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How to Customize Salesmate CRM for Your Sales Activities

How to customize Salesmate CRM for your sales activities

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For every sales-oriented organization, activities are a crucial part of their daily work schedule.

They can be time bound depending on their type and need to get done as the outcome of a deal, or a prospect depends on it.

Simply put, sales is all about building a relationship that goes beyond the circle of prospect to customer or the charts of reps where they convert customers into revenue generators.

And as a sales rep, you will understand that having a powerful, yet subtle interaction helps you build that ever-growing relationship with your clients.

Realizing this fact and understanding the sales needs of our clients and prospects we have provided them with the flexibility of customizing their sales activities.

So, it is easy to add “first call,” lunch meeting for demo, face-to-face onboarding or any other follow up activities such as reminder email, calendar requests.

Here’s how:

Create a new activity type

Create a new activity type

Activity creator can add activities by selecting any relevant icon and the possible outcomes.

Go to Setup click on Customization and select Activity types. Every activity type you have created is on this page.

  • Click the + Activity Type button and add a new activity type.
  • The add activity type screen opens.
  • Select an informative name and icon for this new Activity type.
  • You can customize the types of activities that suit your sales process.
  • Salesmate also allows you to rearrange the activity type with simple drag and drop.
  • You can Activate / Deactivate or Edit Existing Activity Types.

Add a sales activity

Add a sales activity

Salesmate comes preloaded with basic activity types viz. Call, Task, Meeting, Demo.

A user can create their activity types and assign an icon to it.

Activity Types will be listed based on the order defined in the Activity Type Menu.

You can activate or deactivate an activity type. However, they cannot be deleted.

You can also add sales activity using our Android and iOS mobile app.

This feature is already present in the Android app and will soon be released for the iOS app in a couple of updates.

Do more with Salesmate

Whether you are using mobile or the web app, the sales activity tracking feature helps you create and track all your activities.

With insightful activity reports you will easily know where most of your team is spending their productive hour.

  • You can seamlessly filter the activity records and automate various action also.
  • When sales rep, user or the admin adds a sales activity, the last activity date and the last activity type fields get updated automatically.
  • You can also filter the records and perform bulk actions.
  • You can also automate activities like welcome and follow up emails for the prospects who have been just updated into the CRM.
  • For a typical marketing and sales process, it is necessary to understand the churn rate of the overall effort.
  • They need to know how their team members are performing for generating the much-needed revenue.
  • Salesmate has the detailed Activity Insights that helps users sort the activities by time and by stage.
  • They can also see the activity duration and come to know many calls were made or demos were given, or meeting were scheduled before the closure.
  • Salesmate has integrated with RingCentral for providing seamless click-to-call feature to the users. The call logs can be sorted even on smartphones and the desktop web app.
  • With the email activity option, you can also get to know how many emails were sent out for the purpose of follow up and how many were onboarding emails.
  • Synchronize your calendar across multiple platforms using Salesmate.

More to Come

We are a restless unit that thrives hard for providing useful, less laborious features and tools to our users for increasing their productivity.

We provide problem solving tools that contributes towards increasing your sales revenue.

If you need a system that offers highly customizable services and helps you streamline all the sales activities for a better outcome, then Salesmate is the CRM system that you need.

Do get in touch with our team for further understanding the various features we have for increasing your sales teams productivity.

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