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Use CRM telephony for better customer communication

Salesmate CRM has now released virtual phone system (CRM Telephony) feature.

The feature enables sales pprofessionals to move freely and achieve their daily sales metrics.

No more menial work of dialing numbers, which means spontaneous client interactions using Salesmate’s virtual phone system.

Work faster and effectively by finding whatever you need in one place.

Don’t let geographical location be a hindrance in your business.

Get a USA virtual phone number along with other 80+ countries local and toll-free numbers.

Start making and receiving calls using  seamlessly.

Salesmate users can now:

  • Convert anonymous calls into new contacts
  • Take notes during the calls, which will be saved in the timeline
  • Set personalized voicemail message in case of unavailability
  • Forward calls to your phone
  • Use your old number by porting it into our virtual phone system

Focus on building long-lasting customer relationships

Focus on building long-lasting customer relationships

Wondering what did you discuss with your customers during the previous call?

Scroll through your customer’s profile during an inbound call and view the information inside your CRM telephony system.

Take control of your sales call and focus on their pain points to provide an excellent buying experience.

Enable collaboration and work from independent locations

Enable collaboration and work from independent locations

Do you want your Sales rep located in the UK to deal with a client in the USA?

Easily get UK virtual phone number and assign it to your sales reps.

Save your cost by assigning the same number to multiple sales reps.

Divide workload by automatically distributing calls through simultaneous and sequential ringing.

This ensures that someone is always there to attend the client’s incoming calls.


Evaluate your sales team performance

Evaluate your sales team performance

Know where your team members is spending their time and who are they speaking to, using call logs and analytics.

It is a great way to stay on top of your sales.

Keep a tab on your sales team calling activities and make strategies with insightful call reports.

Get key metrics on each sales rep with Salesmate sales calling software like

  • average call time
  • the outcome of their call
  • number of outbound/inbound call received per day

Record your calls for monitoring performance and training purposes

Record your calls for monitoring performance and training purposes

Never ignore the little things in sales as they might help you in closing the deal.

Record your calls to capture minute details you might have missed with single click.

By recording your conversation with the customer, you can get a better understanding of their business challenges.

This will help you create strategies to provide a solution.

Besides, sales managers can also use call recording of top sales performers for training the newly hired sales reps.

Manage call data from anywhere at any hour of the day and supercharge your client engagement.

Save all your customer interaction by integrating telephony into the CRM software.

To know more about Salesmate CRM telephony feature, click here.

If you are not a Salesmate user, then start exploring the system with a free trial and see how it will be beneficial for your business.

Want to know how it works? Check out our support portal.

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