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[FREE] 19 Drip email campaign templates you can steal right now!

The open rates for drip campaigns are about 80 percent higher than single send emails.

Drip emails are the most sought-after model of marketing communication with prospects and customers. All you need to do is build automated drip campaigns, using the right content and email marketing tool.

This article is going to be super-resourceful for those who want to build high-performing campaigns because it solves a crucial pain point. This article will give you some amazing email templates for drip campaigns.

You can copy, modify, and repurpose these templates.

They’re all yours!

We’re coving the following types of templates in this article:

You can try these different types of email templates to create and automate important email campaigns.

What else can I say? Steal away!

Onboarding email drip campaign templates

An onboarding drip emails are sent to the users right after they have subscribed to your blog or product.

These emails are essentially used (quite famous in SaaS) to educate new users on how the product works.

Here are a few drip email templates which you could use for your onboarding series. 

At Salesmate, we use these drip email campaign templates to educate our prospects about the product.

1. Welcome email

Subject: Welcome to Salesmate, Sean!

Hello Sean, Welcome to Salesmate! Congratulations! You have taken the first step to take your business to the next level. Here are some time-saving steps to help you explore Salesmate.   1. Your Salesmate Account Details  Account: https://yourdomain.salesmate.io Email Id: sean@yourdomain.com 2. Start your Salesmate journey!   Start exploring Salesmate features that fit your business via live webinars, personalized demos, and our award-winning instant support. We can help you save time and get started with Salesmate.   3. Take Small Steps to Win Big  Over the next two weeks, we can help you organize and automate your unique sales, marketing, and service experiences with Salesmate so that you can start winning more deals and creating happy customers.   Let us kickstart your trial with these steps:   - Add your contacts - Sync your Email & calendar - Build your sales pipeline - Invite your team   Exploring solo? Get started with these resources.   4. Unlock Sales, Productivity & Savings   Salesmate is packed with powerful features to help your entire team deliver an outstanding customer experience that will help you grow your revenue and reduce costs.   Make sure to try these top-rated features:   1. Built-in Calling and Texting  2. Meeting Scheduler  3. Shared Team Inbox  4. Web Forms  5. Automation Journeys  6. Live Chat  Salesmate is an industry-leading, highest-rated, and most recommended software by 4000+ sales teams.   Regards,  Salesmate Team

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2. Reminder Email 

Subject: Your Salesmate Trial Expires in 5 days

Dear Sean,   We hope you are enjoying your Salesmate trial so far. Please note that your trial will be expiring in 5 days.   Companies like Sony Music, Keller Williams, and Kissflow trust Salesmate to grow their revenue and create happy customers.   And our customers have wonderful things to say about us:  “Salesmate is an amazing software.”  “Salesmate makes customer management super easy and hassle-free.”   We hope you enjoy your trial and make the most of it, do reach out to support@salesmate.com for any queries.   With regards,   Salesmate Team

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3. Final Email with a CTA   

Subject: Only 3 days left on your Salesmate trial

Dear Sean,   It is the 11th hour! You have three days left on your Salesmate trial. Here are a few things that we can help you with:   Have you picked your plan yet?   You can compare the pricing plans and features that are most suitable for your needs and save money.   Compare the pricing - Affordable CRM Pricing for Small Businesses Still, need more time to evaluate?   Your trial is coming to an end. But there is nothing to be worried about! If you still have not explored the platform to your satisfaction, we can extend the trial for you.   For more details, contact the Salesmate support team. Need help to get started?   Our team is dedicated to providing you with personalized support and guidance throughout your journey.   I hope you have a great experience with Salesmate!   With Regards,  Salesmate Team

Shopping cart abandonment drip templates for eCommerce

When you talk about shopping cart abandonment, a potential customer starts a check out from the process for an online order but does not complete the process. You can send cart abandonment to the users, using the following templates.  

Email-1 for eCommerce shopping cart abandonment campaign 

Subject: Hey Skyler, your shopping cart needs action!

Dear Skylar,   Thank you for visiting Pisca.   You've picked some great products. Complete the purchase with just 2 clicks!  Shop Now! Regards, Team Pisca

Email-2 for eCommerce shopping cart abandonment campaign

Subject: Skyler, Exclusive 20% off on your favorite items!

Dear Skylar,   You have some fantastic products waiting for you in your cart. We know you love them, so we are offering you a one-time exclusive discount of 20%.   This offer is exclusively for you, don't miss the chance and make the products yours.   To grab this exclusive discount, use discount code CART20.   Regards,  Team Pisca

Email-3 for eCommerce shopping cart abandonment campaign

Subject: Final call to grab 20% discount!

Dear Skylar, Your dream wishlist awaits you, and this is your final chance to grab this exclusive discount. Please make the most of it and avail of your exclusive 20% discount offer now.   To grab your discount now, use discount code CART20.   Regards,   Team Pisca

Re-engagement drip email campaign templates

The re-engagement campaigns are specifically designed to cater to re-touch with your valuable customers who have been away for a while. For a re-engagement drip campaign, you could send across the following emails. 

Email-1 for re-engagement email drip campaign

Subject: We miss you at Grocery Ninja, Sam.

Hey Sam,  Where have you been all this while?    Been keeping busy, we guessed it so don't worry. Our ninjas are here to your rescue, so just log into Grocery Ninja and get up to 70% off on your daily needs.  Exciting offers are waiting for you!  From, Team Grocery Ninja

Email-2 for re-engagement email drip campaign

Subject: 60+ offers on Grocery Ninja!

Hey Sam,   Did you know that since you’ve been gone, we’ve added some great new offers and discounts?   We have added some exciting new assorted cheese, cookies, brown rice, cookies, and so much more!   Offers end on the 15th at midnight. From, Team Grocery Ninja 

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Holiday email drip campaign templates

Holidays mark a great deal on the calendar to create and build drip campaigns. Marketing teams heavily rely on such campaigns for Christmas, Black Friday, New Year, and many more to bring new customers and revenue.

Here we’ve created templates for the Black Friday sale for an eCommerce company – Pople.  

Email-1: Black Friday email drip campaign for eCommerce

Subject: Pople | Flat 50% off on all products this Black Friday!

Hello Sara,  The world is ready for the holidays, is your wardrobe ready?  It's the time of the year for you to shop to your heart's content and up your fashion game with our exclusive new styles.  Black Friday Sale is live with a flat 50% discount on all the products, plus a special Black Friday gift from team Pople.   Happy holidays, Sara!   Team Pople  

Email-2: Black Friday email drip campaign for eCommerce

Subject: 150+ brands on heavy discount at Pople this Black Friday!

Hello Sara,   Black Friday Sale is live on Pople. If budget stops you from creating your trendy wardrobe, let us remind you we are offering a flat 50% on all the products.   Happy holidays, Sara!   Team Pople

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Email-3: Black Friday email drip campaign for eCommerce

Subject: 24 hours left - Get 50% off across Pople!

Hello Sara,   Black Friday is about to end, and so does our sale! It's only 24 hours more for Black Friday deals.   More than 70% off on fur coats, sequined dresses, lazy lounge pajamas, and more.   Clock's ticking! Team Pople

Event-based drip marketing campaign templates

Events are a great way of promoting your brand and products. The most popular use case we can take is – a webinar event.

Let’s understand the series of emails you need to shoot if you’re planning to go for a special webinar. Here’s an example.

Email-1: Event announcement email

Subject: Master Your Socials | Enroll in the webinar now!

Hello Jenna,  Hope you are doing well. A lot of our subscribers requested to conduct a webinar on how to manage social media effectively. We've got you covered. Here's an exciting opportunity to learn the art of social media management with our exclusive webinar called - “Master Your Socials!”  Come join us and be a part of our value-packed webinar and master your social media management skills.  This webinar will help you with:  - Social media management  - Learn how to earn through social media  - Building and creating engagement  Come join us for the webinar on the 18th of January at 6 PM EST and do not forget to register for the webinar through the given link. Click here now! At the end of this event, you'll also receive a FREE gift from Webinar Plus! With regards,  Swamp Bell Webinar Plus

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Subject: Your link to the webinar is here!

Hello Jenna,   Thank you for registering for our exclusive workshop on “Master Your Socials!”. Here is your link to join the webinar. Click Here To make the most of this webinar, here are some preliminary instructions:   1. Make sure you have a Zoom account. 2. Join 5 minutes beforehand to tackle any technical issues.  3. Make sure your audio is muted during the session. We have a Q&A session at the end of the webinar. All your doubts will get resolved!  4. Do turn on your video if you can (we would love to see you!)  5. The session will be recorded for those who may miss it and will be available by Tuesday.  We'll have a blast! Regards,  Swamp Bell Webinar Plus

Email-3: Recording of the event

Subject: The recording is yours. Forever to keep!

Hello Jenna,  The session was just so enriching for all those but we have heard some of those who had registered for the webinar couldn’t make it.  We get it that life can get busy sometimes and so we have got you covered. In case you missed out then here is the recording for you to go and have a look back to.  Access the event Thank you for being a part, we are grateful!  Regards,  Swamp Bell Webinar Plus

Email-4: Asking for feedback

Subject: Jenna, we'd like your thoughts!

Hello Jenna,  Thank you so much for being a part of our exclusive webinar on “Master Your Socials!”. It was our pleasure to have your company, and we would love to hear from you, so please tell us your honest feedback.   Do tell us what did you like, what was good, what could be improved, or if you have any other suggestions through the form link.  Spare a minute? With Regards, Swamp Bell Webinar Plus

Email-5: Offer a free resource

Subject: Your free resource is here!

Hello Jenna,   We were truly overwhelmed with all the love and positive feedback you gave us, and we want to reward you with a gift.   Here's a gift from Webinar Plus to you! We are giving away absolutely free access to our most-loved customers - “How to build your personal brand using social media”.   The course will help you with: - 5-step brand-building process - How to craft your own business plan - How to gain authority among your peers and build a community - How to monetize your personal brand   It’s a no-brainer to join the course. Value is abundant inside.   Access the course now! Cheers!   Swamp Bell  Webinar Plus

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Real estate drip email templates

There are a variety of drip email campaigns for real estate. For the sake of understanding, let’s take a scenario.

Let’s assume a prospect fills up your form and wants to get a property in Charlotte. This is the kind of drip campaign you can shoot.

Email-1: Introduction email

Subject: Hey Jeff, I'm Matt from Property Ace

Hey Jeff, I can see you recently checked out Property Ace and looking for properties in Charlotte. While I need some time to filter out the best properties for you, here's a little bit about myself and Property Ace you should know. I started Property Ace with my wife Melony in 2011. We struggled really really hard to find the home that we live in now. We realized there's a massive need in the market. No real estate company is truly focused on our tastes and preferences. Cut to this day, Property Ace has helped over 8000+ buyers choose the right property. You sit back, relax, and let us find the finest properties in Charlotte. Cheers! Matt & Melony Property Ace

Email-2: Suggest personalized properties

Subject: Jeff, your might like these properties in Charlotte

Hey Jeff, Thank you for your patience. We've found some interesting properties for you. Click on the link below to find properties that match your needs. You'll see the finest neighborhoods like Uptown, Ballantyne, Plaza-Midwood, University City, and Dilworth. Check out 17 properties now! Cheers! Matt & Melony Property Ace

Email-3: Suggest a perfect property

Subject: You might find this perfect!

Hey Jeff, You seem to be interested in this property in Charlotte located in Dilworth. Let me tell you some of the benefits of choosing this house. - 4 spacious bedrooms with 3.5 bathrooms - An elegant foyer with open space - Spread across 3025 sqft. area - Walk-in closets in each room - Schools, hospitals, and 3 gardens nearby - 2 massive garage spaces - Amazing neighborhood for kids and young adults Want to visit this house? Click on the link above and our team will set up a visit for you. Cheers! Matt & Melony Property Ace

How to execute your drip campaigns?

I seriously hope these drip email templates will provide value to your business.

However, these templates come in handy at a later stage. The first (and the most important) stage is to choose the right drip email campaign tool.

Take a look at what Salesmate does for you. Salesmate is a CRM and Customer Journey Platform with advanced automation capabilities. The tool helps you create journey-based marketing automation from the scratch and execute on your triggers and conditions.

You can also use an email sequence that can automate your follow-ups. Imagine, you never have to take follow-ups manually!

You can design perfect email campaigns with Salesmate and truly leverage data. You will see how each email marketing campaign is performing and where exactly do you need optimization.

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Kashyap Trivedi

Kashyap Trivedi is working with an awesome marketing team at Salesmate CRM. He is deeply interested in learning digital marketing trends and try them out! When he’s not working, you’ll find him reading a good book or meditating.

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