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Wondering if a CRM can be used as a support system?

Customer relationship management software is known to be a complete sales solution. If you are part of a sales-driven organization, then you might have used it to manage your sales pipeline, create workflows, create insightful reports or to automate repetitive chores.

However, are you wondering if this smart system can be utilized as a support system too?

Well, the answer is yes. With a CRM system like Salesmate, you don’t need to invest in a separate customer support software. Using this intuitive software, you can speed up your response time and efficiently manage all your customer queries from one platform.

Salesmate CRM as a support system

Salesmate is a customizable sales CRM solution that can be modified as per your business requirements. It can effortlessly play the role of a support system and help in offering utmost customer satisfaction to your clients. Salesmate has the required features that you would expect from a support system. It is the best way to organize your flow of support and address your customer’s queries and concerns in real-time.

Here is how you can use Salesmate as a customer support system.

Vital data at one place

Customers need proper assistance to know everything about your product or service. So, they try to reach out to you for help. Being clueless about them can lead you in trouble. Besides they might get annoyed if you ask the same questions about them again.

In Salesmate all the data related to a specific contact is streamlined in one place.You don’t need to struggle to find any specific details. Salesmate allows you to add tags to easily sort information. With essential details in front of you, offer better assistance to your clients.

Get all the customer queries directly in your CRM

Directly receive your client’s queries in the CRM using Gravity forms Salesmate add-on for WordPress or Wufoo Webform integration. Create compelling query forms for your website with these excellent form builders.

As they integrate with Salesmate, the queries will directly land in your CRM software based on the selected department once a visitor fills up the form. So, the sales or support team can answer the query or resolve any issue without delay.

Embrace automation

The strongest feature of Salesmate is workflow automation which can be used wisely for providing excellent support to your customers. Automation doesn’t only help in getting your work done faster but also assure that issues raised by the client get resolved on time.

Using some predefined workflows, you can automatically assign the task to the team. So, when the client raises an issue or concern, the assigned personnel will get notified.

Avoid unanswered emails

Support team gets multiple emails in a day with different queries. There are chances that your support personnel might miss out on some emails in their cluttered inbox. This can be avoided with Salesmate’s shared team inbox, where there is no single ownership of the inbox. Multiple supports executives can access it and collaborate their work.

So, there will always be someone to reply to the client’s query and provide real-time support. Moreover, there is no dependency on information as everyone has access to the sent and received emails. With a centralized view of communication, everyone can stay on the same page. In case of unavailability of one sales rep, the other can respond to the client’s query and give them timely assistance.

Get insights

Are you delivering cent percent customer satisfaction to your clients? Is the support provided by your team helping the clients? Find it out by creating custom reports in Salesmate. Use the insights to improve the way you are currently serving the clients.

Customize the report as per your unique business needs and get the specific details you require. Understand what your customer is struggling with and what can you do to offer a seamless experience.

Give more reasons to connect

The major problem while connecting with clients in different countries is the ‘high calling charges’. Customers do not prefer spending, not even to solve a query. So, you need to make it as easy as possible for your customers to reach you without spending much.

Salesmate offers toll-free numbers so that your customers can call you for free and get their issues resolved. No matter where your customers are located, they can easily call without worrying about any expenses.


Providing excellent support during and after sales is essential. If you don’t respond to your customer’s queries at the right time, they might approach your competitors. So, ensure you provide best-in-class support to your customers.

Salesmate can aid in providing effective customer support by helping you in managing your customers’ queries and concerns on-time. It saves your time, money and resources as well as helps you in delivering utmost customer satisfaction.

In Salesmate CRM, you can find all your customer information in one place. This feature-rich system helps you in managing your customer issues in real-time for providing excellent customer experience. If you like to know more about the services that can be an add-on for your organization, then do get in touch with us.


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