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The buyer’s journey – An inevitable race [Infographic]

In today’s market, the buyer’s journey defines how much a business understands the market and its target audience.

High-end businesses are well aware of this fact.

They know what the customer is interested in and they know how to provide that tailor-made service to these buyers.

Are you approaching these buyers the right way with your services or are they getting pushed away?

The buyer’s journey is lengthy and cumbersome.

It takes a thorough understanding of your target audience for addressing their pain points.

It is necessary to move the prospects through every stage of your sales funnel.

Doing so maximizes your sales and marketing efforts.

Below infographic will help you understand top buying factors and the race your buyer is running.

Understand Which Race Your Buyer is Running [Infographic]

Businesses sometimes target audiences only for fulfil their annual revenue goals.

The graph inside our infographic tell them to go for a more organized sales strategy.

As a business, you need to be responsive to the opportunities that the market offers to you.

Let’s just go through the infographic again!

You learnt something today, didn’t you.

We just want to make sure that you take away the intended knowledge from this infographic.

Buyer’s journey: Awareness stage

  • The first stage in buyer’s journey is awareness.
  • To maximise your marketing efforts in this stage, you must define the target audience that is based on your buyer persona.
  • Your marketing efforts are targeted towards a buyer persona well-suited for the solution your products offer.
  • The buyer persona generally is based on the group of people that are facing some issue in their business process.
  • Your marketing content is created for targeting a specific section of the buying group in the market.
  • Create content that specifically point out the customer pain points and put your offering as a solution for the same.
  • You can use case studies for enlightening your potential buyers about your offerings.

Buyer’s journey: consideration stage

  • You have run your marketing campaign on the target audience.
  • The people who matched the buyer persona are now one step inside your buyer’s journey.
  • In this stage, they are evaluating your marketing message, that contains your offering, and they are considering it as a solution to their pain points.
  • The piece of content you share must have facts and figures that establish your offering as a problem solver.

Buyer’s journey: purchasing stage

  • This is a very sensitive stage in the buyer’s journey.
  • Your whole revenue generating model depend on the successful conversion of potential customers into returning ones.
  • The purchasing decision is made based on how successfully your marketing message delivered your offering as a mitigator of the customer pain points.

Buyer’s journey: retention stage

  • The prospect is convinced that your offering will solve their pain points.
  • They make the purchase start using your product.
  • What next?
  • Well, you did not go through the pain of prospect nurturing just to give up on them post their purchase.
  • This stage is similar to running a marketing campaign that carries your piece of content across the present customer base.
  • Start off with asking them feedback of your product.
  • Let them know you actually meant what you said while chasing them as a prospect.
  • Wear the consultant hat and start asking them if they still fee their problem exists.
  • Send out emails on their special occasions.
  • Give out additional discount, perks and other incentives to your customer.

In the retention stage, your target is to go for upsell or cross sell.

One more thing you want to do in this stage is to generate the maximum number of brand advocates.

Positive word of mouth regarding your product and services in your customers’ social network will only boost your position in the market.

Concluding thoughts: Understand the buyer’s

Sales representatives are the face of the organization.

They work relentlessly to fulfill the organizational goals with a clear understanding of consumer behavior.

Their task is to make sure your prospect successfully move through all the stages of buyer’s journey

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