What is CRM?

Here’s a complete overview of what a CRM can do for your company’s growth.

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A complete guide to CRM

As a business owner or a sales person, you must be aware of the term ‘CRM – Customer Relationship Management’. But what does a CRM do and how it is related to your company’s growth. Wonder why a CRM is important for your business growth? If you are looking for an answer to all these questions, you are on the right place. Here’s what you will learn further:

Defining CRM

Customer relationship management software enables users to streamline their entire business process. It is a sales intelligence tool that stores all your prospect and customer data in a centralized repository; available at any time and on any device. More than that, users can make calls, drop texts and automate sales email campaigns without leaving or switching between systems. With the use of simple CRM software, business owners can schedule appointments, manage multiple pipelines, generate reports. Users can also know when was their outbound email opened by recipients, , how many times your email was opened and if they interacted with the attachments.

Sales professionals leave no stones unturned while collecting information about prospects. They work without a single break to achieve the sales targets so that organizations can increase their revenue.

However, we all understand that managing individual call logs, heaps of spreadsheets containing pipeline data, sticky notes with critical information, and calendars containing appointments becomes too haphazard and scattered. Retracing customers and their relationship from such a strewn data hub makes it cumbersome especially in a time-sensitive working environment.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the strategy that businesses use for managing all the company’s relationships and interactions with customers and prospects.

Better relationship with customers and prospects leads to increased profitability.

Most commonly, sales reps use a CRM tool to manage customer relationships, which helps them with organized sales data like contact management, sales management, workflows, reports, activities and more.

What does CRM mean for your business?

CRM software is a solution that creates a seamless sales process with the ability to generate better revenue. With an intuitive and easy-to-use CRM software, business owners and salespeople can store information related to:

  • outbound sales calls and emails,
  • create reports,
  • schedule appointments,
  • add notes, manage deals in the pipeline

Moreover, they can do all of the above without stepping out of the CRM.

A CRM software brings consistency to the sales process of a business. With a complete history of your deals, emails, notes, and appointments right in front of you, a CRM is a one-stop solution for your sales teams’ daily requirements.

How resourcefully you select a CRM decides the closure rate of your sales team. It can become your gateway to:

However, at its core, a sales CRM helps businesses build a long-lasting relationship that affects both the customers and businesses in a positive manner.

Who can use a CRM software?

We all know that people differ from each other, and so does their approach towards working with individuals. This lack of unity in approach leads to failure of achieving the annual sales quota. Businesses struggle to create an organized and functional sales process that seamlessly manages their internal department and the relationship with their customers. Salespeople can use CRM for managing relationships with customers – whether the customers are individuals or other businesses.

CRM for sales reps

CRM system allows the sales reps in understanding the psyche of the prospects. With the records of past conversations and their activities, sales reps can easily access if the prospect is hot, warm or cold.

CRM for sales reps

CRM for sales managers

Sales reps use CRM insight for understanding prospect behavior. The same way Sales managers can also use the insights to uncover the rep’s overall productivity.

Insightful sales reports help managers pull up exclusive use cases and monitor the growth of prospects under different sales reps. They can track individual sales activities done by sales reps and evaluate their sales performance.

CRM for sales managers

Industry-wide usage of CRM software

As per the research conducted by Forbes, CRM has shown a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.1 percent from 2012-2017. The demand for this technology is escalating with high pace and the sales CRM industry is expected to reach US$48.4 billion by 2020.

 The major industries that currently use sales CRM

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Features of modern CRM system

CRM sometimes referred as client management system. The business ecosystem has developed a lot, and with that, the requirement for seamless features has grown too. Business owners, especially SMB’s, need to multitask to make the most of their daily work hours. Some of the significant and friendly features of modern sales CRM are:

Sales Pipeline

Current sales CRM vendors understand the need of creating a CRM system that caters to the necessity of tracking deals inside the sales lifecycle. Sales teams can use CRM for moving deals through different stages ultimately winning them a new business (customer). With a simple CRM, you can quickly add, assign, and track deals and activities. Sales CRM helps in smoothing the sales activities for faster deal closure.

  • Stay focused on your deals and achieve your sales quota
  • Easily remove any barrier from your sales process
  • Automate your new deal addition with few clicks
  • Monitor and improve your sales pipeline on the go
  • Enhance overall sales team performance

Learn more about sales pipeline

Sales pipeline CRM system

Sales Automation

With sales automation, various steps within the sales process and other low-value tasks can be put on autopilot. Create and assign tasks to your sales reps for new deals. Notify then when a client takes significant action for the deal. Send automated emails to clients on submitting inquiries. Automation frees your sales force from busy and repetitive work so that they focus on closing lucrative deals.

  • Automate tasks by creating workflows
  • Automatically assign deals to your team members
  • Get instant notification for the deals won
  • Give more time to your team members to focus on sales
  • Update deals, contacts, & companies by using tags

Learn more about sales automation

sales automation with CRM system

Third-party Integrations

Businesses use various applications for tasks other than sales such as email, bookkeeping, invoicing and more. CRM system smoothly integrates with all of them so that you do not have to switch screens for carrying out your daily business processes.

  • Seamlessly integrate with third-party apps
  • Schedule and manage meetings
  • Get deals directly on your CRM with form builder integration
  • Native integrations with third-party apps
  • Get Gmail into your CRM

Learn more about integrations

CRM integration with apps

Activity Tracking

CRM systems enable business owners to plan and track their meetings, calls, demos, lunches, and emails for every deal, contact, and company. They even get personalized sales to-do list that conveniently synchronizes with their calendar and mobile devices. Sales professionals and business owners can delegate work to team members by assigning activities. The sales activity tracker notifies regarding all the actions taken for each deal and contact using the built-in sales management tools.

  • Sales activities automation for better productivity
  • Track all your scheduled and completed sales activities
  • View all the past sales activities in the timeline view
  • Synchronize your sales activities with Google Calendar
  • Get timely and personalized notifications on follow-ups

Learn more about activity tracking

sales activities tracking in CRM system

Sales Email Tracking

Every business tries to gain their prospects’ attention through email outreach and modern CRM helps them in this process with smart email trackers that automatically streamline and track the results of their outreach emails. Track and identify the best performing emails and make templates from them for further use.

  • Keep a track of your sales outreach email open rates
  • Check which email template works for your business
  • Send emails using your business email address
  • Send and receive your company emails using SMTP services
  • Bring your traditional email system inside modern CRM

Learn more about email tracking

CRM email tracking

Mobile CRM

The modern breed of business owners is hungry for sales and for the same hunger, they prefer a system that goes with them everywhere. With mobile CRM, there’s no boundary limitations, sales reps can sell more even when they are on fields.

  • Real-time notifications
  • Manage deals on the move
  • Make and receive calls
  • Access and update records
  • Plan meetings using the calendar

Learn more about mobile CRM

Mobile CRM

Built-in Calling

Businesses can use built in calling feature to make and receive calls from prospects those who are located in any specific area using virtual phone numbers. The best part is that these calls can be made from their online CRM systems with or without any third party integration.

  • Get virtual phone numbers for multiple countries
  • Get local, mobile and toll free numbers for your business
  • Assign the same number to multiple users
  • Record sales calls for better productivity
  • Forward calls to your smartphones

Learn more about CRM with built-in phone

calling with CRM system

Benefits of using a CRM software

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