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How a sales automation tool helps the top sales performers

In the journey to convert a deal, there are many activities that sales reps need to perform. If handled tactfully, they can lead to a lucrative outcome. Some sales reps keep juggling between these tasks while others take the smart route and spend their time focusing on the high-gain activities.

Few tasks like sending follow up emails and assigning tasks to the teammates are time-consuming, but there are wise ways like automation to handle them. 30% of companies believe that automation saves time, helps in generating leads (22%) and increases revenue (17%).

The top sales performers use it to close the deals and achieve the targets faster. Instead of doing everything manually, they automate most of the activities by using a smart sales automation software.

On average 51% of companies are currently using automation

Sales automation separates top sales performers from the rest

The top sales performers apply the best practices in their daily routine to exceed their target. Technologies have introduced automation to ease our work. Then why not make the most of it? Sales automation increases productivity and minimizes inefficiencies. It is the best way to do more in less time.

Unfortunately, some sales reps don’t use it which is why they often experience low sales. They are stuck at the same point without knowing how to stem the tide of activities. They keep complaining about these activities that consume their time and affect their sales.

However, complaining doesn’t work in sales. In this highly-competitive modern business world, it is necessary to embrace the latest technologies and tactics to increase the pace of work.

Sales automation is one such modern tool that has helped many top performers in eliminating manual labor and reducing repetitive tasks like tracking and reporting expenses for quickly reaching their sales targets.

Let’s see how sales automation tools helped the top sales performers in winning more sales and being better than the rest:

1. Automate call logs

Every detail related to a sales call is of pivotal importance for a sales rep. It is necessary to know everything like who called when they called, what was the call duration, etc.

Most of the sales reps collect these sales call data manually, and so waste a lot of time. But, some of the top-performing sales reps choose to use sales automation tools for automatically logging their sales calls.

With automated call logging, they get all the information about their inbound and outbound calls at their fingertips without any hassle. This information can be compelling. It can keep sales reps on pace and help them in improving their sales call performance.

2. Automating follow up emails

“I need to email the detail about ___to ___ tomorrow.” Sales reps write such follow-up information in a piece of paper and sometimes misplace it. Besides, due to a busy schedule, they even tend to forget about it.

Failing to remember such follow-ups can have some unwanted repercussions. To ensure such vital tasks don’t slip through the cracks, top sales performers use automated emails for their follow-ups.

By setting some simple workflows, they automate their outbound emails. For instance, “send a product walkthrough after three days of sending an introductory email.”

Top performers create such drip campaigns to stay on track. Giving attention to the prospect at the right time increases their possibilities of moving ahead in the sales cycle.

Besides, some top performers also create date-based custom fields in their sales automation tool for birthdays and anniversaries and run workflows on them.

So, during birthdays and anniversaries of the clients, they are reminded to send greetings to those customers. In this way, they nurture and build long-term relationships with the customers.

3. Automate lead distribution

Marketing teams put in a lot of efforts and fill the sales pipeline with leads. Most of these leads stay there for long. This happens because some of the sales professionals don’t have the time to keep a check on it.

When they finally remember about those leads, they randomly assign it to their team members.

Some prospects don’t have the time to wait; that’s why they need immediate solutions for their problems. By the time the lead is assigned, and the sales representative contacts the prospect, it is too late.

The prospect easily finds an alternate solution in that period. Many opportunities are lost due to such haphazard management of the leads.

To avoid this, the top sales performers, automate this process of assigning new leads to the sales reps. Define the workflows that automatically gets triggered when a new lead is created.

A lot of time is saved by automating this task of assigning leads. Moreover, the leads get attention in real-time.

4. Automated research

Finding a new customer’s information in an arduous task. Most of the sales professionals spend hours on it. Which is why they don’t get enough time to focus on planning their sales strategies.

The top sales performers conveniently take the help of an automation tool. This advanced tool offers third-party integration to get the functionality of enriching the profile.

With this functionality, all the necessary information is automatically updated. The system automatically fetches the contact information, email address, company profile and any other information of the new customers and updates it quickly.

Top sellers don’t need to browse through different sites for finding details about a customer. Their customers’ profile is enriched in seconds.

5. Automatically activity creation

A sales process consists of multiple activities. Sales rep need to do a lot of tasks like create notes for following-up with the prospect and send informative emails for engaging the customers.

Few sales reps manage these activities manually and so forget most of it, while the smart ones set workflows and automate it. They set up an organized environment for automatically creating activities.

For instance, they set condition-based reminders for sending automated follow-up emails at a certain time and date. This is how they get their work done faster.

Intelligent Workflows — Fast & easy selling

One of the most popular tactics for eliminating manual tasks and increasing productivity is workflow automation. You can easily set up rules to automate your day-to-day tasks and give more time to close deals.

With the help of intelligent workflows, sales team members can put time-wasting or low valued tasks on autopilot so that they can focus on building relationships.

Workflows in CRM

CRM software are built for building long-lasting relationships with customers. CRM vendors provide power-packed features within their software to provide a better experience and ease their sales process.

Workflow automation is one of the powerful features that simply allows you to automate CRM-related tasks to reduce the execution time and increase overall productivity.

Day-to-day CRM tasks like sending welcome emails to new subscribers or customers, assigning deals to specific sales reps, or contacting relevant parties, can all be automated using condition-based or date based workflows.

Salesmate CRM is one such CRM that can help your organization to manage, optimize, and automate your day-to-day business activities with a simple yet smart interface.

Sales reps can transform time-consuming and complicated sales processes into consistent and winning strategies. Workflow automation from Salesmate lets you provide your customers with an excellent experience by automating most of your day to day tasks.

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Wrapping up

Sales automation software is a tool for the modern sales team. It has helped many top sales performers in paving their way to success. It can help you in achieving your sales targets. With this advanced tool, you can automate most of the non-selling activities and save you precious hours.

You can either opt for an individual tool or use it within a sales CRM. When you use sales automation within a sales CRM like Salesmate, you even get access to wide a range of other features that can help you in closing your deals faster.

This feature-rich system doesn’t only help in automating a major part of sales but also aids in streamlining your sales process, managing contact database, creating insightful sales reports and tracking sales emails.


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