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11 Actionable lead generation tactics for financial advisors

11 Actionable lead generation tactics for financial advisors

Financial advisor firms invest a lot of time and money in strategies that can drive ideal prospects for their business. Your lead generation strategy must be capable of giving colossal ROI.

If you facing challenges in generating high-quality leads, you’ve landed at the right place.

First, let’s take a look at the impact of lead generation for financial advisors.

What is lead generation for financial advisors? 

In a nutshell, lead generation in financial services aims to attract ideal prospects and convert them into leads for your financial business‚Äôs products or services. 

Whether you’re managing a full-fledged bank, credit union, registered investment advisor, financial advisor, or any other financial service, generating quality leads is necessary.  

We have listed the top actionable financial advisor lead generation tips and tactics that will drive massive leads to boom your business.

Let’s dive deep in.

11 Powerful tactics of lead generation for financial advisors 

Building strong customer relationships and consistently generating more new leads for every financial business is challenging.

According to the 2020 statistics by the Bureau of Labour, there are around 275,200 professional financial advisors in the U.S. These financial professionals make enormous efforts to achieve the desired result.

And without an actionable strategy, the lead generation for financial advisors is hard to attain.

So, to boost your lead generation efforts, check out our top 11 financial advisor leads generation strategies below.

1. Create a financial advisor website

A website works more like a digital business card for financial advisors. If your prospects want to learn about your financial services, surely, they will look for your website. 

You must build a professional website for your services containing all the critical information regarding your business. 

A professional financial advisor lead generation website must have the details:

  • About your company
  • Your financial product and services 
  • Unique selling points
  • Brief about the management team 
  • Social proof to win new web visitors  
  • Updated contact details

Your website should have a compelling web copy and be easy to navigate.

To understand better, you can see Blend Financial services’ unique and professional website below.

Blend Financial services' unique and professional website

One of the segments of Blend Financial Services website is its “IMPACT STORIES,” which work as social proof to create a sense of trust among the new website visitors converting them into a lead.

Smartly they have plotted a Contact Us lead generation form just after their case studies to capture most of the leads.

Capture crucial prospect information in one platform

Capture crucial prospect information in one platform

Get Salesmate's web forms to create appealing web forms and generate leads for your business.

Explore Web Forms

2. Build presence in local directories

If your prospects are looking for a good financial advisor near them, then the easiest way to find it is by searching on Google, like; “best financial advisor near me.” 

So, to win all such local searches for your financial advisor company, register your business on Google My Business and all other reliable local directories. 

This can help you generate your own leads with little effort.

The local business strategy works excellently at the start of a financial advisor business as it will help to generate leads in no time, helping your financial business to grow faster.

3. Capture leads using live chat systems

Live chat can support financial advisor businesses to offer 24/7 guidance on customers’ finances-related queries. Your prospects can get all the answers online, and there is no necessity to visit their financial advisory office. 

Live chat offers location independence to financial advisors as they can communicate with their clients via text chat.

These days finance CRM software is greatly helping financial advisors keep track of all the customer data and record all the previous conversations that will help nurture your financial leads. 

Most financial advisors have started using finance CRM software instead of buying leads to get high-quality leads.

4. Create a dedicated blog on financial services benefits

According to a source, those financial organizations with blogs gain 97% more links to their business site.

benefits of blogging statistics

So, we can say blogging is an effective marketing strategy to attract more potential customers and engage existing ones.

If you consistently deliver high-quality content on your blog, it will enhance your site’s ranking.

Hence, blogging can be a great SEO lead generation tactic for your financial business. 

To capture more financial leads, you must create and put a compelling contact us form at the end of your blog.

5. Take help of gated content

Many financial advisors have started offering gated content such as case studies, inspiring stories, white papers, etc.

Gated content ideas for financial advisors

Using a gated strategy is a great way to generate more leads as your prospects have to fill up their contact details; generally, email or phone numbers, to get the material for free.

Sometimes, people provide incorrect emails, so to overcome this, you can send a follow-up link to their registered emails with the material once they submit their contact information. 

6. Run PPC ads

PPC ads or Google ads seem a bit costlier, but if you have a compelling landing page for your business, then it would be highly effective to run PPC ads for lead generation. 

Financial advisors work towards creating result-driven and niche-specific landing pages to boost their conversion rate.

So, if you want to learn about what an effective lead generation landing page should be like, you can check out the linked source.

7. Ask for referrals

Referrals are a prominent way to grow your financial agency unless you’ve just started the business. Also, people, these days support businesses to gain new leads if they like their services.

Importance of referrals for financial advisors statistics

Your existing satisfied customers can help in generating more new leads for you. So, ask your happy clients for referrals; this way, clients more likely to convert will fall your way.

You can ask for referrals in many ways; for example, by putting a line below your email newsletters; “We encourage clients to forward the email to colleagues and associates.” 

Stay in touch with your clients via email to keep a check-in and remind them of referrals if possible.

Such small efforts will surely make a difference and drive more qualified prospects.

8. Take the support of offline media 

The world has switched its approach from offline marketing to online marketing.  

But for some industries or to meet some goals, offline media still offers a helping hand.

You can go for newspaper ads with a QR code attached or a link that will boost the chances of lead generation.

You can leverage radio to get into notice radio ads that can emotionally impact your listener and help you greatly enhance your business reach.

Major offline media channels

To some extent, offline media can be beneficial for financial advisor companies to create strong offline networks that will give you referral leads.

9. Utilize social media

Social media is becoming a robust way to generate more business opportunities. Around 86% of US financial advisors use social media for business purposes.

social media platforms used by financial advisors

For financial companies, social media activeness can help to connect with their prospects and can support in attracting them to your financial services. 

According to a survey, 80% of financial advisors leverage social media to get new clients gaining an average asset of approx. $5 million.
To help your financial advisor companies, we have provided some actionable tips to get more leads from your social media presence. 

  • Know your audience and their needs
  • Post useful content consistently
  • Collaborate with top advisors in the finance industry¬†
  • Use relevant hashtags.
  • Host webinars on social media¬†
  • Build online communities under your finance niche

Social media platforms help financial advisors to create and strengthen their relationships with their clients. Try to provide valuable content through your social media accounts to attract customers to your business.

10. Leverage email marketing

Email marketing is a strategy leveraged by all industries for lead generation, lead nurturing, customer engagement, follow-ups, etc.

Email marketing is effective as the people you are targeting to qualify as sales leads have already shown interest in your finance business by signing up for emails, downloading gated content, etc.

Also, an email marketing campaign lets you check all the insights related to your campaigns, such as open and click-through rates. You can conduct A/B testing to run a successful email campaign for lead generation.

Most importantly, email marketing can offer quality leads for your financial advisor business even with a low budget, as it is one of the most cost-effective lead generation strategies.

11. Internet reviews matter

Your prospects are digital savvy, so before jumping to any conclusion, they will check out your online presence to understand more about you.

The statistics below will make it clear that financial advisors’ prospective clients start their analysis with an online search.

percentage of financial consumers doing online searches before converting

Should financial advisors buy leads?

Suppose an individual financial advisor or a firm faces a problem generating enough leads to sustain their business; in that case, they help third parties get financial leads. 

Financial advisors take the help of major lead generation companies for many reasons for such lead purchases, like lack of skilled team, strategy, awareness, etc.

There are some specific points to focus on when dealing with these financial lead generation companies;

  • Total percentage of financial leads you want in a specific period?  
  • What percentage of financial leads are qualified for your sales?  
  • What percentage of qualified leads tuned into a paying client?

Talking about the main concern – should financial advisor businesses buy leads?  

Well, it purely depends on your resource availability. If you have a team of skilled financial advisors that are excellent in their lead conversion job, you can think of that.

But, it is more effective if financial advisors invest in generating leads on their own, as this will help you know more about your target client’s persona and help you build a great customer journey for them.


A financial advisor must maintain a continuous customer relationship, offer the right advice based on previous conversations and services taken, and update with new financial benefits, policies, etc.

Not only this, you can nurture your leads and build strong customer relationships with the support of a CRM for financial advisor services.

Salesmate is one of the best CRM for financial services. It enables you to automate workflows, schedule meetings, make calls, and send customized emails. Moreover, offers useful features like profile enrichment through Clearbit integration. 

Therefore, to get a steady flow of quality leads for your business, you can get a 15-day free trial.

FAQs on financial advisor lead generation  

How do financial advisors generate leads?  

Financial advisors use various approaches to generate leads, including digital marketing tactics, referrals, niche-specific landing pages, social media, etc.

What is a lead generation advisor?  

Lead generation advisors are individuals who are into practices to get potential clients’ details to re-target them for selling their company’s products or services. 

How much do financial advisors pay for leads? 

The finance industry is leading as people want to become more financially independent and secure. Though various parameters decide the cost of lead, the average cost for a lead in the finance industry is $160.

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