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The year-in review of 2018 – Salesmate CRM

From everybody at Salesmate, we wanted to thank you for trusting us and being a part of our journey so far. This year has been an incredible year of growth and it would not have been possible without each and everyone of you using our product and providing us valuable feedback so we can continue to grow our product.

The year 2018 has been an exciting year for everybody that has been part of the Salesmate family. We released major product updates which improved speed and functionality of our service so that your business can increase their revenue.

We won awards from various SaaS reviewing portals for best value and ease of use too. This year in review will highlight what we worked on this year towards providing world class service to our customers, with the help of our hard-working team. The constant feedback from all our clients kept us motivated to give our best.

Let’s jog down the memory lane and look at the events for us in 2018!


The goals set for 2018!

The goal was to provide effortless, feature-rich sales solution to small and mid-size business that came with ease-of-use.

1. Features Launched and Product Enhancements

Based on your feedback we always try to bring intuitive upgrades to our CRM. 2018 Salesmate saw some new features that make it easier for your business to sell.

(1) Built-in telephony

We developed our built-in telephony system that came with its own add-ons that were developed for providing faster communication options to your clients.


A calling feature that allows users to simply click-to-call right from their contacts in Salesmate. A few steps and small business owners could set up their phone system for their business to start making and receiving calls.


Our telephony system provides hassle free text messaging feature. We introduced simple text messaging that had bulk SMS, text templates, and automation built into it.

Call recording

Your company can record calls for quality and training purposes. Listen to your call logs and take action.

Call reports

Understand your team’s productivity when it comes to total calls made & talk time. See which sales reps are the most productive on your team.

Auto-call logging

The users can find call logs inside their activity and could find everything related to those calls in a single screen.


You can write notes during the call and this will all be saved in your call details. This makes it easy for you to reference the notes in the future.

(2) Media manager

We already had an option where users could insert images inside the email template. We provided our users with the media manager so that could avoid hosting those images on third-party servers. Simple drag and drop and your image is ready to be included inside your emails!

(3) Smarter Email Reminders

Now our system creates a task for you to follow-up based on the outcome of your last email. That way you can make sure you never miss a follow-up.

(4) Deal Win Probability

A manual win rate probability functionality was introduced for avoiding unnecessary speculations concerning the deals in your sales pipeline. With this update, we wanted to give sales reps the focus of concentrating on the deals with the highest win probability.

(5) An enhanced Gmail Chrome plug-in

Keeping up with our CRM for Gmail scenario, we came up with an enhanced Chrome plugin that allows clients to view all their activities on a single page, create records instantly, and search for anything using our quick sorting feature. We also pushed our Google Team Drive integration so that individuals working on various alternate projects can have access to important files instantly and collaborate without any hindrance.

2. Mobile app updates

The on-the-go trend caught up with is way back and our mobile app development team has been pushing updates at regular intervals for enhancing the CRM experience.

(1) Smart insights

Smart insights of the activities done towards deals and contacts were made available on the mobile app. Sales people were able to visit the contact or deal timeline for checking the mode of communication used for the activity, when this activity was done and if there are any activities pending towards the contact or deal.

(2) Quick Call, Text or Emails

To make communication smooth and quick, we provided our users with an update that allowed them to call, send texts, or email directly from the activity detail screen. No more switching between screens to get the essential contact information and just smooth communication.

(3) Improvised geolocation views

To support the time efficiency of the field reps and enhance their on-field productivity on-the-go, we allowed them to use their contact details and search for their addresses directly on a map. Apart from showing the closest proximity of an open deal, the apps provided details of the deal value. This was done to allow reps to decide their visits based on the deal size.


GDPR is an in-depth practice which is carried for maintaining data privacy of contact’s data. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set a new standard for how companies use and protect EU citizens’ data. This change took effect from May 2018.

We at Salesmate, are committed to security and privacy of our customers. To comply and fulfil all GDPR obligations we have abided by the new GDPR standard.

Read more about GDPR

4. Useful integrations

To provide you a SaaS experience that is less cumbersome and enhances overall productivity, we came up with some smart integrations. Here is a glimpse!

(1) AWeber

This integration allowed users to make good use of a powerful email marketing platform that allowed them to create and send modern, professional email newsletters. The synchronization between Salesmate and AWeber helped our users to streamline and manage their contacts across sales and marketing departments.

Read more about AWeber integration

(2) Microsoft calendar

We came up with another worthy integration for all those users who were using Microsoft exchange services. This integration allowed two-way synchronization between MS Calendar with Salesmate CRM. Users could easily manage activities and invites at one place for better scheduling, increased productivity, and improved sales.

Read more about Microsoft Calendar integration

(3) Sendlane

To enhance real-time reporting and simplification of lead management, Salesmate CRM integrated with Sendlane. This platform is an online marketing and automation platform that provided our users with tools that allowed them to effectively maintain their lead data, while improving the customer relationships.

Read more about Sendlane integration

(4) Zapier with 1000+ products

We wanted to provide our users with an opportunity to connect with various productivity apps so that they never fall short while carrying out their business process. The Zapier integration allowed Salesmate CRM users to “zap” up their integrations with 1000+ third-party apps without the requirement of complex codes.

Read more about the Zapier integration

(5) IndiaMART

For fulfilling the need of capturing leads automatically from the inquiries, we teamed up with IndiaMART and came up with this productive integration. Our goal for enabling this integration was to help business generate their leads as soon as they received an inquiry at their IndiaMART page.

Read more about the IndiaMART integration

5. Awards and Accolades

The year 2018 we saw our efforts being rewarded! Truly speaking, this is what keeps us going and we are excited to provide businesses with the best tools to win more deals. Here are the list of awards and recognition Salesmate CRM received in the year 2018.

  1. Best Value CRM & Best Ease of Use for 2018

  2. FrontRunner 2018 Leader for CRM Software

6. Our Happy Customers

Receiving feedback from our customers is always encouraging. So thank you for your positive reviews.

Salesmate team achieved these feats in the year 2018

Plans for 2019

We are really thankful to 2018 as it showed us that working closely with all of you, we can build a product that can be impactful in your day to day business!

The plan for 2019 is simple. Keep working on the product, keep receiving client feedback, and keep helping the small and mid-size businesses to grow their revenue. Plus, we always focus on automation to help you save time and focus on selling.

On that note, from everybody on the Salesmate team, we wanted to thank all of our clients for showing their constant trust and support.

We are honoured, humble, and excited for 2019! Next year will be feature-rich and action-packed as we are working on releasing new features for helping you enhance your overall business efforts!

Thanks a lot and happy new year!


A writer with an uncommon funny bone and a knack for perfection, Saptarshi loves to write about anything that can be of help to businesses, people, and dogs! A true human at heart, he likes to spend most of his time researching the internet to find ways technology is influencing our daily life (positively).

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