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16 Best inside sales software & tools for 2022

16 Best inside sales software & tools for 2024

Nowadays, companies, especially B2B, SaaS, and B2C, are opting for inside sales methodology due to its cost-effectiveness and good ROI potential.

Inside sales is a method of executing sales activities from the office or home. You can perform all sales tasks from the comfort of your desk.

However, even inside sales team needs a platform through which they can manage their everyday tasks. And that’s where you can implement inside sales software.

What is inside sales software?

An inside sales software is a platform that enables your inside sales team to close deals and engage with clients without leaving the office premises.

These marketing and service tools offer important functions such as lead generation, customer relationship management, meeting schedulers, inside sales reporting, automation, and more that are required by every inside sales team to generate revenue for the company.

Depending upon the need and sales process of the business, you can select the right inside sales software.

Why is inside sales software necessary?

Inside sales software is necessary because it is cost-effective, improves your inside sales team productivity, reduces lead response duration, builds better communication with clients, etc.

As you know, the work of an inside sales rep is to sell the company’s products to potential prospects. They sell products via phone, email, or online, either by following leads or cold calling.

So, we can say that all the inside sales processes, such as contacting potential audiences, engaging with the prospect, sales tracking, and doing follow-ups to get the deal, can be done using inside sales software.

In this article, you will get to explore the top features of each inside sales tool along with its pros and cons.

Let’s begin the hunt!

Different types of inside sales software that inside sales teams use

We have mentioned all the features that are required to do inside sales. Moreover, we have provided a list of inside sales software so you can opt for the best one for your business.

1. CRM (Customer relationship management)

CRM is software that helps businesses to connect or engage with the customers, design and execute the complete sales process, enhance profitability, and support edifying customer relationships.

An advanced CRM offers various business-oriented features such as lead generation, contact management, sales pipeline management, insights and reports of campaigns, etc.

In fact, the size valuation of the global CRM market is expected to reach $145.79 billion.

We can say, a CRM is a centralized solution that allows you to manage your customer and run your business from anywhere in the world.

Below, we have discussed some of the crucial features of a CRM. Let’s understand it closely so that you know what a CRM can offer to your business.

  • Contact management & profile enrichment

A contact management system helps its users to store their customer data in one place. Once you save contact inside your CRM, then their social media and email account details will be fetched automatically with profile enrichment.

Salesmate's Contact Management dashboard
  • Sales Pipeline management 

Sales pipeline management feature helps track and manage every potential sales opportunity through each sales stage to close a profitable deal. 

Salesmate's sales pipeline management dashboard

In a nutshell, sales pipeline management involves tasks such as lead generation, qualifying, and conversion. Also, the sales pipeline managing process improves the chances of winning more sales in the future. 

  • Insights and reports

CRM software leverages the sales process as it unleashes valuable insights such as prospects’ engagement with the product, email campaigns analytics, etc., that ultimately command business decisions.

Salesmate's Insights and reports dashboard

Sales reporting features provide a systematic record of all the sales activities at a particular time. This enables you to measure your sales performance and optimize it for better deal closure.

  • Team performance & evaluation

The inside sales team’s performance directly impacts revenue generation and growth of a company.  

It is important to track, assign or automate your sales activities to boost your sales process and maximum quota attainment. 

Team performance management processes can be executed faster by automating the entire sales cycle. You can track the performance of your inside sales team using a sales activity tracker. 

2. Lead generation 

Lead generation is a marketing approach to attract, stimulate and capture potential audience’s attention towards your product or services with a motive to convert them into buyers. 

You can do lead generation using web forms, chatbots, social media posts, live chats, etc. 

Salesmate's web forms

3. Meeting schedulers

Meetings are a constant way to engage with your new or old customers. Now when doing inside sales, a meeting scheduler can save your time and improve your engagement with clients. 

Salesmate's meeting scheduler

You can connect it to your calendar and let your prospects choose the best time as per their convenience for the meeting. 

We will discuss some famous scheduling tools like Salesmate, Calendly, Chili Piper, and Doodle for inside sales in the latter segment of the article, so keep on reading! 

4. Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is done to develop and maintain a continuous relationship with their prospects at every touch point of the sales cycle. 

It’s processed through marketing and sales communication strategies. The inside sales team uses emails, text messages, phone calls, and video conferencing for lead nurturing. 

Salesmate's team inbox

There are various kinds of ways that contribute to lead nurturing, as mentioned below: 

5. Inside sales tracking & reporting 

Sales tracking involves monitoring and analyzing the results of every activity present in the sales pipeline to design better future sales strategies.  

You can track sales cycle length, response on sales pipeline, win rate, how many sales leads are converted, etc.

Below are various metrics you can track –

Email tracking: Email tracking lets the inside sales team track the performance of sent emails. You can check open rates, click-through rates, etc. 

Call logs & Recording: Call logging helps to store useful information about your prospects like phone number, past call time, and call status. The call recording feature lets you record all the communication between the sales reps and the client. 

Sales performance reports: Inside sales rely on sales performance reports as they give you key information about the working status of your sales pipeline. It also updates you with your sales reps’ performance, which can be beneficial for sales leaders or VP to boost sales strategies. 

6. Inside sales automation

Robust Inside sales automation features save time by minimizing the manual tasks of sales reps like data entry and empower them to invest more time in building better customer relationships or closing maximum sales.  

Your Inside sales teams get massive help due to sales automation as they can automate every repeated activity such as timely follow-up emails, sales sequence automation, etc.

  • Automated multichannel communication (email & text, power dialer)  

An inside sales team can automate multichannel communication-text, phone calls, and email through sales sequences. This will help the inside sales rep to perform sales tasks better at every touch point of the sales cycle.  

A power dialer is an automatic phone dialing system that saves you from manual-repetitive number dialing.

Many inside sales software & tools, such as Salesmate, Dialpad, 8 x 8, etc., are available to let the inside sales reps have automated multichannel communication.  

We will discuss the features in the latter section of the article. 

So, don’t miss it!

Have seamless communication at every touch point!

Have seamless communication at every touch point!

Build connections and engage with your clients with built-in calling, emails, text messaging, and live chat.

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  • Sales automation

A sales pipeline involves various stages through which inside sales reps grab the attention of the target prospect to turn them into buyers.

It helps to automate each stage of the sales cycle (wherever possible) so that manual or repeated tasks don’t waste your time. 

Sales automation

You can automate all the manual tasks such as updating records and assigning deals or tasks to sell more.

For example, an inside sales rep can set an automated email sequence to follow-ups allowing them to go through the sales funnel and ultimately convert them into your customers. 

List of best inside sales CRM software for 2024

Customer relationship management software is the backbone of inside sales. CRM helps to accomplish the entire sales process, from lead generation to its nurturing and final deal closing.

We are going to discuss the top CRM software of 2024 that is helping every size business to grow their brand value, attain their sales quota and generate a huge amount of revenue.

1. Salesmate

Salesmate is a unified customer journey platform to generate leads, engage the target audience, enhance sales, and personalize and automate the task to offer a great brand experience to your prospect.

Salesmate CRM

It’s a powerful inside sales software that is potent to increase sales productivity 2x and help to attain their sales quota easily.

Below are the main features provided by Salesmate that help inside sales teams to improve their performance.

Key features

  • Live Chat, Smart Emails, & Web Forms
  • Contact Management to create a centralized database
  • Power Dialer to fasten communication and boost calling productivity
  • Marketing automation to execute successful campaigns
  • Built-in Virtual Phone System with call recording
  • Customizable Text and Email templates  
  • Sales Sequences to automate emails and text messages
  • Shared Team inbox for better team collaboration 
  • Sales reporting and forecasting to make informed decisions

Pricing – Per user per month 

Basic: $23

Pro: $39

Business: $63

Enterprise: Custom


Let’s find the user experience of Salesmate with the latest reviews.   

Source: Trustradius

Want to see if Salesmate is the right fit for your inside sales team? Try it now and take 15 days free trial!

2. Close CRM

Close CRM is an all-in-one platform especially targeting startups and small businesses in meeting their sales goal. It is an effective CRM as it provides a seamless experience for the inside sales team to manage, nurture and close leads.

Close CRM

It offers a powerful sales automation feature to boost sales tasks.

Key features

  • Contact management 
  • Sales pipeline
  • Built-in global calling
  • Calling automation and Call forwarding 
  • Bulk email sending, email sequence
  • Pipeline, activity, and opportunity reporting 

Pricing- Per user per month

Starter: $29

Basic: $69

Professional: $99

Business: $149


Best for a team with less than 100 people. 


  • A little high in pricing as compared to the features offered 
  • No internal chat options and product management 
  • Not designed for outside sales 

3. Salesforce

Salesforce is a customizable sales CRM for small, mid, and enterprise level businesses to support them in growing their sales revenue faster.

Salesforce CRM

It is a contemporary CRM that offers features such as marketing automation, Mobile app CRM and customer service support, making it a powerpack solution for customer management.

Key features

  • Contact, lead, and account management
  • Lead management, assignment, and routing
  • Workflow and approval automation
  • Sell from anywhere on any device 
  • Pipeline and forecasting management 
  • Sales insights to get real-time status of the deal progress

Pricing- Per user per month

Essential: $25 

Professional: $75 

Enterprise: $150

Unlimited: $300 


Highly customizable 


  • High pricing 
  • No sales insights and automation at lower plans 
  • 24/7 support only with higher plans 

4. HubSpot

HubSpot CRM offers a great business growth platform that enables the sales team to manage contacts, nurture leads, and design and automate the sales pipeline for seamless revenue making.

Hubspot CRM

It is a robust CRM software that offers Marketing Hub, CMS Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub to manage sales and marketing tasks.

Key features  

  • Contact management to manage client data 
  • Live chat 
  • Meeting Scheduling 
  • Conversation routing 
  • Repeating tasks and task queues 
  • Sales automation 
  • Improve performance with sales tracking
  • Sales analytics and forecasting 
  • Integration with apps 

Pricing- Per user per month 

Starter: $45 

Professional: $450 

Enterprise: $1200 


1:1 technical support with all paid plans 


  • High in price  
  • The starter plan does not have sales analytics and reporting   

5. Insightly

Insightly CRM focuses on mid-sized businesses and is a great customer data management solution. You can manage everything from contacts, sales, tasks, and projects with Insightly.


With reporting and dashboards, you can get visual reports that will help to improve your sales strategy. It enables you to build better customer relations to robust the company’s sales revenue.

Key features  

  • Lead management- assigning and routing 
  • Web forms to capture lead 
  • Mass emailing 
  • Automatic social profile enrichment 
  • Contact and organization management 
  • Customizable sales processes 
  • Task delegation among sales teams 
  • Native Android and iOS apps 
  • Calendar integration for meeting scheduling 
  • Workflow automation 
  • Customizable real-time insights cards 
  • Configurable reports  

Pricing- Per user per month

Starter: $29 

Professional: $49 

Enterprise: $99 


Great with contact management feature 


  • Paid phone dialers and call logging 
  • Not real-time insights at lower plans 
  • The automation feature comes only with the higher pricing plan

Top 4 Lead generation tools for 2024

 The primary step is to generate leads to target for sales, and the following tools are leading due to their outstanding services. 
 Let’s closely understand their features, pros, and cons. 

1. Hunter – email finder

Hunter email finder is a smart email searcher that helps to find professional emails through their company’s website domain or any specific professional information from the web.


The tool also verifies email deliverability. You can also use it for cold outreach by setting up an email campaign and can track its performance.

Key features 

  • Monthly email searches and verification  
  • Domain search full results with downloading option 
  • Campaigns with images and various attachment options. 
  • Link tracking 

Pricing- Billed annually

Free Plan: $0/m 

Starter: $34/m 

Growth: $69/m 

Pro: $139/m 

Business: $279/m 


Unlimited users 


  • Pricing is too high 

No useful feature in the free plan. 

2. LiveChat – website chat  

LiveChat is an online customer assistance application with online chat, help desk software, and web analytics functionalities. It is a successful tool used by an inside sales rep for lead generation.


You can use the software by integrating it into your websites, mobile apps, web apps, and many more that will ease your customer service system and sales process.

 Key features 

  • Options like file sharing, canned responses, chat tags, etc 
  • Chat widget customization 
  • Reports and analytics with filters to analyze data easier. 
  • Chat encryption and credit card masking 

Annual Pricing-Per user per month 

Starter: $16 

Team: $33 

Business: $50 

Enterprise: Request a call


Multi-tasking as it provides live chat support, web analytics (with the higher plan only), and 24/7 help desk, etc. 


  • Need integration with channels such as websites, apps, etc., to perform 
  • Stats and reports come with costlier plans 

3. – Automatic lead generation/capturing  

ChatBot is an AI software that responds automatically like humans to customer or prospect queries via text on chat.


You can create a chatbot for your business website or apps using its various bot response formats and actions by simple drag and drop. Sales and marketing people use Chatbot to generate qualified leads for their business.

Key features 

  • No code chatbot filter 
  • Omnichannel capabilities 
  • Customization to match your brand 
  • AI-enabled to understand customer intent to engage. 

Annual Pricing 

Starter: $42 

Team: $126 

Business: $424 

Enterprise: Contact for the pricing 


Omnichannel feature  


  • Highly expensive, so need to integrate it with a CRM 
  • No team collaboration at starter plan 
  • A limited number of chats offered as per pricing e.g.; $42/m for 1000 valid chats 

4. Gravity Forms – Form creation 

Gravity Forms is a lead generation tool that allows you to create custom forms to generate leads, and conduct surveys, polls, etc. It is a premium WordPress (WP) plugin that offers to place forms on your website.


Using a simple drag and drop builder, you can quickly build WordPress forms to achieve your business goals.

Key features

  • Visual drag and drop form building tools 
  • Easy entry management and data centralization 
  • Form preview option 
  • Automated forms 
  • Provide inbuilt fields of gravity form  

Annual Pricing 

Basic License: $59 

Pro License: $159 

Elite License: $ 259 


Ease of use 


  • No trial version 
  • They can’t ensure that Gravity Forms will work with all available themes for WordPress.  

Best Meeting Scheduling Tools you need to consider

Meeting scheduling tools supports dealing with customers timely. The top meeting schedulers are discussed below. Let’s find out their best features, pros, and cons. 

1. Calendly 

Calendly lets you schedule meetings or appointments in three simple steps; enter availability preference, share the link, and get booked. 


It eliminates and saves you from the hassle of sending emails on an alternative day to fix a meeting. You can use meeting polls to find the most suitable time to book an appointment.

Key features 

  • Customization to offer availability preference  
  • Automated communication  
  • Team Scheduling 
  • Calendar connections 

Annual pricing- Per seat per month 

Basic: Free 

Essential: $8 

Professional: $12 

Teams: $16 

Enterprise: Contact Sales 


  • Ease of use 
  • Affordable  


  • Doesn’t provide important features in the basic plan 
  • It is better to use it as an integrated app with a CRM 

2. Chili Piper

Chili Piper is a scheduling and routing tool used by sales teams to improve customer satisfaction bar, increase inbound conversion rates, and fasten revenue generation productivity.

It is quite famous among B2B revenue companies. It automatically updates contacts, leads, and events to your CRM software upon integration.

Key features 

  • Book meetings from anywhere 
  • Round robin distribution lets route meetings automatically to the responsible inside sales reps. 
  • Automation for seamless communication 

Annual Pricing 

Spicy Plan: $150/m  

Hot Plan: $400/m  

Inferno Plan: $1000/m  


Ease of use 


  • Additional charge: $30 for user license (per user per month) 
  • High pricing 
  • Effective with CRM integration 

3. Doodle

Doodle is a scheduling tool to set appointments, plan events and organize an entire week’s work in a few simple steps. It allows you to create a poll, send meeting invites to clients or sales teams, or ask them about their availability.

You can take bookings directly on your calendar from your clients and teammates.

Key features 

  • Group meetings  
  • Sync meetings with your calendars 
  • Custom design and branding 
  • Video chat option in doodle meetings

Annual Pricing- Per user per month 

Pro: $6.95 

Team: $8.95  

Enterprise: Contact regarding price 




  • Activity reports in higher plans 
  • Better to use with a CRM 
Book meetings in a flash!

Book meetings in a flash!

Try Salesmate's Meeting Scheduler and start connecting with your clients.

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4 Best VoIP phone systems for inside sales teams

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system enables inside sales reps to make voice calls through a broadband internet connection. It is a cost-effective and time-saving tool when integrated with CRM.

With a VoIP phone system, you can make calls right from one platform. Moreover, you can purchase virtual phone numbers from 80+ countries such as the US, UK, Canada & Australia.

We have mentioned the features, pros, and cons of the top VoIP application software below, so keep on reading.

1. RingCentral

RingCentral VoIP offers a reliable cloud phone system replacing the traditional PBX systems that are useful for all types of businesses, from small to enterprise levels.


You can leverage features such as team messaging and collaboration, video conferencing, and business phone system features. The mobile application feature allows you to nurture a lead from anywhere.

Key features 

  • Business phone or toll-free numbers 
  • Team messaging and document sharing 
  • Call management and phone system administration 
  • Reports for call logs
  • Call recording 

 Annual Pricing- Per user per month 

 Essential: $19.99 

Standard: $27.99 

Premium: $34.99 

Ultimate: $49.99 


Mobile Apps for iOS and Androids


  • Features such as real-time analytics, automatic call recording, and unlimited storage offered in higher plans 
  • Unlimited calls within US/Canada 
  • More effective when integrated with a CRM

2. Aircall

Aircall is a voice platform that enables the inside sales reps to build better communication with their customers for more sales. Call centers and customer support departments use.


It is a good cloud-based phone system that integrates with CRM software, helpdesk tools, etc. to boost inside sales.

Key features

  • International and toll-free numbers 
  • Customization to find suitable business hours to call 
  • Call routing to direct calls to respective sales or customer support rep 
  • SMS business text messaging to send and receive a personalized text to your prospect 
  • Collaboration that has shared contacts, call inbox, and warm transfer 

 Annual Pricing- Per user per month 

Essentials: $30 

Professional: $50 

Custom: Call for details 


Easy to use 


  • Customer support only in a custom plan 
  • Expensive for low-budget businesses. 
  • Best only if used with CRM 

3. Dialpad

Dialpad is a robust communication application for companies to connect with their prospect or teammates via voice calls, text, video meetings, etc.


Its comprehensive suite with one-click video meetings, text messaging, and an AI contact center helps businesses to improve communication and productivity.

Key features 

  • Calling and routing 
  • High-quality audio and video web conferencing 
  • Call center productivity with options like omnichannel, CSAT, call history, and desk phones. 
  • Workflow and collaboration 
  • Voice Intelligence 
  • Cloud communication and automatic data backup 

Annual Pricing 

Standard: $15 

Pro: $25 

Enterprise: contact or get a quote 


Useful for both small businesses and enterprises


  • International messaging is only available for US and Canada
  • It works better when integrated with CRM

4. 8 x 8 

8 x 8 is an American VoIP system that offers engagement options such as audio phone calls, text, and video conferencing.


It is a unified voice platform for all sizes of businesses that provide a wonderful chat experience for mobile and desktop app users.

You can leverage 1:1 instant messaging, team messaging, file sharing, and fined tuned access features to power up your business. 

Key features 

  • Voice, video, and text messaging through one app 
  • Advanced call management (Auto-attendant, intelligent call routing, and call recording) 
  • Call activity analytics 
  • Team messaging 

Annual Pricing- Per user per month

8 x 8 Express Plan: $15

X2 Plan: $24 

X4 Plan: $44 


Ease of use 


  • High pricing 
  • Unlimited voice calling option in higher plans 
  • Best with CRM integration
Build a strong brand presence around the globe!

Build a strong brand presence around the globe!

Get virtual phone numbers of 80+ countries and appear local to your clients.

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Why to spend so much on multiple tools?

The sales approach has been changed in the current world. Now, the customers don’t get swayed by product promotions; rather, they look for product efficiency in dealing with business hurdles.

Customers are interested in building relationships that help and support them throughout their brand experience.  

The best inside sales software solution in 2024 for an inside sales team would be a CRM that offers integration with all important apps required by companies.

Final thoughts

Inside sales process can be difficult, but with the right software, your inside sales team can witness 2x growth!

If you want to opt for a CRM that offers every feature mentioned, then Salesmate is the right choice for your sales and marketing teams! You can set email campaigns, conduct split testing, and can also track their performance using Salesmate CRM.

Moreover, you can also align your marketing and sales tasks so that you don’t miss any important clients and constantly be in touch with them.

So, get started now and try out Salesmate for free!

Sonali Negi

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