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How recording your sales calls can help in improving your win rate

How sales call recording can improve your win rate

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“This call/session may be monitored and recorded for record-keeping, training and quality assurance purposes.”

How often have you heard this message while trying to contact any organization or financial institution?

Most of the companies record their inbound and outbound calls to gain helpful insights and improve the overall performance of their business.

65% of businesses consider phone calls their most valuable, highest quality source of leads.

Being a part of a sales-driven organization, if you are not recording your valuable sales calls, then you are missing out on ample opportunities.

So, start it right away.

Why record sales calls?

Sales call recording is the best way to keep track of the conversation you have with your potential sales prospects or valuable customers. Every sales call has a wealth of information that can help in meeting your sales prospect needs and guide you in closing a deal.

Here are the reasons why you should be recording your sales call:

1. Pick customer details you might have missed

There are too many thoughts running in your head while speaking to your customers. The pressure keeps building as the conversation proceeds. You are expected to ask relevant questions, discover your prospect’s concern and cover the benefits of your product. There are chances to miss one or the other important details mentioned by the potential prospect when you have so much to do.

With call recording, you can preserve all the vital details related to your prospects and provide a good buying experience.

  • You don’t have to ask the sales prospect to repeat the information during the next call
  • Noisy environment or unclear accent won’t bother you
  • Replay the recorded call whenever you want and take notes of important information

“Make every interaction count, even the small ones. They all are relevant” – Shep Hyken

2. Effective team coaching

Managing a huge team is difficult, but you need to have every update about their interactions with the clients. By recording the calls, you can monitor your team’s performance and uncover the areas of improvement.

It gives an opportunity to strengthen your team. Conduct one-to-one meetings and listen to the recorded calls with them. Give your feedback and share your expectations. Point out the flaws and guide them with a better sales approach.

“Champions keep playing until they get it right.” Billie Jean King, Tennis

The best part about recorded calls is that with its help, you can avoid instances where sales reps refuse to accept their mistake. Instantly replay the call and highlight the error.

By analyzing the sales call you can:

  • Find out if the sales team is following the set guidelines in every conversation.
  • Check if they are having a meaningful conversation with the prospects and addressing their problems.
  • Create a communication training plan to brush the skills of your sales team.
  • Provide tips to handle difficult sales calls and tricky scenarios.
  • Identify the best performers and use their call recording to train average performers as well as new sales reps.

3. Improve product or service

As we know sales professionals don’t only have to focus on acquiring new customers but also find ways to retain existing ones and boost repeat sales.

Businesses that grow their customer retention rates by as little as 5% typically see profit increases ranging from 25% to 95%. Moreover, a satisfied customer can acquaint you with new opportunities.

“If you do build a great experience, customers will tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful” Jeff Bezos

Loyal customers are 5x as likely to repurchase, 5x as likely to forgive, 7x as likely to try a new offering, and 4x as likely to refer – Source

To create a base of such loyal customers, you need to ensure your product is providing value to them. Call recording can help you with this. You can share the recorded calls with the product development team to improve the performance of your products/ services.

“There is always a space for improvement, no matter how long you’ve been in the business” – Oscar De La Hoya

Hearing the call recordings, you can find out:

  • What do customers like about your product/service?
  • Where are they facing trouble?
  • What is missing?
  • What needs to be changed?

Collecting such information can help in enhancing the product/services for attracting more buyers and increasing your sales.

4. Create great customer stories

Most of the time when customers are happy using the product they express it through compliments. This positive experience can be turned into success stories for attracting the attention of potential buyers.

Providing a real-life experience can help in influencing a purchasing decision. So, review the call at your convenient time and note the praises.

With call recording:

  • You can focus on specifics rather than exaggerating what your customer said
  • You can pick plus points from the different conversations and publish it as a testimonial after taking permission from your client.

5. Resolve disputes

“Customer is always right” sometimes this phrase is misused in the business world where everyone is focused on gaining profits. There are conflicting situations where a company cannot offend a customer. In such scenarios, recorded calls are of great help to prove the truth.

For instance, a sales rep offering a SaaS product might have committed a 10% discount for the first month, but the customer misunderstood it for a year. So, using the recorded call, the statements can be verified to avoid conflicts.

By recording calls, you can:

  • Keep an authentic record of sales communication
  • Protect your company’s reputation as well as prove your point
  • Forward the recorded call to a customer to solve an issue

6. Enhance your sales strategy

You will achieve the same results if you continue using the old method. For achieving the best results, it is necessary to refine and optimize your sales strategies consistently.

“Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident” A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Replay your sales call recording and identify the common problems and objections that arise from the client’s end. Understand why the cold calls are not converting into meetings and what is the reason for a longer sales cycle.

Recording helps you in:

  • Identifying the major sales obstacles.
  • Creating a plan to address the hurdles to growth in real-time.
  • Finding out what sales statements stimulate a positive response.

Record with the right tool

CRM software is one of the best tools for sales professionals as it systematically streamlines the customer and sales-related data in one place. Few of the modern ones even have built-in virtual phone system so that you can make and receive calls without toggling between applications.

Win more sales calls with CRM with call recording

Feature rich CRM with built in phone system

Try Salesmate for Free

All the information you need is instantly accessible, so you can seamlessly refer to it while communicating with your clients. Moreover, the advanced CRM software renders the flexibility to record calls automatically.

A CRM with a call recording feature makes work faster and easier. You don’t have to keep reminding yourself to record each communication.

Wrapping up

Sales call recording is one of the important things that can help you in winning more sales and improving your business. You can track the calls to see what’s working and which areas need extra attention. You can use it as proof to handle difficult situations.

A lot can be done by recording your sales calls provided you make the most of it. Several businesses record their conversation but fail to use it. Discover new opportunities and identify risk on time by recording your sales calls.

Use this excellent feature of recording calls with high-end technology like Salesmate to reach your goals. Salesmate is powered with built-in calling features so you can not only record all your sales call but also take notes, send text, automatically log calls and create insightful calling reports for tracking performance.

Try one of the best CRM for small businesses and explore every feature for 15-days completely free.

Disclaimer: Before enabling call recording, ensure you have followed the privacy law and other legislative norms of the particular city.

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