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Lead generation landing page examples & optimization practices

Lead generation landing page examples & optimization practices

For lead generation, landing pages are a critical ingredient to accomplish your goal of generating desirable leads for the business. 

If your website is gaining high relevant traffic yet the conversion rate is not up to the mark, then surely the problem is with your landing page.

Firstly, let’s begin with understanding the phrase, lead generation landing page

What is a lead generation landing page?

A lead generation landing page is a targeted web page designed to capture the contact details of potential prospects visiting your lead gen landing page.

It is a dedicated web page that improves customer engagement and helps generate leads.

A lead generation landing page’s main objective is to collect your prospect’s specific contact details, such as full name, email address, and mobile number. 

Many industries, such as SaaS companies, consulting firms, reals estate solutions, etc., depend on lead generation landing pages for successful business growth.

Before we dive into lead generation landing page examples and key elements, let’s check out some interesting stats about lead generation landing pages. 

Lead generation landing page statistics 

A killer landing page for lead generation can give you a high conversion rate. Look at the graph showing the conversion rate statistics of landing pages by industry.

Conversion rate of industry landing page statistics

Having landing pages that spin up, your sales lead generation campaign is a must for all types of businesses.

  • Longer informational landing pages are more powerful and give a 220% increase in leads compared to the short ‘above the fold’ landing pages with direct CTA. 
  • The average conversion rate is 26% for a good landing page. for a good landing page is 26%. 
  • Targeting and testing your landing pages can boost conversion rates by 300%. 
  • Businesses that provide their contact details on their landing pages receive a 9% increase in sign-ups.
  • Companies having 10-12 landing pages receive a 55% boost in leads.

Why do you need a lead generation landing page? 

As already mentioned, landing pages are web pages where your prospects land once they click on your ad campaign, social media campaign post, or through any marketing efforts. 

Smart businesses create lead generation landing pages that guide their visitors to fulfill the purpose of signing up, subscribing, or buying. It saves your visitors time in hoping multiple pages of your website.

Notice the key points below that tell you the privilege of having a lead generation landing page:

  • Helpful in learning more about your prospects’ demographics.  
  • Conversion is higher as they are focused on a specific goal.  
  • Businesses with long sales cycles can take the help of lead generation landing pages for lead segmentation.
  • Fulfill the business needs of exact audience segments.  
  • Contain clear conversation starters that are helpful during lead nurturing through the sales cycle. 

Now, the question is, who exactly uses lead generation landing pages?  

Examples; include enterprise-level SaaS companies offering CRM or ERP tools, IT consulting services, local businesses, e-commerce shops, etc.

What does the best landing page for lead generation contain? 

Your lead generation landing page should be a resource of relevant content and targeted keywords, enticing offers, a sense of urgency to triggers, and some more ingredients to boost the conversion rate.

Best landing page example- Salesmate
S. No. What are the elements?  How to do it in the best way? 
 1.Converting headline and Ad copy An excellent headline and ad copy always drive more conversions. It is a medium to convince your audience to read the content. Try to write punchy headlines and clear ad copy.  
 2.Most relevant images and videos Include images or videos that align with your crisp copy. They reinforce your purpose and improve engagement. Tutorials, entertaining and informational videos impact majorly.  
 3.High-value content to retain  Quality and relevant content have no replacement so try to offer the most needful content resource. Provide lead bait such as step-by-step guides, industry statistics infographics, eBooks, etc., in the form of high-value content.  
 4.Web forms with minimum ask  Make it simple and easier for your prospects, so ask for minimum contact information in your lead generation form limited to full name, number, and email address.  
 5.Testimonials to boost the brand impact  People love you to hear what other people say before making any decisions. You must add a testimonial of your existing happy customers to develop brand trust among your website visitors. Testimonials can be shown in either video or text form.  
 6.Live chat pop-ups system  Some prospects can’t wait and want instant replies to their questions. So, to win them integrate a Live Chat system that pop-ups whenever a visitor comes to your landing page.  
 7.Irresistible offer  Your prospects must get to see a valuable offer that can’t be ignored or compromised. To collect their contact details, you can offer freebie content, exciting coupons or discounts, free trial, etc.   
8. Triggering call to action   CTA help in fulfilling your business motive so try to create a powerful call to action that convince your prospect to perform what you desire. Your CTA should be concise and impactful, like “Free download now.”  
 9.Minimal links   A lead generation landing page is a purpose-driven web page that focuses on generating leads ; hence try to provide minimum links that meet the purpose and avoid too many links as we see on websites.  

 Point of impact: Test your lead generation landing page performance. 

Testing will tell you the scope of improvement and necessary optimization that boosts your result.

You must improve your lead generation process through practices such as A/B testing, experimenting with web copy, video selection, etc, and creating the best landing pages for lead generation.

For more interesting ideas for lead generation, check out this blog.

Next, you’ll have examples of the most captivating landing pages of real brands that you can copy to win more leads.

5 Lead generation landing page examples to draw inspiration from!

 Below is the list of five best websites with appealing and engaging lead generation landing pages.

1. Salesmate

Salesmate is a unified customer journey and automation platform that helps you to manage your customer relationship and generate more sales. Its “sales automation software landing page is performing well because:

Salesmate- home page
  • Fantastic use of white space. 
  • Compelling headline; “Sales automation CRM for growth-centric teams!” 
  • Live chat option as a pop-up on the bottom right. 
  • Placed a clear and powerful CTA button, “Start your free trial” at the proper location on the page. 
  • Content is easy to understand and convincing.

Salesmate has smartly designed the landing page covering all the necessary details and aligning the information in a seamless flow.

2. WordStream

WordStream offers tools that make online marketing and advertising easier. Look at its lead generation landing page on “Google Ads Performance Grader.”

  • Offers unique on-demand services such as “Google Ads performance graded for free.”
  • Asks only for emails to get started with.
  • The headline, “1 minute,” reflects its efficiency in giving faster results. 
  • Features “Googled AdWords premier SMB partner” and testimonials as social proof. 

It also lets you get insights about your AdWords campaigns, which is a great value proposition to highlight on its landing page. However, it can improve by removing unnecessary links and bulky texts.

3. Airbnb 

 Airbnb gives visitors a lovely experience with clear, short, and straight messages. Visit its “Overview landing page.” Check out the page highlights below.

  • Clear UX design with a fine blend of text and background color.
  • Compelling headline copy; “Open your door to hosting.” 
  • Two-word clear CTA, ” Try hosting.” 
  • Clear information in numeric counts about earning opportunities for a host.
  • Justifiable use of videos and images. 
  • Easy navigation.

With landing page copy, Airbnb successfully communicates what the audience could earn from them. Content looks more attractive inside the box, followed by a clear CTA.

4. Terakeet

Terakeet has created a captivating lead generation landing page for its latest “enterprise SEO white paper.” It knows how to beautify its business interest through design and web copy. See the highlights below:

Landing page example- Terakeet
  • The color contrast of the web layout and text is perfect. 
  • It is concise and clear, with two CTAs placed. 
  • Mentioned social proof such as publication logos.
  • Trying to entice their audience with free valuable downloadables. 
  • Proper use of white spaces.

For more leads, they can try the strategy of asking less on their landing page form in exchange for the white paper.

5. Trello

Trello is a Kanban-style software for project management. It offers visual fun in managing and organizing your business projects. Key points to notice on its lead generation landing page:

  • Smart headline copy that highlights its functioning. 
  • The subtitle clearly expresses various functions of Trello. 
  • CTA; “Sign up – it’s free” effectively grabs attention.
  • A video link that covers its usage through real examples is enticing.
  • Powerful social proof; “Join over 2,000,000 teams worldwide.” 

Trello’s landing page design looks simple yet attractive, with a perfect blend of white, blue, and green colors. The feature benefits are presented beautifully with the most relevant images.

Well, no leads mean no sales and, ultimately, no revenue. So, effective and high converting landing pages can give you higher revenue. 

In our next topic, you will get some killer practices to optimize your lead generation landing pages for high conversions. 

Let’s dive deep in.

Top 11 lead generation landing page best practices

When creating lead capture landing pages, it’s essential to implement effective lead generation best practices to improve results.

Below is the list of top best practices for generating leads that can help you create targeted landing pages.

1. Pay attention to your lead generation page design

Normal gives nothing, so the design of your landing page should be appealing and must be able to give an unforgettable impression.

Work on your landing generation page design to make it most captivating to generate a high number of leads.

See how beautifully the opinion stage pricing page shows its most popular offer with a pink button, and its other offers are visible alongside.

Opinion stage- pricing page

2. Invest in good copywriters

Your lead gen landing pages must have words that catch your customer’s attention, and a skilled copywriter can do this for you.

Your landing page copy should not be salesy but rather able to communicate to your prospects. 

Start with writing a headline that encourages your prospects to willingly scan the whole landing page or get convinced to perform actions.

Mark Mansion knows how to grab attention. See his landing page with the brilliant landing page copy.


3. Make an enticing call to action 

CTA is all that you need when working on creating effective landing pages for lead generation.

It works as a prospect from your side that triggers them to accomplish your desire with the landing page.

A CTA button is the most effective technique when putting a call to action on your landing page.  

Below is an interesting example of CTA placement by Salesmate that can get you qualified leads in exchange for helpful information.

Cold sales emails guide-Salesmate

4. Create relevant web forms

Lead generation landing pages capture leads through their web forms majorly. Its design, elements, and copy will truly support turning your website prospects into leads.

You can use the following key tips to create a web form that converts: 

  • Only ask for less in contact details.
  • Use checkboxes to highlight the objectives.
  • Optimize forms for mobiles.
  • Perform A/B testing to check its effectiveness. 

5. Add testimonials of real customers

Testimonials are the highest social proof to boost lead generation through landing pages. Around 72% of the prospects reported that positive reviews enhance their trust in the brand.

importance of testimonial statistics

Key tips to make the most out of testimonials: 

  • Use the face of your customer with written or video testimonials.
  • Allow your happy customer to write about your brand.
  • It is better to have variant customer testimonials.
  • It is best if an industry expert praises you in your testimonial section.

6. Highlight your brand’s benefits to prospects

Your lead generation landing page must contain a section that hits your prospect’s pain points and simultaneously shows how they can create a change.

The example of Salesmate might be helpful for you to understand the value propositions for your lead generation landing pages.

benefits of using sales automation software

7. Create lead magnets to target

Lead generation landing pages that offer high-quality content to their visitors receive more success with their objectives.

There are several lead magnets that you can use as lead bait to capture your prospect’s contact information.

Example of lead magnets- Salesmate

You can create the following content assets for lead generation: 

  • Videos tutorial 
  • Infographics
  • Guides 
  • E-books 
  • Cheatsheets 
  • Free trial 
  • Discount codes or coupons 

8. Create an effective conversion funnel and automate them

Your conversion funnel or sales funnel must include all the key elements that encourage your landing page visitor to convert into a lead or a paying customer.

The funnels enable marketers or sales reps to understand the bottlenecks and their USPs to win against their competitors.

With the right sales funnel, you can improve engagement, connect better, and convert more leads into customers. 

Sales Funnel

9. Conduct A/B testing to enhance conversion rate 

You can’t assume that your landing page will perform well if its design, words, and elements look appealing to you.

A/B testing of lead generation landing page is crucial as it enhances conversion rate, increases sales, and drives more customer engagement.

Final thoughts

Your lead generation landing page must be clear to navigate your visitors to find what they are searching for and effortlessly guide them for conversion. 

Try to offer help with Live Chat supports systems for further effective targeting. 

Lead nurturing is productive for businesses to drive the most out of their lead generation efforts. Software matters when it’s about lead nurturing for sales.

Plenty of choices exist, but when it comes to lead generation and management, Salesmate is the best-unified customer journey platform.

FAQs on lead generation landing pages

What is the difference between a lead generation landing page and a click-through landing page?
What is a B2B landing page?

B2B landing pages are web pages that focus on capturing information about ideal B2B prospects for the sales process. 

What is another name for the landing page? 

Other names for a landing page are an opt-in page, a splash page, a gift page, a free offer page, a lead magnet page, and a preview call invite page.

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