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Revolutionize Your Business With Mobile CRM

Revolutionize Your Business With Mobile CRM

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Track, Operate & Respond Instantly !!

Have you ever ended a day without touching your smartphone? In very rare cases we will get to hear a ’’yes’ for this question. Mobile phones have become an integral part of our personal and professional lives. It hasn’t only made our personal life convenient but also provided networking opportunities for businesses of all sizes. To ensure employees perform efficiently while on the road, CRM has been mobilized and made available on IOS, Android, and other mobile operating systems. In this post-desktop era, it has become a necessity for companies to adopt mobile CRM to update and synchronize information on the move.

Mobile CRM has a tremendous impact on marketing, sales and customer care department. It is requisite for a Sales rep to have access to critical data 24X7, as opportunity might cross their path at any moment and take them in the direction of success. For instance, one of your sales rep is on his way to a meeting with an important client. His head is already loaded with things he needs to discuss in the meeting. In the mid of all this, a prospect calls up with a query which needs to be resolved instantly. Here, the sales rep cannot sound lost to the prospect as it might create a bad impression. In this circumstance, CRM mobile apps can be very handy to resolve the issue as you have all the data at your fingertips.

’’Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.’’-Benjamin Franklin

Boost the growth of your company with Mobile CRM

Read through to see how Mobile CRM can be beneficial for your business

Augments productivity

Mobile CRM is an intelligent solution that extends the functionality of CRM beyond the workplace. This gives you and your employees access to real-time customer information while traveling. Mobile CRM doesn’t only streamline the internal business processes bust also contributes in providing better customer experience. Now your employees don’t need to cling to office desktops; they can manage their customer at anytime from anywhere.

Enhances customer relation

Through mobile CRM you can stay alert all the time and receive live updates about your business and clients. Now your sales rep can instantly respond to the clients and take insightful decisions from anywhere. Mobile CRM helps in truly understanding your customers and their requirements.24X7 availability and prompt response to their queries can positively impact a buying decision. Customers tend to take a further step when they see you have the knowledge of their company.

Ameliorates data quality

Human memory has limitations; our brain cannot remember details for long. In this case, we might forget the things we discussed with a client in a meeting or on the phone while we were away from office. Mobile CRM allows real time data entry, which is helpful in storing all the relevant data at one place which can be accessed easily at any time.

Increases sales

Mobile CRM keeps your sales rep ready for sales around the clock. There are chances of getting connected with a potential prospect at any hour of the day. At that time your sales rep needs to have the essential tool that will support the conversation and help them to convert that prospect into lead.

’’Growth is a process of trial and error: experimentation ’’-Benjamin Franklin

Now use the power of phone to reach your corporate goals. We are sure you will have an excellent experience using CRM on your phone due to its convenience and user-friendly interface.

Tracking calls, emails, and notes is even more easier from mobile apps. To enhance your CRM experience, even Salesmate has extended the functionality of its intelligent CRM to IOS and Android Phone. Now, pave the way to the top by managing your business and customers effectively through your smartphone.

Mobile CRM - Salesmate

Salesmate Mobile CRM

Increase the pace of your sales, operate and track your activities from anywhere through Salesmate Mobile App

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