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Email Marketing Trend in 2022

14 Important email marketing trends in 2023

Competition is the main driving factor leading to evolution and innovation in marketing strategies. Email is not an exception. It has undergone several changes and transformed into one of the most powerful marketing channels. To ensure that it continues to bear such fruits, you must stay abreast with the current email trends and latest technology. 

Here are the most salient email marketing trends to help you enhance your strategy and garner maximum conversions.

1. Better email security

As cyber-attacks are on the rise, spam filters will become more sensitive to suspicious content. They will start deploying advanced machine learning algorithms to understand if people want to continue receiving your emails.

In addition to the open and click-through rate, the spam filter will also track the time spent in reading the email. They will also measure the percentage of invalid email addresses, spam traps, and the volume of purchased email IDs.

Consequently, this email marketing trend means that subscribers can expect enhanced email security with fewer phishing attempts. 

2. Mail privacy protection  

This email marketing trend has emerged mainly due to Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection in latest iOS 15. According to this policy, users will be able to hide their email addresses and location. 

Top email marketing trend of 2022 - Mail Privacy Protection

The emails will be downloaded in the background even without being opened. Senders will not be able to keep tabs on users’ online activity it helps reduce the cyber-attacks on your email. As an implication, tracking accurate open rates for iOS subscribers will be challenging.

Therefore, marketing professionals will have to rely on email marketing KPIs like click-through rate, conversion rate, and list growth rate to measure the success of their email campaigns. Alternatively, you can create segments of iOS and non-iOS subscribers to clearly understand the open rate. 

3. Interactivity and gamification

Email marketers look forward to providing subscribers a rich, app-like experience through interactive emails. These emails will facilitate booking travel tickets, RSVPing to events, and shopping from the inbox. It will increase the subscriber engagement and conversion rate as there will be no need to go to a third-party website or landing page.

Gamification will also help boost brand loyalty by imparting a superior customer experience. Emails are all about building a relationship with the audience by delivering value to them. So, while you put on your creative hats, make sure you strike a balance between innovation and real value for the subscriber through your interactive emails

4. Artificial Intelligence 

AI will draft your emails and newsletters in the times to come. The software will suggest engaging subject lines, prepare headlines, and propose persuasive email templates. It will also be able to take an RSS feed and auto-generate a title and summary of the newsletter.

You can inform the software about the tone of voice and word count you are looking for. ESPs will be able to train the AI according to the data of what works. Soon, it will be as conventional as a grammar or spelling checker tool

5. Omnichannel marketing approach 

Experts predict that marketers will allocate more budget to email and SMS marketing when compared to PPC and social media ads. Emails and texts are personalized and less intrusive, thereby driving more conversions.

Many marketers hesitate to text their subscribers, but the good news is that three-fourths of the subscribers don’t mind receiving text messages if they have opted into the service. After all, everyone likes valuable information about products or services that would make their lives easier. 

6. Back to basics’ movement 

Amidst all the fads about the latest technology, marketers should not forget the basics like segmentation, personalization, email automation, A/B testing, and message maps. 

Email marketing trend of Automation journey

The above example reflects how you can execute a split test of your drip email marketing campaign and send it to two separate list of subscribers using automation journeys. 

All these fundamental tactics will evolve to be more comprehensive. This means that marketers will go for micro-segmentation, hyper-personalization, and more powerful email automation techniques to woo their subscribers.

This trend of email marketing in 2023 will push the segmentation beyond the conventional parameters like age, sex, and geographical location to include past purchases, previous interaction with the brand, and other relevant variables. Microsegmentation will help create hyper-personalized emails that are more relevant to the users. 

You will be able to communicate more effectively with smaller micro-targeted audiences. Also, marketers will automate their email programs as much as possible to free up their resources and focus on business profitability.

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7. Multi-touch attribution 

Enterprise owners will consider multi-touch attribution to understand how every touchpoint drives sales for their business. For instance: A user comes across your display ad as the first touchpoint. Then, they are targeted with a sponsored ad on social media.

As the final touchpoint, they will receive an email promoting the product with a coupon code. Based on this journey, you can figure out the effectiveness of the marketing channels and focus on the one that brings the best conversion rate.  

Most of the marketers will go for in-house MTA due to privacy concerns. Most SaaS business owners and enterprises will switch to their own bare-metal, private cloud, or cloud-hosted infrastructure.  

8. Dark Mode in emails 

Dark Mode compatibility will soon be a norm rather than an email design best practice. In 2023, more and more subscribers will opt for Dark Mode settings as it is easy on the eyes. It also helps increase the battery life while reducing the blue light from the device.

Therefore, email developers will have to code emails that render well in light and Dark Mode settings.  

Check out this email by Duolingo that looks perfect in both the settings: 


9. Predictive analytics 

Predictive analytics is another emerging email marketing trend. Simply because it helps you unveil patterns that generate sales. By gathering zero and first-party data, companies will be able to create customer profiles with all details like past purchases, account preferences, and historical actions.

Predictive analytics techniques will provide information about which subscribers are most likely to take action based on these insights.

It will also give an idea about the churn rate. You can use this information to build data-informed segments, campaigns, and journeys. Consequently, it will help to create a robust email program with enhanced personalization and targeted experience. 

10. Giant typography 

There was a time when we hardly came across any fancy fonts in emails. However, in 2023 and the years to come, we will see several changes in the visual language of emails. Email designers will go for giant typography to draw the subscriber’s attention.

Visuals are, of course, an essential part of emails but do not overlook typography email trend if you want to leave a mark on the subscriber’s mind. 

11. Accessibility in emails 

Accessible websites have been the talk of the town for quite some time, but now, people have also started discussing email accessibility. Creating accessible emails is about furnishing an inclusive experience for all users.  

Here’s a checklist that will come in handy to you for producing accessible emails: 

  • Larger fonts 
  • Color contrast ratio of 4.5:1  
  • Left-aligned text 
  • CTA buttons of 44x44px at least 
  • Semantic tags with <p>, <h1>, and <h2> to maintain a logical order and visual hierarchy 
  • Lang attribute to inform the screen readers about the language used in the email 
  • No flashy images  
  • Animations not flashing between 2 to 55 Hz
  • Alt-text with every visual element 

Here is an email that follows all the email accessibility guidelines discussed above: 


12. Email design systems 

53% of brands take several weeks to produce a single email. To streamline the process and reduce the time taken for email template production, marketers will shift to email design systems in 2023. Using email design systems, you can create consistent emails perfectly in line with the brand guidelines.

As the production times decrease, you will be able to give more time to email conceptualization, personalization, A/B testing, and researching new ideas. Ultimately, adopting this email marketing trend will help you build out-of-the-box emails that perform well on the analytics chart. 

13. Email sunsetting strategy 

According to email industry experts, brands will focus on cleaning their list in 2023. It is predicted that marketers will try to make their unsubscribing process as easy as the subscription. Users will not have to enter their email addresses while unsubscribing.

They will not receive any “Unsubscribe confirmed” email. Although it is best to redirect the users to the preference center, do not include too many options on the page. Keep it short, simple, and clutter-free. 

14. Changed hiring landscape 

Email marketing positions will expand into more specific lifecycle marketing roles. The hiring managers will look for skillsets like HTML and CSS know-how along with marketing expertise.

The recruiting and promotional policy will be more inclusive as companies embrace diversity in their teams. A healthy wave of mergers and acquisitions will create new job opportunities in the system. 

Wrapping up 

The bottom line of email marketing will also be providing a good customer experience and amping up overall conversions. 2023 will be the time to put the customers at the center of your strategy, treat them with empathy, and provide a beneficial experience to them through emails.  

These important email marketing trends of 2023 will surely help you to enhance your email campaigns to their maximum potential and catapult your business growth.

Kevin George

Kevin George is Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the fastest-growing custom email design and coding companies, and specializes in crafting professional email templates, PSD to HTML email conversion and free responsive HTML email templates in addition to providing email automation, campaign management, and data integration & migration services. He loves gadgets, bikes, jazz and eats and breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on his blog.

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