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UK virtual phone number

The UK market has consistently shown accelerated growth which is why many businesses aim to have a strong foothold there. But the question is- how to get a space in this lucrative market without massive financial investments?

Well, the answer is simple- take the smart route by getting a United Kingdom virtual phone number.

It is a cost-effective alternative to tap the UK market without setting up a physical office there. Just by getting a virtual phone number with the UK prefix, you can establish a local business presence and gain the trust of the customers residing there. Get the flexibility to operate from any part of the world and relocate as many times as required.

Get United Kingdom (UK) virtual phone number

Whether you want to target buyers from London or Birmingham, you can conveniently choose a London virtual phone number or any other desired number of the UK from Salesmate and start connecting with business opportunities. Display your target buyers’ area code on your website and visiting cards to make them feel more comfortable in calling you. Seamlessly make high-quality sales calls from Salesmate at local call rates. Expand your boundaries and increase your profit margins.

Record your sales calls

Keep track of your sales conversation by recording the calls coming on your United Kingdom virtual phone number.
Turn on the call recording in Salesmate and access all the vital information whenever required. Know what your sales reps committed to the prospects and discover your customers’ needs by hearing to the recordings. Use these sales recordings to resolve client disputes and train new hires as well as provide feedback to the existing team.

UK local phone number call recording

Call Transfer

Your clients might have called the wrong department, or your reps might not be having adequate information for solving the clients’ query; worry not!
Calls dialed to the UK virtual phone number can be transferred to the right personnel for providing better assistance to the client. By choosing any one of the pathways, cold or warm transfer, you can get the calls transferred and take charge of the situation in real-time. It is quick and hassle-free, giving you more control over your sales conversations.

UK toll free number call transfer

Insightful call reports

Keep a track on every call made and received on your UK business phone number to spot new trends and identify risks on-time.
With detailed calling reports know how many calls were made through your UK virtual mobile number as well as what was the total talk time and outcomes of those calls. Use these insights to improve your team’s performance, optimize your sales calls and provide a better calling experience to your customers.

UK virtual phone number call reports

Create notes

Many times sales reps tend to miss out on crucial call related details by choosing to save on-call information manually using sticky notes or notepad.
These sales calls have a wealth of information which helps in qualifying, nurturing and closing a sales deal. Keeping this information secured is easier by creating and saving the notes during the call with your contacts. The communication details with your saved notes will directly reflect on the activity timeline inside Salesmate CRM.

create notes during live calls

Forward calls

Away from your desk? Seamlessly forward the calls coming on your UK virtual number to your smartphone with Salesmate.
Ensure every sales call is answered for maintaining a healthy relationship with your clients. No matter where you are, never miss your client’s call by forwarding them on the device of your choice. Stay connected to your esteemed clients round the clock and respond to their enquiries from anywhere.

Forward your virtual phone number calls to your smartphone

Get a local or toll-free virtual UK phone number

Do you want your customers from Ireland to call you for free or want to gain better connectivity with the local clients in Europe?
Easily choose a toll-free virtual phone number of Ireland or a local virtual phone number of Europe as per your business requirements and attract more customers. Appear as a well-established business calling from a prime location of the UK and answer sales enquiries in real-time with local and toll-free virtual phones numbers.

Get UK local and toll free virtual numbers

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Benefits of using the UK virtual phone number

Make your sales communications better with the United Kingdom phone number as it comes with a wide spectrum of benefits:

Enhanced security

  • Keep your private number secured
  • Fearlessly display your UK phone number on billboards and website
  • Don’t worry about leakage of crucial information as everything is secure in Salesmate
Virtual phone number security

Eliminate long-distance charges

  • Your customers can call you freely without getting charged with international call rates
  • No matter in which country you are, you can give your customers a toll-free experience
  • Avoid roaming charges while calling your customers from different countries
UK voip phone number

Look bigger and have a professional image

  • Appear as one big organization even if you are working with a remote team
  • Show that your company is situated in a prestigious corporate locale by adding its area code
  • You can choose multiple numbers as per your business requirements and display a wider presence
  • Make and receive calls anytime from anywhere using Salesmate Android and iOS mobile apps.
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No additional hardware expense and easy portability

  • Get pay-as-you-go flexibility with this cloud-based virtual phone system
  • Avoid hardware installation cost
  • Easily port numbers if you find your current service provider expensive
No hardware expenses with UK virtual phone number

How to get the virtual number for UK

Get your virtual UK phone number by just following some simple steps:

  • Signup with Salesmate CRM for free-trial or subscription
  • Select the country (UK)
  • Choose the preferred city’s area code
  • Select local or toll-free number
  • Add credits to your account
  • Assign UK virtual number to your team and start calling
Get UK virtual phone number

Benefits of using UK virtual phone number within Salesmate CRM

Salesmate is one of the best virtual phone system service provider in UK(United Kingdom) as it aids in managing both your sales calls and sales deals.It is an intelligent CRM Software that comes with a built-in phone system. So effortlessly make and receive callsas well as monitor your sales process from a single platform by getting UK virtual phone number.

Save time and money

  • No need to invest in an additional virtual phone system
  • Quit toggling between applications and save time
  • Manage diverse sales communication channel from one place
virtual local and toll free phone number

Access clients’ details with ease

  • Access notes and client information while speaking to them
  • Create tasks and schedule appointments on the spot
  • Update records instantly
get UK phone numbers

Enhance productivity and improve performance

  • Collaborate with the remote sales team and keep track of their activities
  • Get vital calling insights for providing feedback and improving your team’s performance
  • Get your inbound and outbound calls automatically logged
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