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Merging emails and texts using sequences

I know in this fast-paced business world, it is difficult even to spare a few minutes. So, let’s just skip the general intro and look at a common scenario that you might have probably faced in your sales career.


You had a great two minutes conversation with a prospect. He agrees to meet you but needs a little time to check his schedule for giving a convenient time.

You agree to wait.

The hours turn into days, but you don’t hear from the potential prospect.

After a long wait, you decide to follow-up.

But still, don’t receive any response.

Some important task comes up and you eventually forget about the deal.

In this way, you might have abandoned many other deals and missed several lucrative opportunities.

50% of sales happen after 5 follow-ups. But sadly, the average sales reps make only 2 attempts to reach a prospect.

Yes, as a busy sales rep with big targets, it might get difficult to keep track of a deal and continuously follow-up.

But there is always a way to get your work done.

For instance, in this situation, you can take the help of sequences and put your follow-up on autopilot. You can either create email sequences or text sequences by adding a few stages and get them executed at different time intervals. For the best results, you can merge both email and text in a single sequence.


Well, I’ll get to that. But first, let’s look at email sequences and text sequences individually.

Email sequences

Email sequences

An email sequence is a series of emails sent at predetermined intervals. It is the best way of getting rid of the hassle of remembering to send continuous follow-up emails. It helps you in engaging and moving a prospect ahead in the sales journey. The emails can be conveniently executed at the time when the prospects are actively checking their inboxes.

You can add multiple steps in a single sequence and send as many emails as you like to follow-up with a potential prospect.

The prospect might not reply to the first email. They might even miss out on the second, but if your follow-up email is compelling, there are chances you might get a response to the third email.

You can create email sequences for different scenarios like for following up with the prospect post-meeting or after sending a proposal. Besides, automated email sequences are timesaving; through simple automation, you can follow-up seamlessly without any extra work.

Text sequences

Text sequences

Text sequences aren’t much different from email sequences. Here you use to the medium of text messages in a series for following-up with your prospects.

Text sequences is a convenient route to reach potential buyers. Being short, with limited characters, text messages have high chances of getting noticed.

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes

Whether you want to remind customers about the upcoming meeting or request for important details, you can do it easily with the help of text sequences. It is a simple yet effective way to capture the attention of potential buyers and prompt them to respond. However, for that, you need to ensure that your message isn’t too long. It should be short and precise.

As per research, text results to over 200% more responses and almost 300% higher “yes” responses compared to phone calls.

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How does the magic happen?

  • Simply create a sequence of emails/texts (Either draft new content or use predefined templates)
  • Set time intervals between the stages
  • Enroll single or bulk contacts
  • Set specific criteria for executing the emails/texts at the preferred time
  • Either let the sequences be executed automatically or step in and control the execution

Combining the two effective channels in a single sequence

No doubt, moving a lead forward in the sales process isn’t an easy task. Most of the follow-up activities fail to get a response from the prospect. Which is why you need to explore every channel and do all that it takes to drive action.

We all know that both texts and emails are very powerful channels with excellent capabilities.

Have you ever thought of merging these two powerful channels?

They can prove to be lucrative together.

Merge them in a sequence and explore their capabilities together.

Let me show you how.

Do you remember the above scenario where the prospect vanished suddenly without giving a convenient time for scheduling the meeting?

So here in that scenario, you could have made the prospect respond by following up through both email and text (SMS).

You could have easily created a single sequence with a few stages as emails and others as text.

Below is an example of that. (I have created a short sequence. You can add more stages if required)

Stage one – First follow-up email

Stage two – Second follow-up email

Stage three- Third follow-up text

This is how you can merge texts (SMS) and emails in a single sequence for making your follow-ups successful. Prospects might not check their inbox, but there are possibilities they may check the texts on their phones. Which is why merging texts and emails in a sequence can turn out to be helpful.

Things to keep in mind

Things to keep in mind

Email and text sequences can help in stimulating action from the prospects. They make follow-up much easier. However, for the sequences to be truly effective, you need to execute them in the right way.

Here are tips for successfully creating and executing email as well as text sequences.

  • Ensure each email and text in your sequence is short, to the point and impactful
  • Consider creating templates and reusing it to save your valuable time
  • Explore various sequences tools. You can even use a CRM that gives you the flexibility to design email and execute text sequences
  • Personalize the content before executing the sequences
  • Don’t keep your email and text sequences too long by adding many stages 
  • Keep proper time gaps between each stage. It shouldn’t appear as a spam
  • Create emails and text sequences report to find what’s working and where do you need to improve

Email and texts inside a Smart CRM

Having a smart tool that supports both email and texts can ease your work. Salesmate CRM is one such smart tool that allows you to create both text and email sequences effortlessly. It gives you the flexibility to play freely and experiment with your sequences.

After adding a few emails in the sequences, you can easily switch to texts and increase your chances of getting a response from your potential client. Besides in Salesmate CRM, you can even evaluate your past email and text sequences to see what worked and how can you optimize your outreach to get better results.

Wrapping up  

Follow-up is crucial for converting prospects into paying customers. The right follow-up approach is even more essential for increasing conversions. It is necessary to use the various channels of communication in the most effective way. Instead of using texts and emails separately, you can merge them in a sequence for driving the best results.

Try Salesmate CRM for free to explore how do email and text sequences work together.


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