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7 Best sales force automation examples to implement in 2023

Sales force automation has the potential to help create scalable business processes.

In fact, one-third of all sales tasks can be automated using sales automation.

It’s an approach that can enable sales leaders to streamline their overall sales process.

Moreover, sales force automation can also boost the productivity of your sales reps as it automates repetitive tasks.

Sales force automation, also known as SFA, is generally a part of CRM (customer relationship management) software, thus helping in better management of contact information, deals, and sales performance.

Do you want to know how sales force automation tools can help your business? Keep on reading, and you’ll find out how sales automation contributes at each stage of your sales process.

So, let’s get started!

7 Best sales force automation examples for instant inspiration!

Prospecting, lead management and distribution, contact management, and scheduling meetings are some of the best sales force automation examples.

Take a look at these examples in detail:

1. Prospecting – Email & text automation, power dialer

Prospecting is the initial stage of the sales process. Here, your reps hunt for potential customers, clients, or buyers. While prospecting, your reps use various communication channels. So, here’s a sales force automation example during the prospecting stage.

Sales sequence

Emails are an inevitable part of the sales process, especial when your sales reps are prospecting.

Email automation lets you deliver personalized and automated emails to your target audience. Moreover, you can utilize appealing email templates to increase the CTR.

Apart from emails, text messages are used excessively to reach out the prospects. Text messaging helps you deliver a better customer experience. This feature of sales force automation allows you to send bulk personalized messages.

So, when executing your SMS marketing campaigns, your sales and marketing teams can use automated text messaging to reach a wider audience.

Automated text messages

The above image is a perfect example of using automation for calling. Calls are equally essential when reaching out to your prospects. Power dialer is one feature of an ideal Sales Automation Software that allows you to manage your calls and your business process.

This feature lets you schedule calls, save conversations, drop pre-recorded voicemails, and view your to-do list.

Virtual phone system is a great companion for your sales reps for managing, tracking, transferring, and making domestic and overseas calls.  

Connect globally with your leads

Connect globally with your leads

Get a Virtual Phone System inside CRM and engage with customers in 80+ countries.

Virtual phone system

2. Lead management – Web forms, unified communication channels

Capturing and managing leads is another difficult task performed by your reps. Manually performing this activity is too time-consuming and is prone to human errors. So, here’s an example of sales force automation for your sales team.

To start with, web forms is an ideal tool to help your reps capture leads. Proper usage of web forms lets your reps convert website visitors into leads. It allows you to capture data automatically into your CRM, so your sales team doesn’t miss out on important leads.

With lead management, your sales team can access every single piece of information from one place so that they can engage better with potential customers.

Lead management

Lead management helps your team manage leads by ensuring appropriate actions, e.g., making a timely follow-up, using different communication channels, and measuring performance. This results in an increase in your sales volume.

This is a detailed sales force automation example to capture and manage leads.

3. Contact management – Auto-profile enrichment, record creation automation

Managing contacts in the sales force automation process is effective and efficient. Contact management feature gives you a 360-degree view of your contacts.

Instead of assembling contact details of your leads, you can store and view them from one page.

You can sync all your contacts on a single platform. Moreover, you and your reps can understand the entire contact history to formulate your next steps. You can even sort your contact using 50+ smart filters and tags.

Further, auto-profile enrichment automatically adds all your prospect’s information to the CRM software. This helps you to perform a global search and fill in various attributes of contact information.

Contact management

In addition to these automations, you can access Business Card Scanner, which lets you scan business cards and save the contact information right inside the CRM.

This is one of the best sales force automation examples you can refer to manage your contacts. 

4. Automated lead assignment  

Assigning leads to your reps is time-consuming and requires utmost attention.

At the same time, it is essential to correctly assign the leads, as it affects the efficiency and target achievement of the team. 

You can automate this responsibility using sales force automation. Here, you can automatically distribute your lead among the concerned team and reps. 

Automated lead assignment assigns leads to sales reps based on various criteria like regions, accounts, qualifications, etc. Your reps get a real-time notification as soon as they are assigned a lead. 

Automated lead assignments

You can simply create and customize workflows for automated lead assignments. This is a précised example of a sales force automation process that automatically assigns leads. 

5. Lead prioritizing automation – Lead scoring 

Lead scoring is ranking the leads you have collected. Manually scoring leads is complex and requires an accurate recording of the lead’s activity, like the number of times they visit the page or contact you, open your emails, and so on.

Hence, lead scoring helps you to assign scores based on your lead’s activity.  

This feature helps you estimate which lead requires more attention than the rest so your sales reps can prioritize them accordingly.

This is one of the easiest examples of sales force automation that explains lead scoring. 

Identify hot leads and prioritize them

Identify hot leads and prioritize them

Score your leads with Salesmate's Automation Journeys and prioritize them.

Learn Lead Scoring

6. Scheduling meetings

Setting up meetings is one of the things that salespeople are engaged in. However, the process of setting up a meeting is frustrating as you have to play back and forth with emails.  

Meeting scheduler is your rescuer if you’re stuck in this frustrating process. With this application, you can enjoy hassle-free scheduling. 

You can add scheduling meetings as an activity in your automation workflow so that a meeting will be scheduled whenever the condition is met.

For example, if a lead requests for “demo registration,” a meeting will be scheduled, and details will be shared via email.

7. Reporting & forecasting 

As sales managers and team leaders, you often have to make reports, forecast sales, or ask for the same.

However, manually doing any of these tasks is hectic and time-consuming. Here’s an example of sales force automation on how you can automate your reporting and Sales Forecasting activity.

You can create beautiful and actionable reports with the sales reports feature.

It lets you view your achieved target and plan your next steps for achieving the upcoming target. Moreover, you can even measure the entire sales process right from capturing leads to closing a deal. 

The best part is – you can estimate the channel that brings maximum sales. Further, you can even find your best team performer with the help of an activity leaderboard.

Sales reports

Automated reports and forecasting insights can help your sales teams make informed decisions and improve customer satisfaction.

Before adopting the best sales automation software, you can refer to these seven primary examples of sales force automation.

Can I automate prospecting in sales force automation software?

Yes. Using a sales force automation tool, you can automate your prospecting process using a combination of email and texts.

Can I scan business cards for contact creation?

Yes. You can scan business cards and directly add new contacts. Salesmate mobile apps for iOS and Android offer this functionality.

Can I assign leads automatically?

Of course, sales automation empowers you to assign leads to your reps automatically.

Can I generate reports automatically in SFA software?

Yes. Most CRM with sales force automation allows you to generate recurring reports automatically. Salesmate is one such CRM!


Finally! We’re here at the end. 

I hope you found this list helpful enough to take your sales game up. Remember that the above features are primary things to have in place and will be a perfect fit for your business.

Implement sales force automation software and start scaling your sales process, improve your sales reps’ productivity, enhance customer interactions, and grow your sales.

Also, if you want sales force automation software with all the mentioned and advanced features, here’s the 15-day free trial.

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