds up to the security concerns.


So, ensure the mobile CRM solution you are using keeps all this crucial data secured from any kind of data breach.

9. Device compatibility

What’s the point of implementing a mobile CRM that doesn’t work on your sales reps’ devices.  There are mobile apps that are not compatible with some of the devices. Such mobile apps just end up being a meaningless expense for the organization as most of the sales reps are unable to use it.


A good mobile CRM solution will support various kind of devices and operating systems.

10. Push notifications

Don’t miss any information related to your sales. Get real-time updates and reminders in mobile CRM. You’ll instantly get notified when new contacts are created, activities are assigned, tasks are due or deals are won.

Push Notification

It is the best way to get the most up-to-date information on the go to take timely actions.

Now that you are here!

A mobile CRM can help you achieve your sales target in 2019 provided you choose the right one. For better ROI, you need to ensure that your solution has the necessary features that support the on-the-go working environment.

A feature-rich tool like Salesmate mobile CRM (customer relationship management software) can be of great help. It is tailored for a sales-driven organization.

It is a high-end system that even has a built-in phone system. So, you can manage your deals, sales calls, and customer data easily from one place with this advanced mobile CRM app. You can update information in real-time from anywhere.

You can establish a local presence and target buyers of a specific region. Besides, it allows you to forward calls, take notes, automatically log calls, record calls and create insightful calling reports.

Through Salesmate mobile CRM, you can instantly view and maintain your sales pipeline efficiently from anywhere. It keeps you updated with all important information related to your deals as well as reminds you about the upcoming and due task. You can easily find all your CRM data in one place.

Mobile CRM - Salesmate

Salesmate Mobile CRM

Increase the pace of your sales, operate and track your activities from anywhere through Salesmate Mobile App

Moreover, it is easy to adapt and user-friendly. Seamlessly register to Salesmate app and leverage the benefits of its mobile CRM. Try Salesmate for free to see how it can be beneficial for your organization.


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