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Are you overwhelmed by the thought of entering the profitable Australian Market? Wondering how to target its local customers with low budget? Don’t worry there’s always a simple path that can help. Take the convenient route of getting an Australia phone number to reach your destination. Drop the expensive idea of setting up an office in Australia to attract local buyers. Instead, choose the smart and cost-effective alternative; virtual phone number. Effortlessly select a virtual local or toll free number of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth in Australia and start making and receiving calls instantly at local tariffs.

Get Australia phone number from Salesmate

Expand your business reach and appear as a locally owned company with Salesmate. Make it easier for your customers to contact you and increase your callbacks. Create a professional impression and efficiently manage your sales communication from any part of the world by getting Australia local & toll free phone numbers.

Forward calls and never miss a sales opportunity

Eliminate the dependency on any specific device by seamlessly forwarding all the incoming calls on your Australia virtual phone number to your smartphone.

Whether you are at home or traveling for a meeting, you don’t need to worry about missing your vital business calls. Easily forward incoming calls of your valuable clients to the device of your choice and take control of your sales calls. With a prompt response and better service make a good impression on your clients.

Forward your virtual phone number calls to your smartphone

Track sales conversation by recording calls

Record every incoming and outgoing call to your Australian virtual phone number and keep a tab on your sales conversations.

Listen to the recorded calls for finding gaps in your sales pitch and accordingly plan new strategies for having successful sales communication. With the help of these call recordings, discover clients’ concerns and understand their needs. Assess teams’ interaction with the client and accordingly provide helpful feedback to improve their performance.

record calls on your virtual number Australia

Measure the success of sales calls with calling reports

Keep track of each call made and received through the Australia phone number with call reports.

Spot skills and communication issues to provide proper training to the team. Know where your sales reps are investing their time. Find out how many calls did they make in a day and what were the outcomes of those calls. Identify the best time and day to call your prospects or clients. Use these insights to make your sales reps better sellers.

get calls reports of australia virtual phone number

Add notes with ease during the calls

Taking notes during a sales call is essential to keep a record of all the crucial details mentioned by the clients.
Quit saving on-call information on a piece of paper. Directly create notes during the sales calls and keep them safe in Salesmate. Reduce the risk of missing vital deals and conveniently refer to the notes when required from anywhere at any time. All your notes will directly reflect on the activity timeline inside Salesmate CRM.

create notes during live calls

Collaborate seamlessly with call transfer

Improve the professional image of your company by providing better assistance to your customer with call transfer.

Easily transfer the calls coming to Australia virtual phone number when required and take charge of the situation in real-time. Connect with the specialist in seconds. Seamlessly give the background of the call to your colleagues through warm transfer or bring the right personnel on call through cold transfer.

transfer your calls from australia virtual phone number

Local or toll-free calls

Do you want to appear as a reliable company operating in Sydney or want to provide easy reachability to prospects from Melbourne?

Easily get a local or toll-free virtual phone number as per your business requirements and engage effectively with opportunities from Australia. Give your customers an easy to remember Australia toll-free number so that they can easily reach you for solving their query. Present yourself as a local caller by getting Australian business number.

get australia toll free number

Benefits of getting Australia virtual phone number

Leverage the benefits of Australia virtual phone number to bolster your communication with Australian clients

Establish a local presence and look bigger

  • Gain the trust and confidence of local customers by displaying the local area code
  • Present yourself as a well-established firm located in a prime location of Australia
  • Show that your company is situated in various cities of Australia by getting multiple numbers
virtual mobile phone number australia

Enhanced privacy and security

  • Communicate seamlessly with Australian clients without sharing your private number
  • Display your Australian business number on billboard and company website while promoting your product
  • Keep your sensitive information secured in Salesmate CRM
Virtual phone number security

Reduce call cost and hardware expense

  • Call from any part of the world at the cost of local calls
  • Reduce call cost for your buyers and give them more reason to call you
  • Eliminate hardware installation cost and get pay as you go flexibility
virtual local and toll free phone number

Easy portability and relocation

  • Your current service provider is expensive? Conveniently port your number
  • Thinking about relocating? Do it without changing your number
  • Take your number wherever you without worrying about the additional cost
port your voip (virtual) number

How to get the virtual phone number for Australia?

Effortlessly get Australia phone number by just following some simple steps and start targeting local customers:

  • Signup with Salesmate CRM for free-trial or subscription
  • Select the country (Australia)
  • Choose the preferred city’s area code
  • Select local or toll-free number
  • Add credits to your account
  • Start calling

Benefits of using Australia phone number with Salesmate

Salesmate is a feature-rich CRM that helps sales-driven organizations in managing all aspect of sales. It is even one of the best virtual phone system service providers that allow you to manage your sales and calling activities from one platform. Which means you get the benefits of two tools (CRM + virtual phone system) in one solution. Here are the benefits of using Australia phone number with Salesmate.

Save more and keep an eye on your team

  • You don’t need to invest in separate virtual phone system for making sales calls
  • Assign a virtual phone number to your teammates and monitor their performance with a detailed report
  • Automatically log activities and save your time
Best australia virtual phone number service provider

Better access to crucial information

  • Scroll through the client’s details while interacting with them
  • Create a new task and update records in real-time
  • Add notes and access them from anywhere
australia local phone number

Improve collaborative productivity

  • Collaborate with your teammates through call transfer
  • Respond immediately to high-value callers with call distribution
  • Appear as one unified number even if your teammates are working remotely from different location
Buy australia virtual phone number

Embrace opportunities and convert more deals with Salesmate

Try Salesmate for free to see how it can help you in managing you in increasing your sales conversions.

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