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How to close a sales call with perfection

If you thought getting a prospect to get on a sales call was difficult, you might need to take a step back because closing a sales call is equally tricky. 

You can do everything right during a sales call, but a single error while closing the sales call and you’ve lost a potential customer!  

Therefore, along with sales call scripts for initiating the conversations, you also need to know how you’ll close a sales call. 

If you want to close a sales call that will get you a customer, then you need to be aware of various ways you can close a sales call. So, you can use different ways on different kind of prospects and close deals faster. 

In this article, I’m sharing tips on how you can close a sales call with perfection and maintain long lasting relationship with your prospect. 

5 ways to close a sales call that works in every situation 

Various factors come into play when you are trying to close a sales call; are you trying to secure another meeting, trying to close a deal, or getting them onboard? 

Your response should consider the main purpose of your sales call and then you can close your sales call accordingly. So, keep on reading to find out in which ways you can close a sales call that leaves an impact on your prospect. 

1. When in doubt, close with a question 

Whenever you are stuck on a sales call and don’t know how to close it without seeming awkward, always go for a question. It will get a response from your prospect and you’ll be able to finish the conversation in a subtle manner.  

You could ask them for the next appointment or if you’ve already nurtured the prospect, you could question whether they’d be interested in your free demo. Question-based close helps you determine the true thoughts of your prospects and helps you make the right decision of pursuing them further. 

Below are a few examples of closing a sales call with a question –  

  • “That sounds perfect! Shall we go ahead and set up a date for free demo so you can understand the product features?” 
  • “I hope I have made everything clear about the company, however, is there anything you’d like to know more about?” 
  • “Now that you’ve had a chance to look at our product features, do you think it takes care of your pain points? 
  • “I understand your concern, how about we set up a meeting with the company’s product manager so you can resolve your queries?” 

These were some of the most effective and easy questions that you can ask when you’re closing a sales call. if your prospect still has queries or specific concerns, you need to listen proactively so you can guide the prospect to the next stage in your sales pipeline. 

Question-based close enables you to qualify the leads based on their level of interest in your product or service. 

2. Sense of urgency gets the work done faster 

Yes, your prospect might seem interested in your product or service, however, are they really ready to close the deal? 

Unnecessary delay in the sales pipeline is not only time consuming but also refrains you from focusing on the right prospects that might be more interested in making the purchase. 

With a time-sensitive close, there’s urgency in your offer, which may lead to faster deal closure. a prospect that’s clear of their requirements will go ahead and close the deal when you close a sales call with time-sensitive statement. 

Some examples of such method of closing of sales call are –  

  • “Currently we have an exclusive offer going on for our new customers that will be valid only until coming Thursday. So, if you’re interested in grabbing our offer, let’s finalize the deal and we can move further.” 
  • “We only have three spots left for this quarter and five people have already shown their interests, so kindly let me know your decision at the earliest. 
  • “Every customer that signs up with us during this weekend will receive priority on upcoming updates.” 

3. Last minute sign-up bonus to seal the deal 

It’s human psychology to ask for special discounts whenever we’re making any kind of purchase. 

Likewise, your prospect might also ask for certain discount or free extended subscription, so you should be ready with the right answers. 

Before you get on a sales call, you need to determine what kind of last-minute offer or discount you’d be providing to your prospect so they’re motivated to close the deal. This way, you won’t get confused when the prospect makes a demand. 

Examples of closing a sales call by offering special discounts –  

  • “Okay, on top of the new sign-up discount i offered to you, I can also add one month of free subscription to your purchase if you sign-up today.” 
  • “So, hear me out, I am offering you an extra 15% discount on my previous offer if you sign-up by tomorrow.” 
  • “I noticed that your requirements included purchasing a few add-ons, so let me offer you those add-ons as a sign-up bonus if you make the purchase today.” 

Prospects are often undecisive during the early stages, so offering something extra certainly gives you an added advantage when you’re on a sales call. However, ensure that you don’t give away your offer early on; negotiate first and then persuade the prospect with your enticing offer. 

4. Offer alternative options  

Let’s be honest, a product or service might not work for different types of prospects. Therefore, sometimes your prospect might seem uninterested or confused with your value proposition. 

In such a scenario, your best option to retain the prospect and convert them into long-lasting customer is by offering alternatives. Your main product might not interest your prospect, but your other product might! 

Let’s see how you can close a sales call by offering alternative deals –  

  • “I understand that this product might not be the perfect fit for your company, so I’m proposing a better and effective alternative – our second-best software that is exactly as per your requirements.” 
  • “If you aren’t sure about my current offer, we also have various other services that you can look at. So, you can only select the package with basic features and later on you’ll have an option to upgrade as well.” 

5. Highlight your value proposition 

One of the most perfect way of closing a sale scall is by highlighting the key points of your offering. You need to remember that you won’t be closing the deal on every sales call, so what’s your second option? 

Highlighting the value proposition at the end of the sales call so the prospect has clear idea of what they’re getting out of the deal and may be persuaded to go further in the sales pipeline. 

Here’s how you can highlight the value proposition at the end of your sales call –  

“So, you’re getting 1-year contract at discounted price which is inclusive of 24 hours customer support, free downloadable resources from our extensive library and free onboarding.”  

Just a quick recap is sufficient to remind your prospect of the benefits they’re getting from your company.  

Final thoughts 

Sales calls doesn’t have to be complicated; just be genuine with your prospects and you’ll surely form long-lasting connections with them. 

Yes, it’s recommended to go along with the conversation when you’re on a sales call, but it’s also necessary to be prepared with closing statements so what you don’t have to wonder how to close a sales call.  

Jainy Patel

Being an ardent reader and content editor, Jainy draws inspiration from every situation and story. She spends her time developing creative content to invoke the reader's interest. An ambivert with an interest in art, when she's not writing, you'll find her reading or occupied in a creative project.

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