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9 Best SaaS lead generation strategies to get more B2B leads

9 Best SaaS lead generation strategies to get more B2B leads 

Software as a Service has risen as a promising business sector as companies are increasingly taking support of SaaS platforms to manage their business functions.

Did you know that the SaaS industry has expanded more than 500% in just seven years?

As there are so many SaaS lead generation companies, driving all the leads to your SaaS business is becoming much more challenging in this highly competitive market.

Half of the buyers spend more than 75% of their time researching before purchasing. So, to grab the attention of all your target markets, you need an actionable lead generation strategy!

In this blog, you will get some killer SaaS lead generation strategies that you must try to gain new leads for your SaaS business.

What is lead generation for SaaS companies?

B2B SaaS lead generation is the effort to entice your target clients toward your product or services to get more conversions.

A SaaS company offers Software as a Service to other companies which require the software to run their business smoothly.

For example, lead generation CRM is used by every profound company’s sales and marketing team. If you are a CRM software company owner, other companies with CRM needs will be your prospects.

SaaS business is profitable, but with great opportunities come significant challenges. These companies are under tremendous pressure to get success at a faster rate, hence facing difficulty in generating leads.

Such SaaS companies use a few crucial ways to generate leads for their business. Let’s understand them point by point.

9 Robust strategies for SaaS lead generation in 2024

The SaaS industry is booming, so your lead generation strategy should effectively outperform your competitors.

If you aim to boost your SaaS sales without hitting the big time, follow the below 9 best & powerful lead generation strategies for SaaS companies.

One effective way to generate B2B leads for SaaS companies is to create targeted content that provides valuable insights and solutions to specific pain points in the industry.

1. Email outreach with an automation tool

Usage of email marketing statistics

Emails are every business professional’s primary and most reliable way of communicating. So, if you have a list of emails, opting for email outreach is a successful lead generation SaaS strategy.

Whenever setting up an email campaign, your headline, copy and CTA should be topnotch to drive the best result of your email outreach.

average ROI of email marketing statistics

Automation software can help to drive the maximum output from your email campaign. You can improve engagement and convert more leads by leveraging email marketing for lead generation.

Email automation software can bring more marketing qualified leads to you in just a few clicks.

Salesmate is robust CRM and automation software that can help you scale your email outreach efforts.

With Salesmate’s Automation Journeys, you can automate every touchpoint of your entire sales pipeline:

  • Automate your email campaigns
  • Run A/B testing
  • Audit the performance of your campaigns
  • Find the total click-through rate
  • Set for automatic lead segmentation based on prospects’ action
  • Send personalized emails based on user experience
  • Send relevant follow-ups timely to nurture leads

It offers captivating email templates, and you can customize them to give a personal touch, enhancing your chances of SaaS lead generation.

Email campaigns that connect

Email campaigns that connect

Create automated email campaigns, and A/B test them with Salesmate.

Explore Marketing Automation

2. Install chatbots for SaaS lead generation

A Chatbot is crucial for generating qualified SaaS leads. Your web visitors fill in their contact information (email or phone number) to get the answer immediately through live chat. This way, you get the ideal leads to pitch for your SaaS product.

You can set up your chatbot to answer the most common question of your prospects. Chat Journeys is a master tool offered by Salesmate to boost your marketing, sales, and customer support tasks.

With Salesmate’s Chat Journeys, your business can do more than just customer support tasks. You can do lead assignments, conduct surveys, and let your prospects book demos or meetings.

Salesmate chat journey

Also, you can track the performance of your Chat Journeys to improve for more business success.

Your live chat system is truly an online rep of your company that is available 24/7 to your prospective clients. So, if you have a business website or landing page for your SaaS company, you must install a live chat application.

 Live Chat = 24/7 availability

Live Chat = 24/7 availability

Connect with visitors in real-time and engage them with Chat Journeys.

Explore Live Chat

3. Web form to capture SaaS leads

Web forms let you leverage your website, landing pages, and content efforts in the most helpful manner during SaaS lead generation.

Newsletter sign-up web forms will help you capture potential clients’ email addresses with every sign-up. You can use lead magnets to get contact details.

SaaS companies widely use web forms to offer gated content. You can plug in web forms in emails regarding surveys or for registration.

Salesmate’s Web Forms are among the best tools to capture leads from websites or landing pages.

Salesmate web form

It gives numerous opportunities to get contact details of your prospects through web forms by offering lead magnets, a free trial of the software, and a free demo.  

Also, you can analyze which web form is converting or generating more leads for your SaaS business through your website. 

Salesmate web form insights

4. Create a niche-specific landing page

SaaS companies create niche-specific landing pages to get qualified leads for their software. It helps them attract their ideal clients who might get converted easily.  

Also, ranking niche-specific landing pages with the right keywords is easier than ranking a generic landing page.

A dedicated landing page of your software is more profound in highlighting the best features and benefits in the eyes of your potential clients.

Your niche-specific landing pages should be up to the mark in convincing your prospects why they should choose you. 

For example, if you are a CRM software company targeting startups to use your CRM in their businesses.

So, when creating a landing page for Startups to generate leads, you must include all the pain points and struggles that startup owners face while running their businesses. 

Then, highlight your product features under “CRM for startups,” ensuring that you can support them extensively in overcoming their business hurdles for success.

why do you need a sales crm for your startup?

With Salesmate’s powerful features, Chat Journeys & Web Forms, you can enhance the opportunity for SaaS lead generation.

A high-performing landing page can potentially navigate its web visitors to fulfill your business motive of lead generation, brand awareness, sales, and many more.

5. Leverage SaaS review sites

Do you know one of the secrets of SaaS lead generation?

It is leveraging SaaS review sites like G2, Capterra, etc.

The reason is simple: your customers engage with these online vendors before purchasing.

Importance of online reviews statistics

So, if your software product is listed and has positive reviews on some famous online review sites, it will surely enhance your brand’s authoritativeness.

On these online software review sites, you can also provide your software features, benefits, price, and many important details to enhance the chances of SaaS lead generation.

To leverage these online review sites, you need to reach them through emails or calls so that they agree to list your product reviews on their sites.

Pro tip: Use the Salesmate automation tool like Smart Emails and Power Dialer to scale your outreach effort.

Make sure you reach relevant review sites for your SaaS business. Connect those sites with high organic traffic of your prospective clients, give you around eight or higher NPS score, and review your brand on Google or other good sites.

6. Social selling works best

It is an unhidden fact that social selling works for every type of business, as all your customers nowadays are actively using social media.

SaaS lead generation is quite dependable on social media, so your marketing and sales team must stay active to engage prospective clients.

For successful social selling, you must observe your brand mentions on different social media handles or comments, post regularly, and optimize your social media account for better engagement.

best practices of social selling

Social selling is also an excellent way to understand your buyer’s persona by analyzing your potential clients’ engagement behavior on social media platforms through comments, likes, or their following.

Social selling lets you know more about your prospects’ interests, which helps to create an effective lead nurturing process. Also, you can personalize your emails and text automatically for more sales conversions.

For SaaS lead generation, I suggest you try prospecting on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook platforms.

7. Referral strategy to get SaaS leads

Importance of word of mouth statistics

If you know the art of leveraging referrals for SaaS lead generation, you are no way far to building a sustainable SaaS business.

You must ask for referrals from your existing customers to empower your SaaS lead generation efforts.

Importance of referrals statistics

If your SaaS clients are happy with your software service, they will surely recommend your software to their business connections who have a utility of your SaaS product. 

You must provide social proof, such as testimonials of your happy clients on your websites and landing pages, so that referrals get more convinced. Customer referrals also boost brand credibility in the market. 

So, you can ask your buyers for referrals whenever you’ve closed a deal. It is a quick, cost-effective way to generate SaaS leads. 

8. Optimize your website for mobile

Most of your prospects are always active on their mobile phones, browsing something, checking emails, or scrolling down social media. So, your website or landing pages must be mobile-friendly to succeed more with lead generation SaaS. 

It won’t be possible to generate high-quality leads for SaaS businesses without a fine UX UI mobile-friendly structure of your website or landing page.

Thus, you should be able to give the best user experience, as it is one of the crucial factors in gaining high-quality SaaS leads. 

Some crucial optimization of SaaS websites includes minimizing the loading time, using a mobile-friendly web design, adding short CTAs, using proper white spaces, etc. 

Mobile optimization will help your website to rank higher on search result pages and thus get more SaaS leads for your business. 

Make sure your chat journeys should be properly working on mobiles, and web forms are effective for mobiles as they are the core medium to capture leads. 

Salesmate CRM can boost your SaaS business with its automation features. It is a unified customer platform that every sales team must have. 

Try best the CRM software!

Try best the CRM software!

Explore industry-leading CRM for free. No credit card required.

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9. Criteria for lead qualification

The lead qualification process helps to identify which potential customer is more likely to make a purchase. To discover the real sales opportunity, it is essential to qualify every generated lead.

Lead scoring helps to qualify your leads as their behavior towards any sales and marketing efforts.

Salesmate's Lead scoring

Lead scoring is a crucial tool for lead nurturing as it enables you to prioritize your leads so that your sales reps invest most of their efforts into converting highly prospecting leads.

With the help of lead scoring, you can generate sales-ready leads for your SaaS business. In lead scoring, you rate leads based on their likeliness of becoming a buyer.

Salesmate CRM is a robust software for lead scoring, and it automatically gives a score to leads based on their behavior, thus saving you from repetitive manual tasks. 

Scale up your SaaS business with Salesmate 

According to McKinsey 2020 Report, 90% of sales deals have moved online, so having a support of a unified customer platform; Salesmate to grow your revenue & customer relationships seamlessly.

You can boost your SaaS lead generation campaign if you can convince your target audience: 

  • To sign up for your newsletter 
  • Fill up the web form to get the guide 
  • To sign up for your free plan 
  • Schedule a meeting with the sales reps for more product details 
  • To request a demo 
  • Engaging with the brand on social media 
  • To reply back 

Every SaaS company wants several qualified leads that fulfill their business goal. You can find some interesting lead generation ideas to drive more leads. But once you have captured the leads, you need customer relationship software for high sales conversion. 

Salesmate is a reliable CRM and automation software for your SaaS business, helping you generate leads and nurture them for sales. With Salesmate support, you can capture leads, organize them, and evaluate them to boost your SaaS business. 

FAQs on SaaS lead generation 

What is SaaS lead?  

SaaS lead is any person or organization that has interacted with your SaaS product or is likely to avail of such services shortly. 

How do I generate B2B SaaS leads?

Through web forms on websites or dedicated landing pages, content marketing, paid advertising, software review sites, social selling, etc., you can generate B2B SaaS leads. You can check our blog on the B2B lead generation comprehensive learnings. 

How do software companies generate leads? 

Software companies take the help of social media channels, optimize websites, compelling & relevant content, customer referrals, SaaS review sites, lead generation tool, etc., to generate leads.

What is a B2B SaaS product?  

B2B SaaS product is a cloud-based software that is provided as a service tool to companies for managing their day-to-day business tasks such as management productivity, accounting, customer relationship management, and many more. 

Sonali Negi

Sonali is a writer born out of her utmost passion for writing. She is working with a passionate team of content creators at Salesmate. She enjoys learning about new ideas in marketing and sales. She is an optimistic girl and endeavors to bring the best out of every situation. In her free time, she loves to introspect and observe people.

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