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best crm for real estate

Looking for a CRM that won’t break the bank or give you a headache? Say goodbye to Real Geeks and BoomTown. Instead, check out Salesmate! An easy to use and much more pocket-friendly solution.¬†¬†

Check out below a detailed comparison between Real Geeks vs. BoomTown vs. Salesmate. 

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Real geeks vs. boomtown vs. salesmate

Top 3 CRM software for real estate businesses

For a real estate business, having the right CRM software can make all the difference in managing contacts, properties, and automation efficiently.

CRM is the bridge that connects businesses to better sales performance and improved business processes. So, here are the top three software solutions for your business. 

BoomTown real estate CRM provides multiple tools and features that help real estate agents to manage their leads, deals, communications, and workflows in a better way.  

The platform also integrates with various other software to provide a comprehensive solution. BoomTown is available in 4 plans, Launch, Core, Grow, and Advance.

Real Geeks is a sales and marketing solution that develops innovative solutions to help agents better connect, communicate and convert their leads.  

The platform offers a few customizations and comes with a few set of marketing tools. Real Geeks is available only in one plan comprising all its solutions.

Salesmate is a powerful yet affordable real estate CRM that comprises of features that make the life of real estate professionals easier.  

With its cutting-edge technology, it helps streamline the lead management process, automates mundane tasks, provides in-depth reports, and much more. Salesmate is available in 4 plans, Starter, Growth, Boost, and Enterprise. 

Compare which real estate CRM is most suitable for your business

Select the right CRM for your business using our detailed comparison and enable a seamless real estate sales and marketing experience. 

Pipeline Management YesYesAvailable from Core Plan
Reporting DashboardYesYesAvailable from Core Plan
Tag ManagementYes YesAvailable from Core Plan
Custom Pipeline & StagesNoYes No
Custom Deal Win ProbabilityNo Yes No
Deal InsightsNoYes No
Deal ManagementYes Yes Yes
Bulk EmailsYes Yes Yes
Bulk TextingNoYes Yes
Built-In CallingYesYes Yes
Web FormsNoYes No
Mobile AppYesYes Yes
Termination Fee
Early Termination Fee $500 early temination feeNoneNone
G2 Reviews
Ease of Setupstar 7.4star 9.2 star 9
Ease of Adminstar 7.9star 9.5 star 9.3
G2 Ratingsstar 4.3star 4.6 star 4.8
Pricing$299/month$12/user/monthUnavailable on

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Take your real estate business to the next-level

Don’t just take our word for it! See how Salesmate can help you with lead management, automation, reporting, and so much more.

Real geeks vs. salesmate

What makes Salesmate better than Real Geeks?

Real Geeks costs almost 25 times more than Salesmate, and it also misses out on a few important features. See why Salesmate is better than Real Geeks and a much more affordable option for your real estate business.

Custom pipelines and stages

Take control of your deals using sales pipeline CRM. Unlike Real Geeks, you can build a custom pipeline and define stages that best fit your business. 

Allowing you to streamline your entire process, stay on top of your to-do list, and know where each deal stands. So, you can adjust your strategy to close more deals efficiently. 

Never miss a deal & stay on track with custom pipelines
Never miss a deal & stay on track with custom pipelines

Custom deal win probability

Closing a deal with a client is no child’s play. It requires extensive follow-ups, negotiations, and effort.  

And unlike Real Geeks, Salesmate makes your effort worth it by allowing users to set up custom deal win probability. 

With it, discover the likelihood of closing a deal, so you can focus your time and energy on the deals that are most likely to close.

Take the guesswork out of your process and close more deals with this data-driven edge.

Salesmate packs a ton of value delivered with unparalleled simplicity. From scheduling software to built-in calling & texting, Salesmate is a unique value proposition in the marketplace and is a true game changer.

Bismark D.
Bismark D. Verified Verified Customer

Salesmate has revolutionized how our business operates. Our systems have been simplified and become much more efficient. Salesmate is a CRM that is versatile and very customizable.

Matt D.
Matt D. Verified Verified Customer

Deal Insights

Salesmate CRM provides detailed deal insights that give you a complete view of each deal, making informed decisions easier than ever. 

And, with tools like intuitive Dashboards and Reports, Salesmate derives all the information you need to understand your customers and enhance your results. 

Stay ahead of the game with powerful deal insights
Lesser efforts, more results

Bulk texting

Connecting with leads at the right time, with the right offer, is crucial in real estate. But, reaching out to a mass can be burdensome. And unlike other tools, Salesmate can help you with this challenge. 

With Salesmate, you can reach out to your leads in just a few clicks.  

So, whether it’s a personalized follow-up or a broadcast promotion, Salesmate has made it easy to communicate with leads on a large scale.

Top rated across all platforms

Customers have rated us the best compared to any other software across review platforms like G2, Gartner, TrustRadius.

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boomtown vs. salesmate

What makes Salesmate better than Boomtown?

Salesmate is a CRM software that not only helps close more deals faster, but also enables you to grow your business with ease.

And the best part is, that it comes at a fraction of cost of BoomTown. Speaking of BoomTown, their pricing is unavailable publicly and shrouded in mystery, which often means it’s quite high. So, here‚Äôs how Salesmate is a better choice.¬†

reporting dashboard

Salesmate has made it extremely easy for real estate businesses to make informed decisions and measure success. How? With intuitive reporting dashboards.  

Salesmate’s Dashboard has made it extremely easy to track progress and identify areas of improvement, with its 30+ pre-made widgets. 

So, whether you’re measuring the success of your marketing campaign or tracking your team’s performance, extract valuable sales insights and make data-driven decisions easily. 

Dashboard that makes it easy to get the full picture 📊
Maximize efficiency with tag management

Tag Management

Tag management is a feature that can greatly benefit the real estate business. And with Salesmate, you can easily organize and categorize contacts, improve lead management, and more.  

It not only helps streamline the overall workflow, but also reduces the chances of missing valuable opportunities with features like tagging your conversation to identify conversational trends. 

As a result, real estate businesses can establish great efficiency and productivity.

The CRM helps me follow up timely with clients by setting activities and reminders. The customizable dashboard keeps everything in front of me on a daily basis.

Phil M.
Phil M. Verified Customer

I really like the very intuitive interface. It's easy to get ahold of it. They have a lot of very interesting functionalities, that allows me to keep in track with my demanding clients.

Joachim M.
Joachim M. Verified Customer


Web Forms help greatly in capturing leads the smart way! But, unlike BoomTown, where it isn’t available at all, Salesmate has made it easy for real estate businesses to capture leads. 

Create highly-personalized Web Forms, capture quality leads, and without wasting any effort, seamlessly collect the data directly into the Salesmate CRM. 

With Salesmate’s Web Forms, capture leads and information that make sense for your business. 

Capture more quality leads with personalized web forms
How is Salesmate looking now? Pretty awesome, eh!

Learn more about how Salesmate can transform the way you do
business and take it to the next level.

Automation made simple

Create industry-best automation with Salesmate

Real estate businesses need automation more than ever. With the right automation tools, you can save time and money while managing leads, marketing campaigns, customer support, communication, and more ‚ÄĒ all in one place. It can also help reduce human errors and increase efficiency by automating manual tasks.¬†

Crush your sales game with automation journeys

automation journeys

Nobody likes repeating the same tasks every day. We totally get it!  
With Salesmate, you can create seamless automation journeys to send out the latest listings, build highly personalized onboarding journey, score your leads, and much more.  
Let Salesmate take care of enhancing your productivity while you focus on other important tasks ‚ÄĒ selling properties.¬†

sales sequences

Without extensive follow-ups, closing a deal seems far-fetched. And, following up takes time, which could rather be invested in nurturing or converting leads. 
With Salesmate, automate your follow-up process, tailor every outreach by sending texts & emails, engage with more prospects, and close more deals faster. 

Goodbye manual follow-ups and hello productivity
Automate your business activities & boost efficiency


With the help of Workflows in Salesmate, you can easily automate the never-ending and tedious business activities. 
For instance, if you want to send out a welcome email to every lead that gets entered in Salesmate, then you can easily automate that process with Workflows and do so much more. 
It helps improve overall efficiency, reduces operating costs, and streamlines working methods. 


The ultimate CRM for real estate businesses,
at just $12!

For a growing business, to spend thousands of dollars unfeasible. Sign-up from our value-driven
 plans and start growing.


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$276, billed annually Or $29 per user if billed monthly


Automate sales and close more deals


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$468, billed annually Or $49 per user if billed monthly

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Frequently Asked Questions

Did we read your mind?
Find answers to important questions.

What are Real Geeks, BoomTown, and Salesmate?

Real Geeks, BoomTown, and Salesmate are all software designed for the real estate industry. They provide features for managing leads, marketing campaigns, tracking communications and help you streamline your sales and marketing processes. 

What sets Salesmate apart from Real Geeks and BoomTown real estate CRMs?

Salesmate is known for its comprehensive CRM, sales automation, and email marketing tools. The platform is geared towards real estate agents and teams who are looking to streamline their sales process and improve communication with their prospects and clients. 

BoomTown vs. Real Geeks vs. Salesmate: What are the automation capabilities?

Salesmate offers customizable workflows for automating tasks and actions based on specific criteria. 

Salesmate’s lead scoring and prioritization system helps businesses prioritize high-value leads and automate the movement of leads through the sales pipeline.¬†

Salesmate’s sales pipeline automation allows for the entire sales process to be automated, from lead generation to deal closing.¬†

These robust automation capabilities make Salesmate a great choice for businesses looking to streamline their sales processes, increase efficiency, and boost their bottom line. 

While Real Geeks and BoomTown both offer strong automation capabilities, Salesmate’s unique features set¬†it apart.

List of BoomTown alternatives

Below are the list of BoomTown alternatives: 


Real Geeks


Follow Up Boss 

Top Producer 


Real Geeks vs. BoomTown vs. Salesmate: How much does it cost?

Salesmate vs BoomTown vs Real Geeks pricing differs from plan to plan based on the features and functionalities offered. Here’s an overview of the pricing for each:¬†

Real Geeks:  

Real Geeks offers two pricing plans. The first plan costs $249 per month and includes access to the lead generation and CRM platform, as well as a customizable website.  

The second plan costs $399 per month and includes additional features like advanced IDX integration and Facebook advertising capabilities. 


BoomTown pricing  is not available on the site.  


Salesmate offers four pricing plans. The Starter plan costs $12 per user per month, the Growth plan costs $24 per user per month, the Boost Plan costs $40 per user per month, and the Enterprise plan requires a custom quote.  

All plans include access to the CRM platform and various sales automation features like email campaigns and pipeline management. 

Ultimately, the best choice for your business will depend on your specific needs and budget. It’s important to review each platform’s features and pricing carefully to determine which one is the best fit for your real estate sales needs.¬†

Is BoomTown good for leads compared to Real Geeks and Salesmate?

BoomTown, Real Geeks, and Salesmate are all customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help real estate professionals manage and generate leads.

Each software has its unique features and strengths, and choosing the right one depends on your specific needs and goals.

Regarding BoomTown and Real Geeks, both platforms are known for their robust lead generation capabilities. BoomTown offers predictive analytics, personalized lead nurturing, and lead segmentation features that help users identify and target high-quality leads.

On the other hand, Real Geeks offers a comprehensive lead generation toolkit that includes customizable landing pages, Facebook advertising, and search engine optimization.

Salesmate, another CRM software, stands out for its automation and customization features. It offers a range of automation tools that help users streamline their sales processes and save time.

For example, Salesmate’s workflow automation can automatically assign tasks, send emails, and update contact records based on predefined rules. Additionally, Salesmate offers a high degree of customization, allowing users to tailor the software to their specific business needs.

In terms of lead generation, Salesmate offers features like web-to-lead capture, lead scoring, and lead enrichment, which help users capture and qualify leads more effectively.

It also integrates with popular lead generation tools like LeadFeeder, Leadworx, and Intercom, allowing users to easily import and manage leads from multiple sources.

Overall, each software has its strengths, and the best option depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you prioritize lead generation, BoomTown and Real Geeks might be better suited for you. If you value automation and customization, Salesmate might be a better choice.