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Buy affordable mobile, toll-free, and local virtual phone numbers for the United Kingdom (UK) to build a local presence and gain trust.

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Why should you get a UK virtual phone numbers from Salesmate?

UK business numbers with Salesmate come with excellent benefits.
It allows you to grow your business in the United Kingdom despite your being physically not present.

Get locally established to gain more clients

Get locally established to gain more clients

  • Use local virtual UK phone numbers to represent your business as local without spending on infrastructure
  • Develop a deeper trust with the United Kingdom clients
  • Provide UK toll-free phone numbers to customers and deliver exceptional experiences
Work from anywhere and stay connected all the time

Work from anywhere and stay connected all the time

  • Make and receive calls from anywhere on any device
  • Be available to clients all the time and assist them in the best way possible
  • Best-in-class iOS & Android mobile apps for calling and texting
Easy number portability without any hardware costs

Why buy local and toll-free UK phone numbers from Salesmate?

  • Stop worrying about any hardware charges by using a cloud-based phone system
  • Get your number ported to Salesmate and save the additional network costs
  • Get the virtual phone numbers of London, Birmingham, Manchester, etc. starting at just $1.1
  • Power Dialer feature to maximize the calling performance of your team

Get your UK virtual phone numbers with Salesmate, Now!

Engage more with the locals and develop more connections, effectively manage sales calls from any corner of the world with virtual phone number UK. Provide your clients with easy access to reaching you without any hesitation.

Get toll-free & virtual phone numbers

Get toll-free & virtual phone numbers

Have customers in different locations? No worries. Contact any customer with a number specific to their location and close more deals. Connect better and build lasting relationships with UK virtual phone numbers.

Get +44 numbers for your desired city
Record calls to understand client needs better
Call Recording

Call Recording

Salesmate allows you to record each call you make or receive right into the CRM, so you can stay up-to-date with each client requirement and strategize your services better.

(Disclaimer: Before enabling call recording, ensure you have followed the privacy law and other legislative norms of the particular country.)

Auto call logging and notes

Auto call logging and notes

Memorizing every detail is not everyone’s cup of tea. With Salesmate, you can take notes while you are on a call so that you don’t miss out on any crucial information.

Also, every call long and notes will reflect in the respective contact timeline. Everyone associated with the deal can stay on the same page.

Make notes during the calls to never miss on any detail
Forward calls seamlessly on your smartphone
Call forwarding

Call forward & transfer

Forward calls to your smartphones so that you can stay connected with your customers all the time and provide them with superior experiences even while you are away from your desk.

You can also transfer calls to the most suitable teammate for faster resolution for the customer.

Call reporting

Call reporting

Track the progress of your team with Salesmate’s insightful call reports. Know how many calls were made or received, how did they perform, and their outcomes.

Improve productivity by getting insights on each call
Never miss on any calls- distribute the load effectively
Automatic call distribution

Automatic call distribution

Don’t miss any inbound calls by intelligently distributing every incoming call among your sales reps. Opt for Sequential Ringing where calls follow a sequence of sales reps. Or you can choose Simultaneous Ringing where call notifications go to every sales rep, and the available sales rep can pick up.

Text Pilot


No need to rely on external text messaging tools! Salesmate offers Built-in Text Messaging to send important updates or meeting reminders to your prospects. Put advanced automation in action and combine texts with emails in your sales outreach. Maintain familiarity with Text Pilot feature.

Intelligence & high deliverability to campaigns

Top rated across all platforms

Customers have rated us the best compared to any other software across review platforms like G2, Gartner, TrustRadius.

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ADVANCED VIRTUAL PHONE SYSTEM for better connectivity

Enjoy seamless calling experience with these features provided by Salesmate

Voicemail Drop
Voicemail Drop

Record and send voicemails to clients when you don’t reach them. Create more opportunities to close deals

Custom Greetings
Custom Greetings

Send customized texts and emails to your clients on their special days and strengthen your connection

Hold Music
Hold Music

Keep your clients entertained with music or the latest updates while they wait on call

International Calling
International Calling

Get virtual numbers for 80+ countries and establish a local presence everywhere

Business Text & MMS
Business Text & MMS

Send and receive text messages directly on the CRM without juggling between apps

One-click Dialing
One-click Dialing

2x your productivity by dialing contacts from a single screen using Power Dialer

Shared Phone Lines
Shared Phone Lines

Stay on the same phone line as your teammates and transfer calls with ease

Real-time Notifications
Real-time Notifications

Get notifications in real-time so that you don’t lose any precious time in getting updates

Centralized Admin Panel
Centralized Admin Panel

Customize your CRM or change settings for yourself and team from a single screen


Don’t limit yourself to a cubicle! Make and receive calls even when you’re on the field. Keep up with your leads, follow-ups, and customer even when you are on the road with the most complete sales and calling apps for mobile and tablet devices.

  • iPhone & iPad iPhone & iPad
  • AndroidAndroid
Call from anywhere

Connect with your customers in just 3 easy steps


Sign-up with Salesmate

It only takes a minute.
No credit card required.


Purchase local or toll-free UK number

Find numbers and assign them
to your agents.


Start making and receiving calls

Start calling your customers from
web and mobile apps.

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Best CRM ever. Love the built-in calling and texting functionality that works flawlessly. No more texting from personal phone

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ADVANCED VIRTUAL PHONE SYSTEM for better connectivity

Additional powerful features by Salesmate

Contact Managemnt
Contact Management

Manage your contacts seamlessly and enrich profiles. Contact timelines are automatically updated!

Pipeline Management
Pipeline Management

Get a clear view of each deal in the pipeline and never miss out on any oppotunity

Workflow Automation
Workflow Automation

Reduce manual dependency and add more time to your day with Workflow Automation

Email Tracking
Email Tracking

Decide your next steps mindfully for your outbound strategy by tracking every email

Product Management
Product Management

Manage the products you sell on one platform and increase your pace of work


Create an ideal follow-up automation mechanism. Mix up emails and texts in your outreach

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find answers!

How do I get a UK virtual phone number?

You can use one of the top UK providers of virtual phone numbers to obtain a UK virtual phone number. These providers offer a variety of local, toll-free, and virtual mobile numbers, including London virtual phone numbers and numbers for other cities in the United Kingdom.

Simply sign up with a service provider, select the desired number, and complete the registration process. Some providers may also offer a virtual phone number in Ireland and other countries in Europe, so you can have a more extensive reach.

You can receive incoming calls on the virtual phone number and also access features like, call forwarding, call recording, call transfer, automatic call distribution, and many more.

What can you do with a Virtual Phone Number in the United Kingdom?

If you have a virtual phone number, you can call and receive SMS in the UK without a physical phone line.

It is beneficial for businesses, enabling them to establish a local presence in different cities across the UK, including London, by using a UK business phone number.

With a UK virtual number, you can integrate the number with your CRM system, set up automated call routing, and even port the number to another country if needed.

United Kingdom virtual phone numbers also allow you to send and receive SMS, making them a versatile communication tool for personal or business use.

How do I dial a British phone number?

To dial a British phone number, enter the country code (+44), the area code, and the local phone number.

For example, if you dial a London virtual phone number, the area code is (20), and the local number is 7 digits long. So, the full number would look like this: +44 20 XXXXXXX.

Do I need to integrate UK mobile numbers with CRM?

Integrating UK mobile numbers with your CRM system can offer numerous benefits to your business, including better customer service, streamlined communication, and improved organization.

However, the need for integration depends on your business requirements and your CRM system. If you decide to integrate, most virtual phone number providers in the UK offer compatibility with popular CRM systems, making the process easy and seamless.

Can I port my UK virtual mobile number to another country?

Yes, you can port your UK virtual mobile number to another country, depending on the regulations and agreements between the countries involved.

Check with your virtual phone number provider to understand the process and any additional fees.

I'm not in the United Kingdom. Can I still get a UK virtual phone number?

Yes, you can get a UK virtual phone number even if you are not present in the country.

In addition, many virtual phone number providers in the UK offer international customers the option to purchase a UK virtual number, allowing them to establish a local presence without physically being in the country.

How to make automated calls using a VoIP number for UK?

You’ll need a CRM system that offers the functionality to make automated calls using a UK VoIP mobile number using the Power Dialer feature. The Power Dialer is a feature some CRM provides to automate the calling process, making it more efficient and productive.

For instance, it enables you to automatically dial your way through a list of contacts, connecting you to the next call that becomes available as soon as the previous one ends, saving you time on manual dialing.

First, choose a CRM system that supports the Power Dialer feature and is compatible with your UK VoIP number.

Next, import or create a contact list within the CRM system and configure the Power Dialer settings to match your requirements, such as call pacing, call disposition options, and any call scripts or notes.

Once everything is set up, you can start making automated calls by initiating the Power Dialer within your CRM system. The Power Dialer will automatically dial the contacts on your list, connecting you to the next call as soon as the current call is finished.

This streamlined process allows you to focus on engaging with your customers, improving call efficiency, and maximizing the productivity of your sales or support team.

In summary, using a UK VoIP number with a Power Dialer feature offered by your CRM system can significantly improve your calling process and overall communication efficiency.

Choose a CRM provider that supports this feature and is compatible with your UK VoIP number to take full advantage of its benefits.

What are the benefits of using a VoIP number for UK?

Using a UK VoIP number offers numerous benefits for individuals and businesses alike. Some of the key advantages include:

1. Cost savings: VoIP numbers are typically more affordable than traditional phone numbers, saving you on communication costs. VoIP technology transfers call over the internet, eliminating the need for an expensive phone network and lowering the cost of long-distance and international calls. You can also get toll free number or local number to establish your presence in any specific area code.

2. Scalability: VoIP numbers offer the flexibility to scale your phone system as your business grows easily. You can quickly add or remove numbers, users, and features without any physical infrastructure, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

3. Flexibility and mobility: UK VoIP numbers can be used anywhere with an internet connection, enabling you to stay connected with your team and customers even when you’re away from the office or traveling. This feature is precious for remote teams and businesses with a global presence.

4. Advanced features: VoIP numbers often come with various advanced features unavailable on traditional phone lines. These can include call forwarding, call recording, voicemail, and integration with CRM systems and other business applications, helping to streamline communication and improve productivity.

5. Improved call quality: Modern VoIP technology has significantly improved call quality compared to earlier versions, resulting in clear and reliable voice communication. Many VoIP providers also offer HD voice quality, enhancing the user experience.

6. Multichannel communication: VoIP numbers often support additional communication channels, such as SMS, video conferencing, and instant messaging. Streamlining your channels can enhance the overall experience for your team and your clients.

7. Easy management and maintenance: VoIP phone systems are generally easier to manage and maintain than traditional phone systems. There is less need for specialized technical knowledge because many providers offer user-friendly web portals that let you manage your numbers, features, and users with just a few clicks.

In conclusion, using a UK VoIP number can provide significant advantages in terms of cost savings, flexibility, scalability, and advanced features. You can fully utilize VoIP technology to improve communication and motivate business growth by selecting a VoIP provider that offers the features you require and is compatible with your current systems.

Can I send and receive SMS using a UK virtual phone number?

Yes, you can send and receive SMS using a UK virtual phone number, as most providers offer SMS functionality as part of their services.

This feature can send text messages to your leads, clients, and team members.

Can I buy multiple cities' virtual phone numbers for United Kingdom?

Yes, you can buy virtual phone numbers for multiple cities in the United Kingdom, including London and other major cities. This allows you to establish a local presence in different regions, helping to improve customer trust and engagement.

You can also acquire virtual phone numbers for other countries, such as Ireland, to expand your business reach across Europe.

Here are some of the cities for which you can buy United Kingdom local, toll-free, or mobile numbers:

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Glasgow
  • Leeds
  • Sheffield
  • Bradford
  • Edinburgh
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Bristol
  • Wakefield
  • Cardiff
  • Coventry
  • Nottingham
  • Leicester

A virtual UK phone number can offer numerous benefits for individuals and businesses. You can access features such as CRM integration, SMS capabilities, and automated calling by selecting the best virtual phone system service provider in the UK.

So whether you’re looking for a business phone number in the UK or a virtual phone number in Ireland or other European countries, there are plenty of options to suit your needs.

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  • Cancel anytime.