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How to set up virtual office in USA without overspending

Disclaimer: This article is written just to provide information. Salesmate CRM does not provide services of setting up a virtual office anywhere. If you are looking to set up a virtual office in USA than here are some references listed below in the article. 

Despite having an excellent idea, industry expertise and passion, most of the aspiring entrepreneurs fail in establishing their own business.

They don’t have enough capital for renting an office space or providing various amenities to the employees.

On the surface, the lack of financial resources might seem like a big issue, but if you are determined, then nothing can stop you from pursuing your dream.

Some people succeed not because they are destined but most because they are determined – Unknown

Embracing the convenient alternative workplace- Virtual office

Going virtual is the best way to fulfill your entrepreneurial vision without spending a fortune.

Yes, you don’t need to invest in a state-of-the-art infrastructure or think about various labor cost-cutting strategies for running a successful business.

Reduce overheads and leverage the benefits of a traditional workplace by simply hiring the services of a virtual office.

As per a research, by 2020, 40% of workforce will be freelancers, temps, independent contractors and solopreneurs.

What is a virtual office?

It is a wide spectrum of services delivered by third-party companies that enable businesses to create and maintain a professional image without a physical office space. A virtual office gives businesses the freedom to choose their desired location and work with clients from different countries.

By selecting their preferred packages, businesses can gain access to

  • virtual address
  • assistants
  • other outsourced solutions

These options enable a hassle-free romote working environment.

Why set up a virtual office?

A virtual office is an ideal option to work without any limitations.

It provides comfort and convenience as well as maximizes the efficiency of employees.

56% of decision-makers believe that working remotely makes the employees more productive.

Embracing the virtual work life doesn’t only saves your money but also helps you in accomplishing more in less time.

By setting up a virtual office, you can-

  • Expand into new territories without investing in permanent office space
  • Work with talents from across the world
  • Reduce employee turnover. A study by Stanford University stated that working remotely led to a 50 percent fall in job attrition rate
  • Get more time to concentrate on the key needs of your organization
  • Add legitimacy to your home-based business with a proper address to gain customers trust
  • Have a greater work-life balance to ensure neither your work nor family is neglected. As per a study 80% of telecommuters reported a better work-life balance
  • Stay connected with your customers round the clock
  • Eliminate the geographical boundaries and always be local to your customers

Your employees are not confined to a monotonous work routine. Over 54% of employees who have multiple workspace think they are more effective when they work outside the office.

How to set up a virtual office in USA?

Companies mostly hesitate in extending credit to a business without a proper base like a recognizable address or phone number.

A virtual office is the best way to build credibility and set a positive impression on your clients.

No matter whether you are working from your home or a frequent traveler, you can still appear as a fully functioning organization to your customers.

Below are the things required to set up a virtual office in USA:

Hiring a virtual assistant

Working as a one-man band sometimes gets difficult when you have too much on your plate; you need an extra pair of hands.

If you are not looking forward to hiring an employee, then take the help of a virtual assistant.

Fortunately, many companies in USA offer virtual assistants on cost-effective pricing models.

Moreover, some companies even allow you to try a virtual assistant free for thirty days to see if they meet your unique requirements.

You can devote your time in growing your business while a professional virtual assistant takes care of your call, emails, appointments and rest of the daily chores.

Obtaining a virtual business address

A website without an office address appears suspicious, but you cannot even display your residential address due to security reason.

In this case, a virtual address would work best for your business.

It boosts your company’s reputation with an office in a high-profile business district of USA at a low cost.

You can instantly select the address of your choice from sites like Regus and Virtual Post Mail to set up a virtual office in a good corporate location of USA.

virtual business address

Handling Taxation

Every county has their own taxation rules to abide.

For appearing as an organization functioning in the USA, you need to have a clear understanding of their legal norms and regulations.

Websites like LegalShield and Upcounsel can guide you through the legal process to set up a virtual office in the USA.

Opening a bank account in USA

You need a bank account in the USA for engaging in various business activities there.

However, without a physical presence in the USA, this becomes a difficult task for startups.

Fright not, with payment gateways like Stripe you can easily open an account in your preferred bank without setting foot in USA under Stripe Atlas program.

Moreover, you can even carry out international transactions using this account.

Getting a virtual phone number

Most people tend to answer the calls when they see a local number.

So, it would be logical to get a USA virtual phone number with local area code to connect better with your potential prospects irrespective of their country.

There are multiple virtual phone system providers who offer virtual local numbers.

However, if you are a CRM user then you do not need to specially invest in other software.

Modern CRM software like Salesmate come with a virtual phone system that allows you to make and receive calls from your CRM without any integration.

Easily get the virtual phone number of multiple countries and manage business communication more efficiently.

A CRM with built-in calling feature also allows you to records calls, log activities, take notes and create reports to maximize your productivity.

Get your sales calls organized with Salesmate

Feature rich and best CRM with virtual phone system

Try Salesmate for Free

Online project collaboration and meeting solutions

As you grow, you will need a team.

You will give them the flexibility to work from anywhere with a virtual office.

Yet, you must collaborate and work together for brainstorming new strategies.

68% of employees said they were able to focus better while coworking.

Besides, you will require a meeting space when a client insists on meeting you in person.

Embrace meeting and web project collaboration solutions like Zipcube and Anymeeting.

These tools can effortlessly connect with your team and hold product demos as well as presentations for your customers.

Get a business domain name

A domain name is necessary if you want companies to find you easily.

A good domain name that relates to your website enhances your ranking in search engines and improves the traffic on your website.

Give a professional feel to your emails by changing it from gmail.com or yahoo.com to your own company’s domain name.

For example, if your company’s name is ‘Autobell Car Spa” then an ideal domain name would be “www.autobellcarspa.com”.

There are many portals like GoDaddy and DreamHost that offer domain name at cost-effective prices.

A domain name helps in capturing attention and increasing the visibility of your virtual office.

Concluding thoughts

A virtual office is the most convenient way to run a business as it can change and adapt to suit your needs as you climb the ladder of growth.

You just need to be careful while choosing the services for your virtual office in USA.

To grow faster, research, explore various option and take the right decision.

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