More leads don’t necessarily mean more sales. There is no point in creating new ones if your sales pipeline is already filled with leads that are not reaching the closing stage. To improve your conversions, you need to augment your sales velocity and quickly move the leads through various stages of the sales pipeline.

Take a closer look at the leads in your sales funnel and analyze the factors affecting the progress of these leads. Try to measure the length of the sales cycle and spot the issues. Once you acquaint yourself with the problem, work on the solution.

For succeeding in sales and converting more leads into sales, your approach toward the leads and strategy to manage it needs to be appropriate. The below Infographic will guide you through the sales journey to quickly reach and pass the narrow phase of your sales funnel.

Sales Lead Conversion Stuggle


Avoid the leaky funnel by following the above-mentioned techniques and make the most of your opportunities. The conversion from a lead into a sale seems like a long journey that can be very time-consuming. However, the length depends on the methods you use to manage your deals. If you embrace a smart sales management CRM like Salesmate you will be able to simplify the complex sales process and close more deals in less time by leveraging its exclusive automation, integration and tracking features.

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