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6 lead generation examples that will help you get more leads

6 Lead generation examples that will help you get more leads

People show interest in your brand in numerous ways, such as signing up for your web form to access the free content, applying for a free trial, enabling push notifications on your app, etc.

A person interested in your company’s offering is a lead for you.

Lead generation represents a process through which the potential audience is converted into a lead.

For example, your website visitors sign up with their contact details to subscribe to your weekly newsletter, so lead generation occurs.

When generating leads for your business, you just need to follow the two simple rules to win more leads and improve conversion.

1. Understand what is working currently in the market and what isn’t.
2. Use those methods and test them on your website.

Let’s learn how to generate leads through lead generation examples and improve your lead generation strategy.

Facebook lead generation examples

66% of marketers get leads from social media marketing by spending six hours a week. Facebook is one of the effective social media platforms to generate leads through advertising your product or services.

Monthly active users of Facebook in april 2022 statistics

Though organic efforts can help generate business leads, ads can accomplish as intended. With the help of opt-in forms and lead magnets, the lead generation process can be more apparent. 

The avenue to generate leads through Facebook ads is: 

Facebook Ads-> Click->Your Landing Page-> Web Form Filling-> Lead is generated 

Let’s understand the above steps with the help of the AdEspresso Facebook ad example: 

Step1: The company, AdEspresso, set up a Facebook ad campaign with a content-based offer that is an option to download an eBook. 

AdEspresso Facebook ad example

Step2: Now, those who want to get this free eBook will click on the download button, and it will route to the landing page.

AdEspresso ebook examples

Step3: On the landing page, you’ll get a form to fill in the details to get the free eBook on “Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Ads.”

Point of Notice: If you don’t want to route the Facebook user to your landing page, you can attach a form within the Facebook ad post to generate leads then and there.

AdEspresso web form

Hope you’ve understood the lead generation through the above example of the Facebook ad campaign; here are a few more examples for you. 

1. Facebook lead generation ads example of social proof

When running a Facebook ad, social proofs are essential to get more leads through the ad.

The social proofs include likes, shares, noteworthy comments, celebrity endorsements, and reviews about your product or services to increase your brand’s popularity and credibility. 

See the example below of Facebook lead generation ads with the social proof:

Facebook lead generation ads example of social proof

2. Facebook lead ads example of the benefits list

Facebook lead ads campaign that can offer undeniable offers or benefits to their target audience will surely convince them to fill in their details.  

You can represent your ads in a carousel ad format. It is a captivating way that many SaaS companies use for Facebook ads. Converting a video ad into a carousel ad makes it more interesting.

Carousel format of Facebook lead generation ad examples

4. Limited time offer Facebook lead ad example

Limited-time offers always work well and give a boost in a lead generation campaign. It creates a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) in people’s minds, and they tend to do the action quickly. If you run an ad campaign with a “limited time offer,” ensure your budget is enough to reach a wider audience quickly.

Facebook lead ad example

5. Example of Facebook lead ads with discounts

Encouraging leads to sign up becomes easier by offering discount offers. You can offer exciting discounts to attract your potential prospects to make a purchase.

Such ads perform extensively in remarketing, that is, to show the ad to those website visitors who didn’t purchase after visiting your product or services web pages.

Facebook lead ads with discounts

6. Pre-launch promotion example of Facebook ads

A pre-launch promotions ad campaign effectively creates an anticipated atmosphere regarding your new launch.

It boosts the leads significantly as the audience is tempted in advance by knowing attractive benefits, product features, or services.

For example, if a pre-promotion Facebook lead ad for a new feature launch of a software.

Pre-launch promotion example of Facebook ads

Similarly, other Facebook Lead ads examples include email sign-up requests by lead magnets or giveaways. You can set ads with variations of CTA, visual elements, and emojis.

Lead generation website examples

Website and landing pages are a great way of lead generation if you know how to utilize them strategically. Your website, landing page, or blog is great for implementing a lead generation tactic.

You need to find the ideal places on your website or web pages to encourage your website visitors (who can be your potential prospects) to provide their contact details for further sales targeting.

Your lead generation form and CTA must be clear to understand.

Goals can include signing up for a free trial, downloading free content, signing up for your newsletter, etc. Ensure your website, landing pages, or blogs are optimized well for the best user experience and quickly generate leads.

Let’s check out some of the best lead generation website examples.

1. Website lead generation examples with gated content

Your gated content can be any resource placed to entice your potential customers to share their details to access the content resource.

So, you can ask for prospects’ names, email addresses, or phone numbers in exchange for the valuable content resources they are looking for. “The secrets of top influencers” is gated content provided by Salesmate.

Website lead generation examples with gated content

2. Lead generation website example of subscribing to a newsletter

Marketers extensively use newsletters to generate leads through the website. Fulfilling your customer’s needs with the right resources at the right time is a real hustle for marketers.

You must research well before you start a newsletter for your target audience. “SaaS playbook” is a successful newsletter because it potently gives what a sales rep needs.

Lead generation website example of subscribing to a newsletter

3. Lead generation examples through live chat

A live chat is also an intelligent feature that can turn your website visitors into a lead for you.

Some people prefer to communicate through a Live Chat to receive quick answers to their doubts or queries. It provides a qualified lead as people mention their interests or purpose while communicating.

Lead generation examples through Live Chat

4. Website lead generation examples of the free trial

A free trial is one of the best lead generation strategies to get sales-qualified leads. Most SaaS companies follow this strategy to boost their list of sales-worthy leads. The simpler you make the sign-up process, the more leads you’ll get.

For example, you can write “no credit card” or “no risk” to convince your prospects. See the example of Salesmate, which offers a 15-day free trial.

Website lead generation examples of the free trial

Similarly, a free demo request, signing up for a live website, getting free templates, and sign-up to get free giveaways are some famous examples of website lead generation.

The steps shown above for lead generation on Facebook can be followed similarly on other social media channels like LinkedIn or Instagram to generate leads.

Lead generation examples of email marketing

When using email marketing lead generation, you must have a clear action for your prospects to perform to attain the desired goal of your campaign.

Templates and email automation software can help in saving your time when doing cold outreach.

When writing an email to reach or engage your prospect for lead generation, you must keep the email short with catchy eye headlines, have a clear CTA, and personalize them to make it more effective.

You can add images, videos, Gifs, or emojis to make it more impactful to build a connection. 

Let’s identify the powerful ways to generate leads through examples of lead generation.

1. Lead generation email example of cold outreach

Lead generation will become easier if you can provide high-value content resources your customer wants. Email cold outreach can be made more effective by sending links to your relevant blog post and newsletters that engage your customer due to such valuable resource info and, ultimately, new leads.

Lead generation email example of cold outreach

2. Lead generation email example of cost-benefit analysis

Your prospects get enticed if they find things that can benefit them. You can send cost benefits of your products and services that can solve your customer problem with a bare minimum cost investment.

Make sure your benefits offered and their price is the best among your competitors. 

Lead generation email example of cost-benefit analysis

3. Lead generation example of referrals

Leveraging your existing customers to generate new leads is the best practice done by every other B2B or B2C marketer. You can send emails with referral bonuses or discount coupons per new sign-ups.

Recommended leads are qualified as they have shown interest due to the suggestions of their acquaintances.

Lead generation example of referrals

All the above lead generation campaign examples of email marketing are used at various levels during the sales process, such as for lead generation, follow-ups, and nurturing leads.

Hence creating an email manually for every task will be a waste of time.

Creating lead generation emails with Salesmate’s Email Builder is so easy. You can create captivating and compelling emails with simple drag and drop. You can customize it and make it more personal for your prospects.

The best Email Builder & editor for you!

The best Email Builder & editor for you!

Create appealing emails with a simple drag-and-drop Email Builder.

Explore Email Builder

LinkedIn lead generation examples 

The LinkedIn platform has around 645 million users, which makes it an outstanding platform for B2B prospecting and advertising to generate leads and get new opportunities to grow your business. 40% of B2B marketers reported that LinkedIn is the foremost channel to generate qualified leads.

Statistics of LinkedIn in lead generation

B2B owners especially find this platform most suitable for marketing as it has well-educated professionals in their industry to get support for their business worth.

LinkedIn has lead gen forms that you can attach with your post or ad campaigns to capture the contact information of your prospects.

Once the person clicks on the CTA, their details are automatically filled in on the lead gen form.

The avenue for lead generation through LinkedIn

LinkedIn Ads ->  CTA -> Lead generation Forms -> Lead 

See below for great LinkedIn ads lead generation examples by real brands to build your ads. 

1. LinkedIn lead generation example of webinar invitation

As we see, the top example of LinkedIn lead generation, “webinar invitation,” is one of the most used tactics to generate marketing qualified leads for your product or services.

You must include an eye-catchy image/video related to the webinar with a snappy copy to make it more convincing to sign up for.

LinkedIn lead generation example of webinar invitation

2. LinkedIn lead generation example of a limited-time offer 

Creating a sense of urgency with limited-time offer tactics triggers your audience to purchase before the offer disappears. It works well for a new business in the market and looking for buyers.

However, almost all companies use this strategy from time to time in their ads, landing pages, offers, etc.

LinkedIn lead generation example of a limited-time offer 

3. LinkedIn lead generation example of gated content

Content marketing for lead generation is a powerful technique. You can create valuable content resources, such as industry trends, guides, whitepapers, etc., through your LinkedIn lead ads.

Your content must focus on educating your prospects rather than promotion. Put clear CTA and top-notch content resources to generate leads through your LinkedIn lead ads.

LinkedIn lead generation example of gated content

Takeaway: The idea of LinkedIn advertising sounds interesting, but you must be aware that all your competitors are also actively present, making efforts for the opportunity.

So, you must closely check your competitors to beat them in the lead generation game.

Lead generation examples of landing pages

A lead generation landing page enables the business to convert web visitors into leads to make sales. It contains targeted content in a compelling manner that provides value to its target prospect.

A lead generation landing page encourages customers to share their contact information by impacting through the brand’s benefits, features, and testimonials. 

Follow our blog’s handful of proven practices to create a high-converting lead generation landing page.

Now, look at the landing page lead generation examples of authentic brands to get insights on the design and copy of an effective landing page to get more leads.

1. Lead generation landing page example of free content

As we discussed, landing pages are designed to attain specific lead generation goals. You can offer content that generates a particular type of leads for the business. You can provide downloadable eBooks, guides, white papers, infographics, etc.

As in the below example, Sprout Social has provided “tactics to find content inspiration for social media practices,” which will generate leads looking for content ideas.

Lead generation landing page example of free content

2. Lead generation landing page example of newsletters

Put your newsletter with the perfect copy to invite your prospects to subscribe to it. See the example of Chobani’s style that used soothing color with adequate words “insider” to stress what your prospects will get after signing up.

Lead generation landing page example of newsletters

3. Lead generation landing page example of live chat

Marketers are using live chat to generate leads through their landing pages. When your visitor lands on your page, you can initiate a conversation with them using live chat.

See the Salesmate landing page example, which uses “Live Chat” to generate a qualified lead.

Lead generation landing page example of Live Chat

If your lead generation landing page is optimized well and offers a high content value, then lead generation is no big deal.

Lead generation examples of web forms

To be on the same page, let’s quickly understand lead generation from; web forms created to capture leads by asking them to fill in their contact details in exchange for some benefit or offer.

Lead generation examples of Web Forms

84% of marketers take the help of online submission forms for lead generation, and 49.7% consider web forms one of the most prominent lead generation tools.

Web forms must include a convincing CTA, a discount offer, lead magnets, limited-time offer ingredients, etc., to entice your prospects to give their information quickly. 

Looking for some cool design inspiration for lead generation forms?

See the below Web Forms lead generation examples that will help you to create high-converting forms for lead generation.

1. Lead generation form example of freebies

Freebies help to generate leads as the audience always looks for high-value content to update their knowledge by learning something new.

Whenever you create the form with the freebie, try briefly describing what is inside the resource to enhance your customer interest with a clear CTA button. See the Salesmate form example with “Guide” as freebie content.

Lead generation form example of freebies

2. Lead generation form example with social proof 

As a customer, a sense of trust is developed if you see that many people are using the services or buying the product. So, social proof lead forms to perform extensively to convince your prospects to fill in their contact details.

See the example of Crazy Egg, which uses the social proof power copy; “Over 300,000 websites use Crazy Egg.” Also, it has used a bold CTA button with a compelling copy, “Show Me My Heatmap,” enough to trigger the audience. 

Lead generation form example with social proof 

3. Lead generation form example of the free trial

Your lead forms must be simple and appealing to prospects. Asking little will encourage your prospects to complete the process without skipping.

Free trial forms must not be long and should provide a smooth process to set up the account. See the example of the Salesmate free trial form below. The CTA copy, “Get Started,” is clear and compelling for encouraging to enroll in the free trial.

Lead generation form example of the free trial

I hope the above lead generation examples provided accurate insights for your business growth. You can execute the above lead generation examples to gain sufficient leads with using a few lead generation ideas that actually works.

Once you have acquired leads, you can implement lead scoring to determine the interest level of your leads. After that, you can start your outreach to engage with qualified leads.


Based on the above lead generation strategy examples, you can create successful lead gen campaigns and start acquiring leads.

Moreover, if you want to manage your lead information and automate the entire process, you can try Salesmate, a CRM & unified customer platform.

Moreover, with advanced features such as Marketing Automation, Live Chat, Web forms, Email Automation & contact management, you can create a streamlined process.

Sonali Negi

Sonali is a writer born out of her utmost passion for writing. She is working with a passionate team of content creators at Salesmate. She enjoys learning about new ideas in marketing and sales. She is an optimistic girl and endeavors to bring the best out of every situation. In her free time, she loves to introspect and observe people.

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