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Making Salesmate more productive for you – with upgraded features

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We want to thank everyone for using Salesmate and all the valuable product feedback you have delivered to our team. This is what helps us improve our product and makes us excited to launch this product update! With that feedback we have made several updates to our product to enhance ease of use and productivity.

  1. Microsoft Service Users 
  2. Smart Activity Reminders
  3. Auto Associate Email Threads with Deals
  4. Mobile App Tweaks
  5. Built-in Calling Beta

1. Microsoft Calendar Integration

Microsoft Calendar Integration

Synchronise the Activities in your CRM system with your online Microsoft Office 365 Calendar and Microsoft Exchange Calendar. Support has been added for Outlook 365 and MS Exchange Calendar for improving the synchronization engine for the respective email accounts. The overall Activities flow has been redone to provide an enhanced user experience.

Check out our Support Docs

2. Smart Reminders for Quick Follow Ups

Smart Reminders-salesmate

What if your client has not opened up the email or not responded in the expected time period? Never miss a single follow up with Salesmate activity reminders. You can now easily set smart reminders against outbound emails to remind yourself to follow up on important emails and never miss a critical conversation.

3. Auto Associate Email Threads with Deals

Introducing email threading with deals where email messages from the same conversation will be grouped together. Salesmate CRM associates emails that are coming from any contact to a deal. Now, if other participants will reply on this email, all the future email conversations will get auto-associated in the same thread, giving you a streamlined view of these conversations in your timeline.

4. Mobile App Tweaks

3D touch

Inside the 3D touch, we have created new actions for adding new records with a long press over the app icon. Users will have more freedom in getting the related & associated deals inside the contact details.

Some UI upgrades added so that users have a better experience while adding teammates and participants to activities and deals.

With this new update, users have the freedom of adding essential files from their File Manager.

A more vivid and refreshing blue color has been provided for the Salesmate app icon.

5. Built-In Calling: Beta

Built-In Calling

Yes, you read it right!

We have launched our own built-in calling feature so your business does not have to use any third-party integrations. You can buy a toll-free/local number for your business & sales reps, start calling your prospects, record all calls, and get sales rep activity reports to see what your top sales reps are doing. No hardware is required. Make Salesmate your one stop shop sales machine. Give it a test drive and give us your feedback!

Check out our Support Docs

Minor Updates & Fixes

  • Enabled auto-scrolling inside contact/company/deal timeline for checking records, removing the need of clicking “load more”.
  • Improved our Chrome-plugin to support new Gmail user interface.
  • We have disabled browser suggestions. So, no more information overlapping while selecting a date inside your Calendar and Timeline components.
  • Notification style is improved for IOS devices.
  • Text editor support gets upgraded for new browser changes.

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