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The powerful impact of AI in email marketing landscape

The powerful impact of AI in email marketing landscape

Email marketing is an art that’s been perfected by various marketing teams over the years. 

However, with new features and tools created to assist with business marketing, metrics for measuring a successful email marketing campaign have changed.

Marketing emails need to be engaging, both in text and visuals, arriving in inboxes at the ideal time and personalizing the content to the preferences of each recipient.

This can sound like a lot for a marketing team to manage independently.  

Yet, with technological developments, AI applications and software have now been designed to optimize and improve the email marketing landscape.

You can leverage AI in email marketing and save time for your employees while also making your emails more interesting to recipients using pattern recognition.

AI has had a significant impact, and you should be aware of how it can transform your digital marketing and email marketing strategy.

So, let’s get into it.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

About marketing tools, AI & machine learning is a technology that can automate tasks, recognize & learn from patterns, and use that data to make better-informed decisions.  Behind the process are data collection and data labeling for the AI model training.

It uses specific programming to improve the responses of the tool or software over time, making it better-suitable for the purpose.

If you’re interested in leveraging AI solutions for various tasks, including job searches, you can explore Lensa’s insightful resources for more information on the subject.

Artificial Intelligence of this variety is used in many other situations, too, from conversational AI tools for sales teams to optimizing your e-commerce website. With this, you can optimize your website based on your customer behavior and interests.

For email marketing, AI tools often come in the form of applications or extensions for other software.

The below image reflects how AI in email marketing is important, as it helps increase revenue and improve your email marketing performance.

Their use varies depending on the application. Sometimes by highlighting areas to optimize or by giving you live statistics to make informed marketing choices.

AI allows your marketing team to take on more tasks and complete them effectively to better your customer engagement over emails.

What is the impact of AI in email marketing?

AI tools at your disposal can impact your email marketing in various ways.

Depending on your marketing strategies and email needs, different AI functions may suit your business.

Trying out a combination of these can provide new benefits and optimize your marketing efforts.

Below are some key areas where AI can impact your email marketing landscape.

1. Email management 

Most email marketers should be familiar with the basic functions of your email application.  

This includes sorting messages into folders, flagging important emails, and filtering out potential spam emails.

AI can add these features to your marketing automation strategy by recognizing suspicious email addresses or highlighting time-sensitive messages.

AI-powered email validation technology can clean up email databases by removing invalid and outdated contacts, boosting campaign email deliverability.

This helps marketing managers stay on top of their inboxes.

Likewise, AI can recognize key phrases that appear across your emails. Like informing the AI tool to sort the email into the appropriate folders related to a certain topic or project.  

Role of AI

When you’re looking for information regarding these projects, you can easily find them in one location and browse all related emails.  

Managing your emails with AI means that your inbox requires minimal maintenance from the user. 

2. Writing content 

AI writing tools can help optimize and improve your content in various ways.  

This could be anything from suggesting the best email subject lines or titles that appeal to your target audience to offering a higher click-through rate to the email body.

By recognizing what words or phrases tend to see higher open rates, the AI can create lists of keywords to use, resulting in better email subject lines.

Likewise, AI grammar tools can ensure accuracy and maintain high standards in your email body.

AI can also suggest topics or highlight emails that see more customer engagement and are relevant for your outreach.

For example, with machine learning, the AI may identify that email offers or affiliate links receive the most interest from potential customers.

Implementing a content marketing strategy can help you connect with your target audience, understand user behavior, and improve your email deliverability, enhancing subscriber engagement.

This can shape your email marketing efforts to create materials that customers want and encourage them to purchase on your eCommerce website.

3. Track engagement 

Most people aren’t always on their emails – they have key times when they’re most likely to go through them. 

Sending your email during these periods can increase your content engagement.  

AI tools can be used to track the most favorable time for your customers to open and read your marketing emails. 

Your marketing manager can do this on a small scale, but with large audiences, AI is necessary to spot and communicate this information.

AI technology can similarly be used to predict times of the week to receive the best engagement or critical times of the month for your business to contact customers.  

This can help your marketing team learn the best time to send emails and identify when they will be best received and engaged with. Moreover, it can also help maximize inbox delivery for your email marketing initiatives.

AI features like this are particularly useful to help your marketing content engage with key holidays or events.

4. Create email segments 

Creating one email to send to all your subscribers isn’t a practical solution. 

What’s relevant to some isn’t to others, leading to email overload from your business and, in the worst-case scenario, churn. 

AI can identify similar customers through smart segmentation, that’ll help send engaging emails based on those in the different email marketing lists. 

Email segmentation can be based on various factors, like where they’re positioned in the customer journey, according to previous emails they’ve interacted with, or their preferences in your products.  

Marketing teams can focus on these areas, celebrating milestones with customers and offering them the content they enjoy most.  

Again, targeting recipients this way can boost your customer email engagement.  

5. Personalization 

Personalization is one of the most significant AI CRM use cases.

As an extension to email segmentation, AI can be used to individually target readers with your niche emails. 

For example, addressing a recipient by name, acknowledging when they joined the mailing list, or sending them birthday wishes or offers.  

This process uses your CRM stored information and personalizes your email accordingly. It makes a customer feel valued and inculcates interest in your business.  

To further personalize the content of your marketing emails, AI can highlight the products or online content that your customers like.  

Integrating this into your emails gives customers additional impressions of the products they were viewing, suggesting similar content for them to interact with.  

This encourages customers to make a purchase and return to your blog pages or social media for informative content. 

Personalize emails in 120+ ways

Personalize emails in 120+ ways

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6. Testing and improving

There’s always room for improvement with marketing, finding new combinations or wording that receives better engagement or creates more leads.

Using AI can help with test automation for your emails, highlighting which areas are successful and what could still be worked on.

Some tools may suggest what to include in your emails or features that have worked previously. This can remind you to include images or use the same formatting with all emails.

A/B testing of email marketing campaign

AI can automate A/B testing, sending out different versions of the same emails to your subscribers.

With AI tools, this doesn’t have to be limited to two versions but could include multiple variations, with changes in format, graphics, colors, and links. 

One can analyze responses from these emails and inform your marketing team which combinations work best for your customers.  

This saves time and determines the best ways of presenting your marketing emails. 

7. Provides email analytics 

You need as much information as possible about your prospects to improve your email campaigns.  

AI applications can be used to gather information about how your emails are received and measure email marketing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for your marketing team. 

By sharing live data, artificial intelligence email marketing identifies problems with your emails so you can make instant changes where necessary. 

Similarly, other statistics include informing your marketing team of the clicks your campaigns receive, email engagement time, or unopened communications.  

You can use this information to shape your marketing emails, ensuring your content gets seen.

Execute optimized email campaigns

Execute optimized email campaigns

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Start using AI to transform your email marketing landscape 

Whether you wish to gather additional information about your customers or optimize your emails to improve your brand image and voice, AI can do it all.

This process may sound difficult but can be simplified with easy-to-use extensions for browsers or intuitive interface applications.

The sole aim is to efficiently apply email marketing campaign by making them more engaging for potential customers.


You can apply these practices with one or two emails that suit the specific needs of your marketing department.   

Not all AIs work the same way, so as you apply the same to your email marketing, you may have to learn to work your way around the same.  

As you get proficient with the same, your marketing emails will improve in quality, resulting in higher engagement and conversions within the funnel.  

Matthew Cooper

Matthew Cooper is the Marketing Automation & Operations Manager at Global App Testing, a best-in-class software testing company that has helped top apps such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Craigslist deliver high-quality software at speed all over the world. Matthew has over 14 years of experience in the I.T Networking, Software & Services Industries. He is highly skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Digital Advertising, Social Media Management, WordPress, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, CRM, and People Management. Matthew has also written for other domains such as Codemotion and Plytix.

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