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The Salesmate CRM 2019 year in review – Our achievements

We hope this post finds you in your best holiday spirit.

From everybody at Salesmate, we wanted to thank you for trusting us and being a part of our journey so far.

This year has been an incredible year of growth.

It would not have been possible without each and every one of you using our product and providing us valuable feedback, so we can continue to grow our product.

The year 2019 has been an exciting year for everyone that has been part of the Salesmate family.

We released major product updates which improved the speed and functionality of our service so that your business can increase its revenue.

This year in review will highlight what we worked on this year towards providing world-class service to our customers, with the help of our hard-working team.

The constant feedback from all our clients kept us motivated to give our best.

Let’s go through this year in review and look at the major events.

Awards and recognition by best-in-the-business review sites

In this year in review, you saw our efforts being rewarded!

Truly speaking, this is what keeps us going and we are excited to provide businesses with the best CRM to win more deals.

Here’s the list of awards and recognition Salesmate CRM received in the year 2019.

Finances Online

With a rating of 4.7-star, Salesmate CRM has made the sales process of startups and small business owners easier and less tardy. Use Salesmate CRM for your startup and turn your reps into rockstarts.

Apart from our users, the platform recognized our efforts and provided two honorable titles to our CRM for small businesses.

  • Rising Star
  • Premium Usability


With a 4.6-star rating, Salesmate CRM has been empowering sales teams in closing deals faster by bringing the most important deals and actions to the front.

No doubt we bagged two valuable awards from Capterra.

  • Best Value 2019
  • Ease of Use 2019


As a leading CRM solution for small to large businesses, we have been empowering sales teams to close deals faster by bringing the most important deals and actions to the front of your sales team fingers.

It was an honor to receive this award from G2.

And hey, the 4.6-star rating showcases our hard work towards providing a seamless sales software to budding businesses.

  • High Performer Spring 2019

Gartner FrontRunners 2019

Still standing strong since August 2018 as the top product in the Gartner FrontRunners® methodology.

Integrations for efficiency and productivity

We came up with various productive integrations to help the business make the most of their routine.

The integrations were done around automation to let our users save more selling time and get rid of busywork.

  • InvoiceBerry
  • QuickBooks
  • MPZMail
  • Sakari

Goals we had set for 2019

The plan for 2019 was to make everything simple for all our clients.

We kept working on making our product user-friendly based on client feedback.

The goal was to keep helping small and mid-size businesses to grow their revenue.

We worked on automation so that you could have more time for selling.

Feature launch and product updates

The year saw us coming out with various important feature launches and product updates.

Let’s take a walk down that lane.

Major features launched

We tweaked and tinkered our CRM software to suit the requirements of the users.

We want you to enjoy more freedom from manual labor.


We launched our automated sales follow-up system in the form of sequences.

The idea behind launching this feature was to help businesses drive better engagement with their contacts by creating a measurable series of touchpoints.

Shared team inbox

We thought of providing you with a collaborative workspace for managing all your group emails.

So, we launched a shared team inbox within Salesmate.

The purpose of this update was to enable all your team members across different departments to come together for providing better customer service.

Fresher Salesmate CRM

An enhanced user interface to freshen up the look and feel.

Easy navigations, fresh new look, 2x loading speed, and option to choose between dark and light mode!

Everything that a team needs to stay focused and productive.

Save calls against companies

We gifted our users with the power of recognizing business as an individual!

Our update was focused on allowing users to save their B2B calls with an identity.

The thought process that went into this update was for our users to enjoy seamless ease-of-use while making calls, logging the calls and sending out texts to the businesses.

Calendar view

Our calendar view updates targeted synchronization between your team member’s availability, their tasks, and activities towards their current deals.

This update also made it easier for our users to stay updated with the scheduled calls and meetings using smart filters.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

We added an extra layer of security with 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication).

The purpose was to provide 2x security to Salesmate users and their sensitive data stored inside the CRM.

Call masking

This update was pushed for providing our users with a brand identity.

Rather than showcasing a typical caller ID, we allowed our users to go for a personal number.

In sales, having a personal number showcasing on the prospects’ mobile screen increases the chance of them picking the call.

Team Inbox follower list

Want to know which emails are the hot favorite or most important?

Need info about the number of team members involved in assisting a customer or prospect inside the team inbox?

We pushed the follower list to clear out some air regarding this.

Automate birthday and anniversary greetings

Enhanced workflows based on the functionality where users could create, and capture date-based custom fields.

We made it easier for your team members to send automatic emails to customers and prospects on their special days like birthday or anniversary.

Manage the number of rings

We understand your sales reps heavily depend on calls for communicating with prospects and customers.

And their availability to receive calls is one major factor in managing the turnaround time of responding to the contacts.

We enabled you to manage the number of rings before transferring the call to another available team member or diverting it to voicemail.

Product module

A business owner might deal with multiple products or services.

Our product module feature was launched with the purpose of making every product information easily available to the users.

The feature allowed our users to view their deals and products on a unified dashboard.

Also, this feature made it easier for them to track and maintain records of everything they had in their inventory, right from quantity to price.

Mobile CRM enhancements

The modern business world moves on mobility.

So, we made sure that the best CRM software has enhanced mobile functionality too.

Text message scheduling

Salesmate CRM for text messaging allows you to schedule your messages as per the time zone where your customers and prospects reside in for convenient message delivery.

Schedule your text messages as per the working hours.

Track on-field sales team members

Communication between the manager and the sales team is crucial for making the most of their daily on-field sales visits.

Salesmate solved the issues related to out-of-office productivity by allowing the manager to track their on-field sales agents.

Our geo-location tracking update lets the managers know about the current location of sales reps/team members.

Call transfer

Call transfer enables users to forward any incoming calls to an alternate number.

This feature was launched for helping your sales team members smartly transfer their call to a colleague for providing a better experience to the prospect or customer.

Text conversation view

We came up with an effective two-way communication Salesmate CRM has added the conversation view to its text messages.

With our text conversation view, users do not need to waste their selling time scavenging through their inbox to find a specific message.

Multiple attachments

The update made it easier for users to insert multiple attachments at a time while sending emails to their prospects or clients using our Salesmate CRM app.

Activity recurrence, rescheduling, and quick action in geo-location screen

We brought in quick actions to the activity module.

The update made activity recurrence and rescheduling easy for sales team members who make sales on-the-go.

See contacts enrolled in a sequence

With Sequences, we made automation at the forefront of our software. We will be bringing the functionality to the mobile CRM app too.

To make things easier for on-field and remote sales team members, the Salesmate CRM app displays the contacts who have been enrolled in a sequence using the web app.

So, what’s the plan for 2020!

We hope you got the zest of our achievements from this year in review.

We are more excited about 2020!

Salesmate CRM plan for 2020

As a SaaS startup, our business goal is to provide better services to the customers.

As you can see, we are moving towards achieving the goal of becoming an industry leader in the CRM niche.

The goal remains the same, enhance your business process so that it compliments your growth and scalability.

Next year will be feature-rich and action-packed.

We thank you all for staying with us on this great journey and we would love to see it through, with you!

See you for the next year in review.

Happy holidays from us all at Salesmate – the smart sales CRM.


A writer with an uncommon funny bone and a knack for perfection, Saptarshi loves to write about anything that can be of help to businesses, people, and dogs! A true human at heart, he likes to spend most of his time researching the internet to find ways technology is influencing our daily life (positively).

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