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How to increase sales in your manufacturing business

15 Clever ways to increase manufacturing sales faster in 2024! 

Key Takeaways
  • A study showed that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience.
  • Invest in modern ways of selling, like account-based selling, experience selling, and value-based selling.
  • Automating your sales tasks will enhance your productivity and save more time for selling.
  • Leverage technology such as CRM, automation, reporting, and CPQ to increase sales for your manufacturing.

Searching for ways to amplify sales in manufacturing? 

Look no further. 

This blog is your answer for how to increase sales in manufacturing business.

During a survey by Brandpoint,  49% of manufacturing marketers stated that increasing sales is the second-best benefit of digital marketing.

So, this highlights that a manufacturing company can increase sales by implementing digital marketing strategies.

Let’s dive into more ways to increase sales manufacturing.

15 Unique ways to increase manufacturing sales faster

Begin with analyzing your current sales efforts and identify loopholes in your manufacturing sales. Then, adopt new selling tactics and leverage tools to optimize your sales strategy.

1. Enhance your digital presence

Enhancing your digital presence will help you sell to a broader audience and grow faster.

A well-optimized website, engaging social media presence, and valuable content, offering 24/7 accessibility, etc., indirectly enhancing your sales.

Stats reveal that the usage of the manufacturing website has increased by 12% post-pandemic.

This is due to their buyers’ shift towards online purchasing.

Digital marketing strategy like SEO enhances search engine rankings, bringing qualified leads or reaching more prospects.

Moreover, content marketing for manufacturers helps to educate and engage more prospects. Also, many manufacturers consider social media platforms a powerful channel to drive sales.

All such digital marketing tactics lead to an increase in manufacturing sales.

2. Deliver a great brand customer experience

Why to invest in enhancing customer experience

As per research by American Express, 86% of customers are ready to pay more for a better experience. 

A brand that delivers exceptional customer experience lowers barriers to purchase.

The simple reason is that customers are ready to spend more on tailored solutions and personalized experiences.

An exceptional customer experience can contribute to increasing sales by…

  • Establishing trust and loyalty to win repeat purchases.
  • Encouraging existing customers to become advocates, driving organic sales through enthusiastic recommendations.
  • Upselling toincrease sales per customer and maximize lifetime value.

So, from initiating contact with a prospect to becoming your loyal customer, you must focus on providing a delightful experience.  

3. Make efforts to generate positive reviews and make use of testimonials  

Social proofs like product reviews or testimonials can help you increase your sales conversion.

In fact, a recent study revealed that having at least 5 good reviews can boost the chances of buying by 270%.

Also, over 80% of customers looking for a particular product check online testimonials from happy customers for their purchasing decisions.

So, it wouldn’t be wrong to admit that social proofs are powerful when you want to increase your digital sales. So, try to grow your social proofs and leverage them smartly to maximize your conversions.

The top 3 kinds of testimonials you can leverage to drive sales are:

  • Customer quote 
  • Video testimonials
  • User-generated content, like a social media post by your happy customer

Use review apps to build customer trust through social proof and boost conversions by showcasing positive experiences.

4. Increase order sizes through enhanced product knowledge  

Demonstrating your product’s value to potential customers will massively enhance your sales. 

Thinking how?

Well, an efficient product demonstration means enabling your customers to understand the high-end value of your product and thus encouraging them to make a purchase.

Unfortunately, manufacturing companies face challenges in demonstrating their value. 

However, you can better demonstrate your complex products with interactive 3D models and predetermined questions to guide your customers in the right direction. 

You can also use technology like virtual and augmented reality to let your prospects visualize your manufactured products in real-world scenarios.

Note that the better you can explain your product value to your prospects, the faster you’ll convert.

5. Automate your sales  process

Automating your non-revenue-generating tasks saves time and reduces the chances of human errors.

Here are the benefits of automation leading to increase sales manufacturing:

Benefits of sales automation

Manufacturing businesses aiming to increase sales must leverage automation as it can…

  • Eliminate your manual tasks struggles like data entry and outreach.
  • Improve your conversion through timely follow-up with Automation Journeys.
  • Streamline your sales cycle with smart workflows.
Effortless success through Sales Automation!

Effortless success through Sales Automation!

Save time for selling and seamless lead engagement with smart workflows to convert faster.

Explore Sales Automation!

6. Target new accounts over new market 

Targeting new accounts rather than entering new markets is a cost-efficient way to increase manufacturing business sales.

This strategy leverages the company’s strengths to identify and engage potential clients within its existing market.

For example, an automobile manufacturing company identifies a growing demand for more energy-friendly machinery within its target market.

So, they can modify products to match the customer’s need and thus open ways for increasing sales without entering a new market.

Similarly, you can research your target customers and increase new sales opportunities within your market.

7. Offer bundled solutions 

Have you ever thought of bundling your product or services?

Well, small to mid-sized manufacturing businesses are adopting a product bundling strategy to increase their order size value and boost sales.

Imagine offering a construction equipment package that includes machinery, maintenance services, and training resources.

Isn’t it a great way to persuade buyers with better options like a high-tire bundle solution?

Well, Magna, a once-small auto component company, smartly executed this strategy.

So, instead of just selling individual parts, they offered bundling car modules and outsourcing work facilities.

The learning lesson here is that you can also grow manufacturing sales by exploring innovative avenues, like product bundling.

8. Adopt account-based selling 

Account-based selling is a strategic approach where you target high-value accounts with personalized solutions, encouraging them to buy.

So, focusing on high-value accounts with personalized campaigns that hit their pain points influences their purchasing decisions in your favor, thus boosting sales. 

The process of account-based selling mainly involves three key steps: 

Account based selling process

Thus, account-based selling can help you grow your sales with segmented targeting.

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9. Emphasize sustainability and CSR 

A recent study reveals that 90% of consumers prefer to buy from a company that supports their values.

Also, 75% of buyers said they wouldn’t purchase from companies against their beliefs.

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) can grow manufacturing sales by attracting customers who value responsible practices.

For example, a solar panel manufacturing business emphasizing eco-friendly production methods can capture a growing market of environmentally conscious customers. 

This approach also boosts loyalty and attracts investors who appreciate ethical commitments.

Leading companies like Milliken, HP, and Bombardier are defining responsible manufacturing to attract environmentally conscious customers.

In a nutshell, focusing on sustainability can greatly fuels your manufacturing sales growth. 

10. Effective management of your sales pipeline

A sales pipeline helps convert more leads into customers by visualizing the sales process better.

Sales pipeline management enables your sales representatives to track your deals at each stage and nurture them effectively to improve conversions.

With a bird-eye view of the sales pipeline, you can better visualize opportunities and nurture them on time to close.

You can build multiple pipelines and streamline your sales efforts for better conversions.

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11. Enhance customer service of your manufacturing business

Upon surveying 1000 customers, 58% said they would pay more for better customer service.

Also, 93% of customers will likely make a repeat purchase after receiving an outstanding customer service experience.

Thus, this indicates the importance of delivering a great customer support experience, irrespective of any business.

So, invest time in listening to your customers’ desires and providing what they seek. 

Further, address the queries and problems quickly. An instant resolution goes a long way in satisfying the customer.  

You can offer the best-in-class service by operating 24/7 Live Chat, email, and call support. All of these results in building a loyal customer base and increasing sales. 

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12. Boost revenue with CRM technology 

A CRM is an innovative solution to improve sales efforts and maximize conversions.

With an advanced manufacturing CRM, you can manage your data well, facilitate strong communication, and nurture leads perfectly to drive more conversions.

Look for one stop CRM solution that enables you to…

  • Capture and automatically score leads to identify MQLs.
  • Manage your customer data and get more insights on your data with profile enrichment for effective targeting.
  • Connect and target more customers with omnichannel communication features like Emails, Text messaging, and Built-In Calling.
  • Nurture leads with personalized drip campaigns to improve conversions.
  • Automate your sales and marketing efforts to boost productivity.
  • Build and manage sales pipelines to identify conversion opportunities and sales roadblocks.
  • Measure your sales progress with data-driven reports for optimizing your strategies.

You must consider investing in a robust CRM with automation capabilities that centralize your data and efficiently carry out all the sales activity.

Maximize success with Manufacturing CRM - Salesmate!

Maximize success with Manufacturing CRM - Salesmate!

Seamless communication, automated growth, and informed decisions to grow revenue.

Start your free trial

13. Align your marketing and sales teams

Also, as per Forrester’s study, 43% of CEOs believed misalignment cost them sales. 

So, good sales and marketing alignment results in high-quality lead generation.

You can effectively align your sales and marketing teams by:

  • Fostering open communication
  • Organizing regular meetups to share thoughts and progress.
  • Setting shared goals
  • Using data-driven insights for making informed decisions
  • Introducing a centralized solution like manufacturing CRM software

14. Foster sales enablement to empower your sales team

Sales enablement makes your team more efficient in closing more deals.

This includes training on product knowledge with resources like sales collaterals and technology support to enhance their sales capabilities.

With effective sale enablement, your sales reps will better understand the prospect’s needs and challenges and effectively tackle objects by providing tailored solutions.

Thus, manufacturing businesses consider investing in sales enablement to increase their current sales graph.

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15. Set strategic pricing for your manufacturing company

Balancing your pricing compared to its perceived value is necessary to attract more customers.

The optimum pricing for your manufacturing business is the one that fits best to achieve your revenue goals and is competitive.

Moreover, competitive pricing can encourage your customers to choose you over your competitors.

Remember that your customers will tend to buy sooner when pricing is considered reasonable for your manufactured products.

Closing thoughts: Optimize your manufacturing sales strategy

With the changing buying preferences, adopting the latest technology and strategies is essential to increase your sales in manufacturing.  

Moreover, refining your pricing is one of the sales increase strategy in manufacturing company.

Also, the strategic winning lies in having a detailed insight into your sales efforts.

Sales managers can leverage Sales Intelligence tools to eliminate guesswork and make intelligent decisions. 

Along with optimizing your current sales process, be open to exploring new tactics and utilizing innovative technologies like CRM and automation to boost your sales in manufacturing.

Frequently asked questions 

What is the average increase in sales for the manufacturing industry?

Increase manufacturing sales with these tips:  

  1. Identify roadblocks to your current sales effots using advanced analytics tools.
  2. Enhance your client experience.
  3. Invest in boosting your online presence.
  4. Adopt new ways of selling like account-based selling, value-based selling, social selling, etc.
  5. Automate your sales efforts to save more time for selling.
  6. Leverage CRM technology to manage and nurture prospects for effective conversions.
How to increase sales in manufacturing company?

To boost sales for your manufacturing business, identify roadblocks to your current sales process, provide excellent customer service, explore new markets with the sales team, and invest in smart sales solutions.

How to increase sales volume by 15% in manufacturing?

You can drive a 15% sales boost or more by optimizing your sales process, adopting target-based selling, enhancing buyers’ experience, and fostering long-term relationships.

How do you increase sales revenue in manufacturing?

You can enhance your sales revenue by prioritizing customer experience and optimizing sales strategies with data-driven reports.

How to increase manufacturer direct sales?

Utilizing top digital marketing strategies like website, content, SEO, and social media can help to increase manufacturer direct sales. Moreover, try to enhance your customer experience and leverage social proof to increase direct sales.

Sonali Negi

Sonali is a writer born out of her utmost passion for writing. She is working with a passionate team of content creators at Salesmate. She enjoys learning about new ideas in marketing and sales. She is an optimistic girl and endeavors to bring the best out of every situation. In her free time, she loves to introspect and observe people.

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