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How Sales and Customer Service Teams Can Work in Alignment

How Sales and Customer Service Teams Can Work in Alignment?

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The business world is quite accustomed to the fact that Sales and Customer service teams always have been unpaired and because of that, the customer and your organization’s goodwill always suffer the most.

For having a better goodwill in the market, you must work on getting your sales and service team on the same page: a happy, satisfied and returning customer base.

You need to infuse the thought of alignment in the working process of both the sales and customer service team to develop a sound customer acquisition and development process.

Why is there a struggle between Sales and Customer Service team?

To grow their business, companies adopt aggressive sales strategies and targets that sometimes make sale representatives take up ways that generate all wrong kinds of deals. This makes customer service team look bad when they have to tackle the irate customers who were not delivered the product or service that was promised during the sales process. They start the forbidden cycle of blames and resentments, and in between all this, the customers get neglected which means the goodwill and profit of the organization are at stake.

Where does alignment play its role?

In such a chaotic work infrastructure, you need to have alignment between your sales and services team so that they can focus on the customers’ overall experience. So, for providing a well-deserved experience to your customer, sales and services team must have clarity about their roles in the client acquisition and development process.

When you have alignment of roles and responsibilities between your sales and customer service teams:

  • Both teams will have a better level of interaction with customers
  • Collaboration over ideas will become frequent
  • A sociable working environment will be there
  • Your customers will be more appreciative of the promised service provided to them

So how can this alignment get implemented?

Cross-Team Training

Amalgamating regular training across the teams in your organization will help every member of the team in realizing the challenges they encounter. The ones with the knowledge of countering those problems will assist in building trust. This type of training leads to a working environment where the teams have better communication and have a good understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities.

Aligning the Goals

Set the success parameter of both the teams, and it should not just be growth. Divert the focus on growing the net renewals. You will surely see rising improvement that you wanted in your teams’ overall performance.

Weekly Meetings

Hold weekly meetings with support and sales team for reviewing the quality of leads procured during the previous week. Keep these meetings small and to the point. Now, when you involve the customer service team into this, you will get the crucial feedback from the customers regarding their after-sales experience which can help in highlighting the key insights that might have been overlooked.

Was the generated lead valuable? Was the task of lead nurturing done properly? Were the sales expectations sufficed? All of these and many such questions can be answered in such weekly meetings so that the targets set by sales and marketing team are to the point for future engagements.

Integrating Information

Key issues that many organizations face is the lack of information available to different teams. This plays hindrance in the proper customer management as no details are shared amongst any of the teams. Introducing an apt technology for aligning the tool of information sharing makes sure that every information regarding the customers stays transparent.

A smart CRM like Salesmate helps you sales representatives, marketing team and customers service team to work on a common platform where they can share every customer, deal and company related data. Every dialogue that takes place between all of these teams and your customer gets recorded and is available for review.

Salesmate helps in aligning your organization’s workforce and assists you in achieving your organizational goal of providing that perfect experience to your customers.

If you want to inquire more regarding the various other features that can help you with the pain points of your teams you can get in touch with us here.

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