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Sales Tips for SaaS Companies to Increase Conversions

Sales tips for SaaS companies to increase conversions

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With the increasing popularity of the SaaS products, the competition is also proliferating with great pace in the industry.

Just building an excellent product or offering free trials and discounts is not sufficient to expand your profit margins.

It is pointless if the trial users of your SaaS-based product are not converting into actual customers.

There are many points you need to consider beyond the discounts and free trials to achieve the desired sales results.

Here are few sales tips that will help you in boosting your conversions:

1. Personalize your sales calls

Ensure you are well acquainted with the prospect’s requirements and company before you contact them.

Calling and presenting the brighter picture of your product will just be a waste of time.

Prospects who opted for a free trial must have got an idea of your product and they wouldn’t like to hear the same information all over again.

So instead of calling and speaking about the excellent features of your products, try to-

  • Discuss about the business challenges they are facing and how will your SaaS product help them in overcoming these challenges.
  • Drill deeper into the benefit that the prospect will receive on using your product.
  • Differentiate yourself from the competitors by highlighting the distinctive functionalities.

For discussing about their pain points, you will need to know them first.

For which you will have to garner information about them and maintain it systematically for easy reference.

A CRM solution can help you in doing that.

With a SaaS CRM, you can seamlessly streamline the contacts and the information related to it.

Connecting with prospects gets easier when the information you need is easily available to access when you need it.

2. Don’t wait, call your trial signups immediately

As a SaaS company, you need to be alert about opportunities and react instantaneously.

One such opportunity is when someone signs up for a free trial. Most of the SaaS companies wait until the trial period ends to contact the prospects.

The first few days after the signup are crucial as the prospect is trying to understand the functionalities of your product.

This is the right time to connect and show them the true value of your solution.

Help them leverage the benefits while they are using your product to understand it better.

3. Keep the trial period as short as possible

30 days trial period is a standard time frame followed by most of the SaaS companies in the industry. But why follow the crowd?

Your product might not be that complex; it can be understood in 10 to 15 days. So, set your free trial period accordingly.

When people know there is less time they take more interest in understanding the product as soon as possible to find its benefits.

4. Follow up without fail

Prospects need to be chased; they don’t have time for you nor do they remember your product.

You need to remind them you exist that too without annoying them.

Active follow-up conveys a message that you are interested in working with the prospect.

Being consistent doesn’t mean getting on their nerves by nudging them constantly.

Things you need to consider while following up:

  • Give them time to think by keeping proper gaps between your follow-ups.
  • The gaps shouldn’t be too long that they might forget your product.
  • Provide value through follow up by focusing on their needs instead of yours.
  • Don’t give up if they don’t seem positive.

Nowadays, there are many smart sales tools available in the market that aids in managing your sales deals by reminding you about follow-ups and meetings.

Using such tools, you can set reminders and schedule emails to ensure you reach the prospect at the right time.

With these smart technologies, you can not only schedule emails but even track your sales emails to find of out if they are being read or ignored.

5. Use short demos

While giving demos, most of the sales reps feel “the more, the better”.

Well not really, you don’t need to specify each minute detail about your SaaS product.

By doing that you are just turning a demo into a boring training session.

Be precise and display what’s necessary for the prospect.

Don’t take more than 20 minutes to demonstrate how your product can solve their problem.

Make the demo interactive by asking questions where necessary to ensure they understand your product.

Demos can help you win a deal if you present it smartly.

6. Analyze your past sales before you proceed

Pondering over your past sales is important to move forward successfully.

Analyzing your historical sales data by creating detailed reports can help in identifying levers that needs to be pulled to yield fruitful results in the future.

Such sales insights help in determining trends and understanding reasons for low conversions.

You can figure out what’s not working and know which aspect of your software or service needs to be upgraded for improving your sales results.

7. Build credibility by displaying testimonials

Testimonials can help in establishing trust and increasing conversions if used correctly.

It is the best medium to introduce your prospect to your existing client who had the similar problem for showing how did your product helped them.

Prospects can relate to testifiers of the same industry and think of going forward with the product if they find something positive.

So, use the testimonials wisely to convert your potential prospects into future testifiers for your SaaS product.

Closing thoughts

You should keep innovating and exploring new techniques and technologies for your business growth.

Even if you are doing good, you shouldn’t stop innovating as your competitors are consistently brainstorming new ideas to excel and your buyers are constantly looking for better products to succeed.

So, keep upgrading your SaaS product to exceed the expectation of your clients.

Stay conversant with new techniques and tool to not only innovate your product but also increase its sales.

One such technology is Salesmate CRM that can help you in managing the sales of your SaaS product.

With this advanced sales tool, you can

  • effortlessly manage your deals
  • streamline your contact information
  • track emails
  • automate data entry
  • integrate with multiple apps
  • create customized reports
  • forecast future revenue

If you have any query or want to know more about its feature, then get in touch with our team they will guide you.

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