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Pipedrive is a popular CRM used by hundreds of sales teams. If
you’re thinking about choosing Pipedrive as your growth partner,
you must check out this Pipedrive vs. Salesmate comparison first.

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Pipedrive vs. Salesmate: Comparison

Is Pipedrive really worth the cost? Check out the Salesmate vs. Pipedrive CRM comparison and make the right call!

FeaturessalesmatePipe Drive
Contact Managementtruetrue
Deal ManagementUnlimited, in all plansUnlimited starts at $59.90/U/M
Custom Fields200+, same for all plansOnly 30 in Essential
2-way Email SyncYes, for all plansStarts at $19.90/U/M
Drag & Drop Email BuilderYes, for all plansVia Add-on
Customizable Email TemplatesYes, for all plansStarts at $19.90/U/M
Personalized Email SignatureYes, for all plansStarts at $19.90/U/M
Email TrackingYes, for all plansStarts at $19.90/U/M
Bulk EmailsYes, for all plansStarts at $19.90/U/M
Web FormsYes, for all plansVia Add-on
Meeting SchedulerYes, for all plansStarts at $19.90/U/M
Schedule Video CallsYes, for all plansStarts at $19.90/U/M
Built-in CallingYes, for all plansStarts at $39.90/U/M
Power DialerBuilt-inVia Intergation
Built-in Text MessegingYes, for all plansNot available
Contact TimelineYes, for all plansStarts at $39.90/U/M
Google Drive IntegrationYes, for all plansStarts at $39.90/U/M
Shared Team InboxStarts at $24/U/MNot available
Workflow AutomationYes, for all plansStarts at $19.90/U/M
SequencesStarts at $24/U/MNot available
ReportsNo limitsLimited
Live Chat & ChatbotsVia Add-onVia Add-on
Campaign ManagementVia Add-onVia Add-on
G2 Ratings star 4.6 star 4.2
Pricing Basic - $23/U/M Pro - $39/U/M Business -$63/U/MEnterprise - Custom Essential - $9.90/U/M Advanced - $19.90/U/M Professional - $39.90/U/MEnterprise - $59.90/U/M
Lowest rated
Highest rated
star Best-in-class
($) Additional investment required

Disclaimer: All the information, prices, and data are verified as of November 2020. All logos and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Usage is done purely for the comparison purpose only. To report any incorrect or outdated information, please get in touch with us.

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A truly affordable platform. Not the illusion of affordability!

Pipedrive Essential Plan is really an effort to push more businesses to
buy higher plans. Choose the right growth partner.


Why is Salesmate the best alternative to Pipedrive CRM?

See what Salesmate is capable of for your sales, marketing, and customer success teams.

pipeline & deal management

There’s really no limit to pipeline and deal creation. Customize unlimited pipelines and deals suitable for your business. Drag and drop deals in Pipeline Management will make your everyday business super-easy!

  • Pipeline Management
  • Deal Management
  • Custom Pipeline Stages
  • Contact Management

We’ve evaluated Pipedrive, Zoho, Freshworks, Nutshell, etc. We believe Salesmate is by far, the best value for money.

Chitti B
Jaime Nacach Verified Verified Customer
Create and customize unlimited deals & pipelines
Experience the true power of automation

Sales automation

Salesmate is designed to offer more productivity to sales teams. Experience industry-best sales automation capabilities and deliver your best every day.

  • Sales Sequences
  • Workflow Automation
  • Power Dialer
  • Smart Queues
  • Bulk Emails
  • Bulk SMS

Top rated across all platforms

Customers have rated us the best compared to any other software across review platforms like G2, Gartner, TrustRadius.

High Performer 2024
user love us 2024
Easiest to do business with SPRING
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Communication channels

Communication is the most significant need for a sales team. Surprisingly, that can be the biggest challenge if you don’t pick the right tools. Salesmate empowers your sales teams to communicate without boundaries.

  • Built-in Calling
  • Built-in Text Messaging
  • 2-way Email Sync
  • Video Conferencing
  • Meeting Scheduler
Drive long-term relationships with meaningful conversations
Witness progress with insightful reports and dashboards


Want to see your data in a more meaningful way? Salesmate Reports and Dashboards are designed to update you about everyday progress in a structured way so that you can make the right choices.

  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Pre-made Templates
  • Campaign-level Insights
  • Email Tracking
  • Contact Timeline
Looks promising? Take a test drive.

Explore every value-driven feature of Salesmate for 15 days,
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What does Salesmate have that
Pipedrive hasn’t?

Look at these 4 built-in features you’ll miss in Pipedrive CRM. This makes Salesmate one of
the best Pipedrive alternatives, hands down!


Salesmate Power Dialer empowers you to call multiple contacts in a row without manually dialing numbers. Power Dialer helps you achieve apex calling productivity, without a doubt.

With Pipedrive, you don’t get this feature built-in. You need to pay extra for integrations.

Skyrocket sales calling productivity
Leverage text messaging in sales & marketing

TEXT messaging

Text messaging is believed to offer the highest open rates among all the channels. Emails and texts combined have given extraordinary results in sales and marketing. Pipedrive has missed this critical channel built-in.

Love the ability to send a text, email, and call a contact all in one software.

Chitti B
Benjamin M. Verified Verified Customer


Why take manual follow-ups when automation can do it flawlessly? Salesmate Sequence lets you design a series of follow-ups for the entire conversation. The Sequence will keep following up as per your rules and stops once the prospect responds. You can even combine emails and texts for automated follow-ups.

Pipedrive CRM has simply missed this feature built-in.

Let the automation take care of follow-ups
Share a pizza and an inbox!


Manage common sales/support email inboxes as a team and resolve customer queries like a real team. Collaborate and assign conversations to the right teammate. Drop notes and make comments for better CX. Pipedrive does not offer this feature

The best Pipedrive alternative for a reason!

Experience all the value-driven features that Pipedrive CRM lacks. Take
a 15-day free trial without credit cards!


Not just a sales CRM. Salesmate is a Unified
Customer Platform

Salesmate is built to bring sales, marketing, and CX teams together for better collaboration and decision-making.

Web Forms
Web Forms

Design beautiful web forms and turn visitors into leads from landing pages

Live Chat & Chatbots
Live Chat & Chatbots

Connect with online visitors and deliver superior CX

Shared Team Inbox
Shared Team Inbox

Collaborate like a true customer success team and share an inbox

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Send highly personalized email newsletters to masses

Drag & Drop Email Builder
Drag & Drop Email Builder

Create beautiful & re-usable email templates in minutes

Marketing Campaigns
Marketing Campaigns

Create marketing journeys and execute campaigns in minutes

Web Visitor Tracking
Web Visitor Tracking

Extract visitor interests and pick the best approach in sales & marketing

700+ Integrations
700+ Integrations

Connect Salesmate with the tools you already use!

Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

Absolutely amazing iOS and Android apps for remote teams


Save massive money with Salesmate!

You don’t have to spend thousands of bucks annually for a solid CRM. Choose from our simple plans.


Build & organize your sales function


per user/month

$276, billed annually Or $29 per user if billed monthly


Automate sales and close more deals


per user/month

$468, billed annually Or $49 per user if billed monthly

Most Popular

Become a revenue machine


per user/month

$756, billed annually Or $79 per user if billed monthly


Perfect fit for enterprise sales teams


Connect with our sales team for enterprise pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find answers!

1. What are the best Pipedrive alternatives and competitors?

According to the value-additional features and pricing, these are the best alternative to Pipedrive. You can check out their comparison with Salesmate. 

Copper CRM




Close CRM

Keap CRM

Also, you can check Pipedrive vs. Salesmate detailed comparison in the table above. 

2. Should you choose Pipedrive free alternatives?

Pipedrive free alternatives might look attractive at first, but any free CRM is a risky choice. Free Pipedrive CRMs attract you with limited features initially. Once you’re familiar and habituated with the system, you have to move to costly pricing plans when you really need more functionalities.

We would rather suggest picking from Pipedrive alternatives that are affordable for your business. Choose a CRM with sorter pricing. Think a couple of years ahead of your needs and see if it would be still affordable.

3. What makes Salesmate the best alternative to Pipedrive?

Salesmate is among the best alternative to Pipedrive because it comes with features like Power Dialer, Built-in Text Messaging, Sales Sequences, and Shared Team Inbox that Pipedrive does not offer. 

These 4 features are crucial for sales excellence and elevated efficiency. 

4. Pipedrive vs. Salesmate. Which one is best for Startups or Small businesses?

Salesmate, is a perfect alternative to Pipedrive CRM, that provides a lot more value. When you compare Pipedrive vs. Salesmate pricing, Pipedrive’s Essential plan comes at $9.90, but does not offer a lot to a growing business. In order to get more value, a growing business has to shift to a higher plan – I.e., Advanced at $19.90/user/month. 

Salesmate provides every crucial feature in its Starter plan, starting at just $12/user/month. So technically, you can compare Salesmate’s Starter plan with Pipedrive’s Advanced plan, and still find our platform more valuable.

5. Is Salesmate just a CRM?

Salesmate is not just an alternative to Pipedrive CRM, but a complete solution. Salesmate is a CRM + unified customer platform that offers functionalities to sales, marketing, and CX teams, all under one platform. 

6. Can I try Salesmate for free?

Absolutely. Salesmate offers 15-day free trial. We don’t need your credit card details for this trial. You can use this free trial to explore every functionality of Salesmate at your own pace. Once you find Salesmate suitable for your business, you can pick from our simple pricing, right from the app itself.