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Business use cases of CRM apart from sales automation

CRM software have established themselves as a beneficial sales management tool, and why not? They help you grab customer data from multiple channels using various integrations with apps beyond the CRM. They help you productively interact with your customers and help you maintain a healthy, working, and successful relationship with the customers throughout the sales cycle. 90% of companies agree that CRM software have an excellent sales-support capacity. However, are CRM software limited to the world of sales only? We did our research, and the results were impressive.

CRM allows your sales, customer service, marketing, and business development department manage customer relationships and interactions giving you a 360-degree view about your customer and drive success for your business.

Let’s understand how CRM helps your business apart from sales automation.

Increases your Profitability

Getting you organized is what a CRM helps you do by seamlessly managing your customers and automating the tedious sales related tasks. In the same manner, a CRM is the best tool that helps in generating profitability for your organization.

The Various Stages

Visualizing the sales pipeline is important for the business as it lets you see the exact stage a prospect is in his journey to become your customer. It informs the business about the level of interaction the prospect is having with their products and services. Although it may be considered important for the sales department, it is of equal importance to the marketing department.

If your customers are subscribing for your services on a three month or half yearly basis, it gets easier for you to send the marketing reminders pushing them to renew their subscription. Salesmate helps you set important reminders for such occasions so that you never miss the opportunity of profiting from the customer pool.

Seamless Sales Pipeline Management

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The Churn Rate

Never let lack of communication play any hindrance to your relationship with your customers. Salesmate CRM helps set a follow-up action so that you do not miss out on the communication part of your sales process.

Example: By setting workflows inside your CRM system, you can get notified whenever an email goes unattended, or your sales team misses a meeting.

Tracks Your Competition

Today the market is so competitive that it is hard for your business to have a monopoly and this reason is enough to have the CRM as it helps you track your competition and understand why they are being chosen over you by the customers.

To set yourself apart from your competitors you will need to track and analyze the market and know about the areas where you lack to please the customer base. A CRM comes in handy in such scenario.

Develop Customer Profiles

A CRM helps you collect following data:

  • Are there any early adopters of your updated features?
  • Are your customers using the older version? If so, why?
  • How many times your email was opened?
  • Who is interested in your products?

You can answer all this with a simple integration of marketing automation tool combined with some insightful customer data and have the report of why customers are choosing you over your competition.

Your sales representatives just don’t need a number and an email id. That is just information that is of no use to you if you cannot create an in-depth picture about your customer’s likes, dislikes, and preferences. Salesmate helps you do just that with the perfect Clearbit integration that helps create a rich profile of your users.

Are your customers going to leave you, in the near future?

Losing deals is a regular phase in the sales process. CRMs allow you to keep a record of the reason for lost deal, and that is making a note of it. When you look at the history of all your lost deals, you can easily map the reasons and patterns at which the deals were lost.

By leveraging AI CRM use cases, you can analyze the historical data of lost deals, uncovering patterns and trends. This enhanced understanding empowers your sales team to make informed decisions, refine strategies, and proactively address challenges, ultimately optimizing the overall sales performance.

Example: Let’s say you are an insurance agency that provides renewable insurance and covers cars that cover 200,000 Kms and your competitor is providing an insurance cover for 1 year. The research done with the help of data compiled by your CRM shows that 90% customers cover this distance in 2-2.5 years. Change your campaign strategy based on this data and make sure that you send this message across to your potential customer and make them understand which is the better deal for them.

Helps You with Strategic Marketing Management

Optimizing your web presence is necessary in a time where customers spent a significant amount of their time online, on desktops, laptops or on mobile devices.

Doing so not only helps you successfully market your product to the potential leads and customers, but also helps you with your organization’s strategic marketing.

Outreach Emails for Backlink

Google features the websites that have high domain authority and establishing your site’s backlinks on such websites is rewarding but time-consuming. Depending on the number of such superior quality websites you have a huge list that you need to complete to get your website in the required place.

A CRM helps you in this process by:

  • Keeping the records of all link-building projects; prevents over communication and spamming a potential partner channel
  • Sharing all the records with the team that is involved with the whole strategic marketing process, keeping everyone on the same page
  • Creating accurate records of all the conversations and every deal made for easy record keeping and real-time access

Example: You can filter everything with two different pipelines. One, which holds the outreach information to every high domain authority sites and another one that has the information of the websites with comparatively lesser domain authority.

Outreach Emails for Partnering

Like any other sales process, collaborating with other websites involves contracts, deliverables, and invoices and having a CRM makes the workflow a lot smoother. CRMs help you maintain healthy partnerships with timely reminders of the payments and the tasks or deliverables that are decided as per the agreement.

CRM can help a business with various verticals such as optimize their internal team collaboration and communication with their clients. Some of them are mentioned here. We hope that you will find them useful for making your daily tasks a bit simpler.

You must reach out to your teams and ask for the feedback of the difficulties they face while on the job and decide on how CRM can be more beneficial to them in keeping the sales process working. If you are looking for more assistance on how Salesmate CRM can come in handy for your business, then do contact us for the same and we will guide you in the right direction.



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