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Five types of sales automation sales reps should consider

Have you ever analyzed how many hours of your day do you spend on various non-selling activities? Think about the numbers of deals you could have closed if you would have invested the same time on selling. Yes, some of the activities like following-up with potential customers or updating vital records cannot be avoided. But what if you can find an extra pair of hands to do these tasks?

I am not asking you to hire more professionals to manage these tasks. And you don’t even need to, when you can simply automate such time-consuming tasks. Sales automation software can be your helping hand and aid you in investing your time in profitable tasks.

“79% of enterprises said automation delivered time savings, 69% cited improved business productivity as the key benefit to [business process] automation, and 61% said automation regularly provides cost savings.” – Redwood Software

Five types of sales automation to leverage

Sales automation can fit in many parts of your sales process and reduce your workload. Let’s explore the various types of sales automation:

1. Automate contact creation

Customer contacts are a crucial part of sales. If they aren’t collected and streamlined in one place, then that might hurt your sales. Doing this task manually can be time-consuming plus manually handled activities are prone to errors.

Using sales automation in a CRM like Salesmate, you can automate this process of contact creation. For instance, you want to collect the contact information of your website visitors. So set rules that whenever a website visitor enters his details in the website form, a contact will be created.

Each time a new visitor fills up your website contact form, Salesmate CRM will automatically fetch the information and streamline it in a centralized repository.

2. Deal distribution

A delay in sales can lead to the loss of a deal. Most of the time sales managers do not distribute the deals on time due to which many lucrative opportunities slip through the cracks. This task of distributing leads can be tackled smartly with the help of sales automation.

Using intelligent workflows in Salesmate CRM, the deals can be automatically distributed to the professionals in the team. With the help of automated deal distribution, you can save your time and assign the deals to the right professionals. Effortlessly create a rule based on certain conditions and every time a new deal is added the assigned team member will automatically get notified about it.

3. Profile enrichment

The more information you have about your prospects, the faster you can move them forward in a sales process. But finding information about multiple prospects isn’t an easy task. It consumes a lot of research time.

Did you know that in most of the CRM tools the profiles of the customers can automatically be enriched? Like for instance, Salesmate CRM integrates with various third-party apps for enriching the customer profile.

Using sales automation, you can collect all the necessary information about your potential prospects like contact information, website URL, email addresses, company information and many other details in seconds. All the data you need about your prospect is automatically updated in Salesmate CRM. You just need to create a customer profile, and Salesmate CRM does the rest of the work for you.

4. Automate follow-up

44% of salespeople give up after one follow up.

Customers won’t easily invest their precious dollars in a solution. You need to put in extra efforts and follow-up with them. Yes, with a tight schedule and high sales targets, it becomes difficult to follow-up with the prospects. Therefore you should consider automating it.

By automating your outbound emails, you can drive more engagement and reach out to your prospects in real-time. Automatically get the emails triggered whenever the prospects perform certain activities.

Salesmate CRM makes it easy to send trigger-based follow-up emails. For instance, while drafting an email in Salesmate CRM, you can schedule the follow-up at a certain time and date. In this way you reduce your chances of missing up a follow-up.

Moreover, in Salesmate CRM you can even track your outbound emails. So, you can find out if the prospect has opened your email and plan your next follow-up accordingly.

Wishing the prospects on their birthdays or anniversaries is a great way of nurturing customer relationships. But how will you remember such special dates? Well, the good news in that you can create date-based custom fields in Salesmate CRM for birthdays and anniversaries. So automatically a greeting email will be sent to the client when the date arrives.

5. Automate call logging

Most of the sales reps use sales calls as a medium to reach their potential prospects. Every detail related to these calls are crucial and shouldn’t be missed. But why collect these details manually when you can automate them.

This is another major part of sales where you can apply automation. Everything from the timing to the duration of the call can be automatically logged in a CRM that comes with a built-in virtual phone system like Salesmate. By auto logging calls you can find the complete details of your inbound and outbound calls organized in one place.

How Salesmate CRM fits sales automation?

Salesmate is a smart CRM that helps you in gaining complete control over various aspects of sales. Using sales automation within this intelligent sales tool can help you in getting better results as everything you need is available in one place.

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You can instantly create automation rules, and the actions will be triggered when the set condition is met. With the help of its intelligent workflow automations, you can create an organized environment and increase your productivity. It allows you to do more in less time. Day-to-day tasks can be handled more efficiently to close maximum deals.

Wrapping up

Instead of moving in one direction try to explore new paths. As you just read above sales automation can do a wide number of things. Provided it is used smartly. It is essential to choose the best automation tool for automating various processes. With the right sales automation tool, you wouldn’t have to waste your time on unnecessary administrative tasks. You can automate most of them and add more time to your day.

You have an option to choose a sales automation tool. But a more logical step would be investing in a Sales CRM that gives you access to many other features like email tracking, reporting, deal management, etc. To make the right decision, you can try different software before investing. Try Salesmate for free and explore its automation as well as various other features that can help you in winning more sales.


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